June 15, 2016

Desucon 2016

My last weekend was spent at Desucon, a 2-day anime convention in Lahti! I visited Desucon also last year, as well as Desucon Frostbite earlier this year :3 Compared to those, this time I took very few photos, not sure why... It might be that there weren't so many cosplays of characters that I recognized or that I just wanted to enjoy the con without stressing about having to take photos of everything. Even though I don't have so many photos to share, I still wanted to write a post about this con as a memory :)

This time Sarg wasn't with me, but I traveled together with Tiinyan, her brother and her brother's friend!

When we got to the convention on Saturday and got our tickets changed to the wristbands, we first went to check the sales venue and artist alley. In the earlier Desucon conventions the artist alley was in a different place, which was really narrow and just a horrible spot... Now they had placed the artist alley in the same big hall with the other sellers and it was much better! I hope the organizers will realize that this was a good change and will arrange things like this in the future Desucons as well :3

In the morning there were not so many people, but after a while the whole place was crowded!

There were so many amazing artists at the art alley, I should've taken more pictures of their tables ;___; I got a Goomy sticker and Eevee card from this artist ♥ (Or actually, Tiinyan bought them for us as a gift, thank you dear ;3; ♥♥) I have more photos from all the things I bought during the con at the end of this post!

After that we attended a BJD meet-up! I tried to get photos of all the dolls, but unfortunately some of the pics turned out too blurry :/

My and Tiinyan's crew!

Tiinyan's Olavi met another cat, this one is from Dear Mine Doll :)

One of the con highlights for Miu was being able to get a photo together with a big Miku Hatsune! (Miku belongs to Petunia)

We went to listen to a lecture "Cosplay - What it was/is/will be?" which was really interesting. It was fun to find out things about the history of cosplay, the lecturer had done awesome job with all the background information. There was also talk about what counts as cosplay and can someone be a part of the cosplay hobby even if they don't cosplay themselves.

The next lecture was "Cyber criminals and terrorists, just like nowadays!" It focused on Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell mangas, their cyber themes and how they differ from today's world. As a big GITS fan, I was very curious about this lecture! I haven't read the manga though, but now I really want to get my hands on it >3<

Tiinyan bought the cutest plushie ever! ♥

There was an evening party as well with some music and dance performances, but me and Tiinyan left quite early... We went back to the hotel at around 11pm, I think. I had woken up at 6am that morning, so I was already feeling super tired XD

On Sunday, we attended "Hidamari Sketch - life in an art college" lecture. Tiinyan and the dudes had seen this anime and thus wanted to go here, I only recognized the series by the name. But now I got yet another new anime to add to my neverending plan-to-watch list XD

Then at 1pm, it was time for the cosplay competitions! There was a Euro Cosplay competition and Hall Cosplay competition.

Pretty Eli cosplayer! ♥

All of the Euro Cosplay contestants

And all Hall Cosplay participants

Hall Cosplay's Top 3! I'm sad that the amazing Katniss Everdeen cosplayer (on left) didn't win :( The FFXII Balthier cosplay was great as well, but I would've given the first place to Katniss...

Euro Cosplay's Top 3, the winner is in the middle. Her outfit looked really pretty and I liked her performance as well!

After the cosplay competitions, there was some time before the ending ceremony. And boy, the ending ceremony was just brilliant! They had put together an Ace Attorney themed performance, where Desu-kun (the mascot of Desucon) was accused of the murder of joy in conventions. They called a number of witnesses, including the guest of honor and even all of us in the audience, and in the end Desu-kun was deemed not guilty since there had been no crime - everyone had had a wonderful, joyful convention!

Kuva, jonka Senja (@sherimichan) julkaisi

Here's a loot photo that I shared on Instagram after getting back home from the con :3 I totally forgot to take one with a proper camera before putting everything on the walls etc...

Numera and Neko Atsume themed Eeveelution stickers~ ♥

A4 sized Pokémon art print

Beautiful Eevee post card

A4 clear file from the flea market

Derpy keychain plushies of Kotori and Eli XD These look like they could be fakes, but they were cheap and cute in their derpyness, so couldn't resist...

Nozomi and Eli stickers~ Eli is for my fellow Love Live enthusiastic friend Janina :3

Aaand I also got this Rei Ayanami from the flea market, she's for Sarg :) This time I didn't find any figures for myself.

Had a great time and can't wait for the next con!! Special thanks to Tiinyan and the boys for the lovely company ^^


  1. Pitäisi laittaa tälläiset kivat tapahtumat vähän paremmin almanakkaan! :) Tiedän että täällä Ruotsissa on ollut Cosplay Norja, mutta silloin oli tyttärien rippijuhlat/reissu. No, onneksi nämä tapahtumat aina tulee uudestaan!
    Kivoja juttuja sinä löysit! Todella kauniit postikortit!

    1. Jotkut näistä Suomen coneista on aika nopeastikin myyty loppuun, mutta kumma kyllä Desuconiin olisi saanut lippuja vielä oveltakin! Kaikenlaisia tapahtumia tuntuu kyllä olevan koko ajan, niin ei haittaa vaikkei jonnekin pääsisikään :)
      Kiitos! ♥

  2. Looks like you really had a great time!
    It makes me want to attend an anime con again. Haven't been to one since 2006, I think? That's a while ago :P

    1. Certainly did, it was a super fun con! ♥
      I had a long break from attending anime cons too, before 2015 my previous one was in 2007, I think :D

  3. Looks like you had a fun trip! ^-^ It is always so fun to read about the cons people visit, since I can feel the enthusiasm through the photos and text.

    1. Yup, I did ^^ I really enjoy reading about people's visits to different events and such, great to hear that other people find this kind of posts fun to read as well! ♥

  4. This looks like a fun con!!!
    And so many gorgeous dollies!!

    1. It was really fun :) And it was also nice to meet doll owners that I've never met before and see new dolls~

  5. It looks really great, I'd have loved to have visited the artists alley~ so many amazing cute pokemon arts!!! (I'm waiting for Sun/Moon~!!!)

    1. There was so much cute stuff for sale and so talented artists! I was surprised to see so much Pokémon art, but I guess it's really popular at the moment :3

      I'm really excited about Sun/Moon as well! Have you already decided which one you're going to get? :D I prefer Moon at this point, the bat legendary looks so cool! ♥

  6. Kiitoksia vielä kerran coniseurasta ^^ Oli erityisen ihanaa, kun kerrankin oli joku jonka kanssa lähteä iltabileistä ajoissa, kun nuo dudet on aina halunnu olla turhan pitkään siellä, enkä oikein oo ollu innokas lähtee yksin kävelemään hotelille keskiyöllä... -__-;

    Iih, en kestä miten ihanasti tuossa meidän nukkeporukka miittikuvassa Olavi ikään kuin kurkistaa Miun takaa :'D Hih!

    1. Kiitoksia siullekin (ja dudeille)! ♥ Ihan totta joo, ettei siellä olisi yksinään ollut kiva kävellä niin myöhään >.< Ja kiva etten ollut meidän porukasta se ainoa, joka ei tykkää koko yötä luurata jossain :D

      Taisi Olavi aluksi vähän ujostella, mutta reipastui sitten tutustumaan uusiin lajitovereihin ja muihin otuksiin ;D

  7. When I was still in school I used to go to anime conventions a lot. How they have changed though!!! Closing with a phoenix wright themed case seems so fun!! (and you know I love the games :D).
    I'm not sure how conventions are these days here, but yours always look like a lot of fun :)

    1. It would be fun to visit a con in another country one day! I have no idea how they differ from the cons we have here, but I bet it'd be an awesome experience :D In Finland the conventions definitely seem bigger than they were in 2007, when I visited an anime con for the first time.

  8. Looks like such fun! <3