February 7, 2016

January figure loot

Yup, so I received my January figure loot already on Thursday, but wanted to post the photoshoot first and not hurry with editing these figure photos :) I try to limit my figure purchases this year as much as possible, because there seem to be many must-have Neemos coming this year and I'm trying to save some money for the possible Japan trip as well.

I've usually ordered everything from Amiami, but this time I chose to order through Big In Japan, in hopes that the package might not get stuck in the customs since BIJ marks down the value unlike most other stores in Japan... Well, the customs still didn't let the package through and I had to pay the custom fees ^^; I think that the figures were a bit cheaper than on Amiami, so I did save a little bit anyway.

This is what I got: Anna Nendoroid and Love Live Angelic Angel Nendoroid Petit set~ My figure loots have been quite Nendoroid oriented lately, but what can I say, I really like them X'D They also look so nice in my shelf as a collection~

First let's take a look at the Love Live set!

The set contains 10 figures in total, each of them was packed in a small box inside the bigger box. Some stores might have Nendoroid Petits or some kind of trading figures for sale displayed like this and the boxes all look the same, so you have no idea which figure you'd be getting out of the ones available. Ordering a complete set guarantees getting one of each figure :)

There are only nine girls in Love Live, so the 10th figure was an extra - also called as "secret" figure. I completely forgot to take a picture of it, but the extra in this set was a jersey Nico. So there were two Nico figures in this set!

I wasn't expecting to get this stage, I thought it was only for orders made through Good Smile Company's store! It was great to get it of course, it makes a great background for these girls :) 

Group photo of all the nine girls! It was a bit difficult to get them fit into one photo in a way that the camera focuses on all of them, but managed to do it somehow in the end ^^; The background could be slightly bigger, that'd definitely make it easier to get good group shots!

The outfits are based on the song "Angelic Angel", which is in the Love Live movie :3

My two favorite girls, Nozomi and Eli~ Eli looks absolutely adorable, but I was a bit disappointed with Nozomi for a few reasons... I don't like her expression that much (especially the mouth, but you can't really see that since I've covered it with the fan :'D) and I also noticed that her eye color isn't as bright green as it's supposed to be. If it was any other girl, I probably wouldn't care, but I want Nozomi to be perfect :D

Nozomi was actually the first one that I got when I opened the little boxes randomly fufufu >:3

Other favorites:



Nico nico nii~ This one is Sarg's favorite XD

And the least favorites, sorry girls...

There are quite many Nendoroid Petit sets of Love Live and I already had one other, but these outfits were just too adorable to resist ;w; I also think that the poses are super cute. I'm definitely happy that I decided to get this set, but I hope there won't be more after this...


Then we have Nendoroid version of Anna from the Disney movie Frozen. I already had Elsa at home and was really excited about Anna!

The box. The design is quite similar to Elsa's, but with pink colors.

This is how she looked straight out of the package. Anna came only with two faces, while Elsa had three. This smiling expression is quite similar to Elsa's.

The stand looks different compared to many other ones that I have, but I actually like this design a lot!

Without the hood thing. Here you can see the highlight on her hair, which is really important to her character, I think :)

Lovely details on the outfit~

Poor Olaf came without the stand to stick him to the base and can't keep his balance on his own, but Anna helped him stand :)

Anna's other face. At first glance you might not even notice the difference, the mouth looks pretty much the same.

The most adorable thing about this Nendoroid is that it came with holding hands parts, Anna can hold hands with her sister Elsa ♥ Elsa stands quite firmly without a stand and can even keep Anna in balance!

Mischievous-looking sisters :''D

I like this Nendoroid and especially love seeing Anna together with Elsa, I wonder if GSC is going to make Kristoff  as well, Sarg mentioned that she'd love to get him as a Nendoroid XD I still keep wishing that there's be even more Disney Nendoroids, but we'll see what happens~


  1. Congrats on getting all these lovely figures. The Love Live girls are cute. I really do love the outfits these girls are shown here, there are so many different styles!

    What do you think of the Nendoroid Petites? I have a few myself but they drive me batty because they fall off their stands so easily. I've never bought anymore which is a shame as they're a cute size.

    Oh you got Anna too! I really procrastinated on getting both of these girls. Frozen is one of my favourite of the Disney movies (followed closely by Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid). I didn't end getting them as I'm currently debating over the Disney Store doll version of Elsa. (She looks more like Elsa than the doll they are selling at the moment in the department stores here).

    I love that last shot of them together holding hands, so cute.

    1. Thanks :) There are always so cute outfits on Love Live, they need to stop making so gorgeous figures of them all!

      I've noticed that some Nendoroid Petites are more loose and don't stay on their stands so well, while some are quite sturdy. I guess it's a bit of a hit or miss? :/ One of the worst ones that I have is Ultimate Madoka, her wings keep falling off, her head is super loose and she doesn't stay on her stand at all u_u All of these Love Live girls were perfect though, I have no complaints about them.

      I'm a bit Disney nerd, Frozen and The Little Mermaid are some of my favorites too! Since Anna and Elsa Nendoroid were regular releases, I'm sure you could find them from Amiami's preowned section later if you ended up wanting them after all :) There is apparently also a Figma version of Elsa coming sometime this year. I've seen some Elsa and Anna dolls for sale here in Finland, but those have looked a bit creepy :'D Probably the most beautiful ones don't make it to our stores...

      The holding hands are really adorable! ♥

  2. So many cute girls! I'm not familiar with Love Life other than you having mentioned it. It does look like they offer a variety of costumes which is pretty cool :D
    Love those last pics of Anna and Elsa! They look so cute together *^^* Congratz on your haul!!

    1. Love Live is both an anime series (there's a movie as well) and a rhythm game for IOS/Android :) The girls have different outfits for every song they perform and there are tons of those!

      Thank you! I'm really happy with these purchases :)

  3. I had already seen the Love Live set over at Janina's blog, and they are very cute Safir, but I really love Anna and Elsa. Together with Olaf they are a gorgeous set and wouldn't mind having them myself, which is really saying they are something special. I don't usually collect Nendoroids, but these are really tempting me. :)
    Thanks for sharing all these pics!
    P.S. Where do you purchase them?

    1. Oh yes, me and Janina are both obsessed with Love Live hahah XD
      Nendoroids are really addictive and I know people who don't usually like this kind of figures, but can't resist if they encounter a character they really like :) Thanks for reading and commenting! ♥

      I usually buy my figures from Amiami, Hobbylink Japan, HobbySearch or Big In Japan :) The Love Live set and Anna Nendoroids were from Big In Japan.

  4. Ahhh Disney nendos, that I would be interested in seeing more :D!!! Beauty and the beast is my fav movie but since that's so old I doubt they'll make that xD!!! A little mermaid themed nendos would be awesome as well :x

    Love your Else and Anna holding hands! And I agree the second face is not that much different because of the mouth +_+.........hope they do make Kristoff so He can photobomb your Elsa and Anna's photos XD!

    Congrats on the many arrivals!! They are all so cute and pretty ~

    1. Oh yes, I'd love to se more Disney nendoroids! Actually, Good Smile Company currently has a survey where you could suggest characters you want to see as Nendoroids! I'm going to suggest at least Ariel, she's my favorite Disney character >3< I need to make a list hahah

      I love the holding hands~ The upcoming Love Live Nendoroids will have similar parts as well, which I'm excited for! I've ordered my faves Nozomi and Eli~ Kristoff would be really fun to see as Nendoroid XD

      Thank you <3

  5. So many cute nendos! I adore your colorful photos of the love live girls!

    Also Anna is cute, the holding hands parts are brilliant! ~~

    1. I always love how cute and colorful outfits the Love Live girls have ^^

      The holding hand parts are really fun!

  6. So cute!!! I must research a little about Love Live, because those figures were so adorable!
    And Anna and Elsa holding hands is lovely!
    Congrats on getting all this nendos!

    1. I do recommend checking out the series :) It's really cheerful and guaranteed to make everyone smile!

      Thank you! ♥

  7. Ihanat nuo LL-tyttöjen asut! ♥ Ja munkin on pakko sanoa, että tuo kuva Annasta ja Elsasta pitämässä käsistä kiinni, on aivan ihana! Hii, mitkä virneet :D Vaikuttaa kätevältä muuten tuo Annan jalusta!

    1. LL-tytöillä on aina niin suloisia asuja~ ♥ Ja nuo käsienpitely-partsit on kyllä ihanat :3 Annan jalusta on tosiaan kätevä, varmasti esim. lumessa kuvaaminen ois hauskaa tuon kanssa!

  8. So many awesome figures!
    I hope my Love Live Petit Nendoroids will arrive soon too :)

    1. Thanks :) Hope your Petit Nendoroid set arrives soon too, I'm sure you'll love it!

  9. Anna & Elsa are so awesome in this! *w*
    Anna's smile is super cute~ And the holding hands parts are a nice thing! : D

    1. Anna and Elsa look great as Nendoroids, but they definitely look even better when they're together! ♥