July 15, 2017

Sugar Dream Koron arrival

If you know me at all, you know that I love pastel colors and everything cute, so these super pastel collaboration Neemos that have been announced/released recently are very deadly to my wallet ^^; Of course I had to pre-order this Sugar Dream Koron! ♥

I was originally not a big fan of the shirt, since I generally don't like bunny things that much and the cat print on Chiika's shirt seemed much cuter. At some point I thought about buying her as well, just to get her outfit (or swap the shirts), but in the end I started to like the bunny shirt and didn't feel the need to buy Chiika anymore X'D

The package screams cuteness ;3;

Do you guys know the heart-shaped candy with cute words on them? I looove how Azone has used them for this box design ♥ After starting my media studies I've started to pay a lot more attention to different kinds of packaging designs, typography, etc. It'd be a dream job to create cute doll box designs :D

Cover of the leaflet

The outfit piece by piece

On this page Koron is pictured together with Chiika, which was the other collaboration doll announced at the same time (though her pre-orders started a month later than Koron's).

Hello there! Her bangs were quite messy and too long for my taste, so I cut them a bit...

Here she is with her shortened bangs :3 

This girl is my new Momo! Previously Momo was Rose Quartz Sahra, but I ended up not bonding with her so I sold her. My original plan was to have three different Sahra releases as sisters Miki, Misa and Momo, but they all are going to have different faces and only one of them (Miki) is still a Sahra ^^; Still haven't found a new Misa, but I must say that I'm very tempted to hunt down Sugar Dream Miu...

Close-up of the bunny print

And a close-up of the bag. It would've been nice if there had been an animal illustration on the bag as well, but this works too :)

The doll is really cute, but there's quite a noticeable color difference between the head and body. I don't know why it doesn't really bother me when it comes to Pureneemos, if this was a BJD, the difference would drive me insane X'D I still don't think that Azone should sell the brand new dolls looking like this, though... If there's no color difference in the promo photos, there shouldn't be color difference in the products they send out either =.= But I guess people don't really care about such things, especially in Japan where most doll collectors probably just buy these dolls to put them on display.

Three of my pink-haired Neemos ♥ Love how they all have pink hair, but the shades are different :3 I think this Koron has the most beautiful shade of pink so far, it's like bubblegum or cotton candy~

I just had to take a picture of Momo with Bulla, this round super soft cat plushie that I got from the latest anime convention :D If only this exact plushie also existed in a tiny size...

I'm excited to see if there will be more dolls in this Sugar Dream series (besides Koron, Chiika and Miu), would love to see some pastel purple hair *o* Although at the same time I'm also hoping that there won't be any new Neemos that I need to get, since I really need to save up for next year's travelling plans XD


I'm currently at my parents and we'll leave to our summer cottage tomorrow. Gonna stay there for a week and hopefully get some nice photos, as I have 2 Dollfie Dreams and 3 Pureneemos with me :) The weather forecast for the week seems quite promising so far!