November 20, 2014

Review: Hats by A Little Wing

Like I mentioned a couple of posts back, I'm going to make a review on a shop called A Little Wing :> They're located in Philippines and offer hand-knitted hats for BJDs and humans on a commission basis. There are many lovely colors to choose from (all have cute names ♥) and you can also choose whether or not you want a pompom on top of the hat. For BJD-sized hats, there are currently two size options: one for SD/MSD and one for yoSDs/MSDs with slimmer head :3

I placed my order on October 7th and was then added to the making queue. At the time they only offered BJD hats in one size (SD/MSD) and I ordered two hats for my and Sarg's Withdolls, even though I was unsure if the hats would be too large for them (they have a 6-7inch head). But a week after ordering, I noticed that A Little Wing had just added an option for a smaller (yoSD) sized BJD hat and I was thrilled that it was still possible to change the size of those two hats in the order! <3

Overall the communication was excellent and very friendly, all of my messages were answered quickly and nicely~

Photo © A Little Wing

The hats were shipped on October 27th, so the making of the hats took a little less than 3 weeks. There were many hats in my order and A Little Wing also had other orders to make, so I think the waiting time was very reasonable :) They also state on their ordering info that it can take up to 2-3 weeks to make the hats. They take an adorable photo of the packed hats with a speech bubble "We're going to location X" <3 Cute little details like that can really cheer up one's day~

The shipping took a bit over 2 weeks (arrived on November 14th), which is quite standard for regular airmail from South Korea to Finland. The package arrived safely and was carefully packed.

The order included 6 BJD hats and 2 human hats ^^ Half of them were for me, half for Sarg.

Sarg's doll sized hats~ "Rockstar" and "Frosting" in bigger and "Snow Owl" in smaller size

And mine ^^ "Bubblegum" with black pom and "Frosting" in bigger and "Tumbleweed" in smaller size

Nemora (Withdoll Priscilla) with "Snow Owl"

Ophelia (Soom Heliot female) with "Frosting"

Terra (Iplehouse EID Chris female) with "Rockstar" 83

We both also wanted to order matching hats for us and one of our dolls; Sarg chose a dark blue/black mix "Rockstar" to share with her Terra and I chose a pastel pink "Frosting" to share with Ceci (Iplehouse nYID Emilia).

Sarg goofing around with her and Terra's hats XD

Me and my perfect "Frosting" hat ♥ I love it so much~

I'm really happy with the order, everything went smoothly from the beginning to the very end! I definitely want to get more hats from A Little Wing in the future and totally recommend ordering from them~


  1. I didn't know their store, thanks for the review!
    The frosting hats are my favorite from your order and Sarq's, but they are all lovely <3!

    1. I only found about them recently too! I definitely want to spread a positive word about their shop :3

      I think the Frosting ones are my favorites too, though that's not a surprise me being a pastel color addict XD

  2. Awww... you all look so cute in the hats! :3 I think it's a wonderful idea to get matching sets with your dollies~

    Your pink wig and Sarg's silver jacket are awesome! ^^

    1. Hahah thank you x3 It would be fun to take a doll & owner photo with the matching hats~

      That wig is my new favorite o3o And Sarg definitely loves her silver jacket XD