January 9, 2017

Miyadoll Little Mocha posing & comparisons

We wanted to do a simple size comparison and posing review with Miyadoll's Little Mocha body, since it's quite a new company and their dolls are not yet familiar to many people, although there also seems to be a lot of interest towards them! Sarg did all the hard work here (posed the dolls and took the photos), I just edited the photos and got the permission to post them here on my blog :)

I've said it before, but I'm going to point out again that we do not have any kind of sponsorship with Miyadoll nor have been asked to advertise them. We simply really like the company and the sculptor Jiwon, so we want to share information about her dolls~

Hopefully some people find this useful! :3


First, a few comparisons!

From left to right:
Souldoll Vito girl (51cm)
Souldoll MSD girl (43cm)
Miyadoll Little Mocha (31cm)
Soom Teenie Gem (28cm)
Luts Tiny Delf (16cm)

Some people have thought that Miyadoll's bodies look very similar to Soom's TG body, but when compared side by side, the differences in the shape and joints can be seen clearly. Little Mocha body is double-jointed, so the joints look different and have a better range of motion than Soom's single joints.

Soom Super Gem (58cm) compared to Miyadoll Little Mocha (31cm)

If you'd like to see more photos of a Little Mocha sized girl with any other doll that me or Sarg own, please don't hesitate to ask us :)


Then, let's take a look at how the body poses :3
Again, if you have any questions or are wondering about a specific pose, please ask~

Here the torso and head are tilted forward as much as they can bend

Torso straight and head tilted back

The doll can easily sit on its knees by pulling out the knee double joints. They can easily escape back in when lifting the doll (which many double joints tend to do from my experience), but sueding might prevent this from happening.

The mobility joints at thighs can be turned around, so the legs can face different directions easily

This pose was a bit difficult, since the locking system in the thigh mobility joints is quite "slippery" and tends to move/escape easily. Of course it doesn't look so pretty with the joints pulled out like this, but this kind of pose is rarely even made possible or if it is, the joints are not made to look pretty anyway. But this pose would look great when she's wearing a skirt or something :3 We haven't tested yet how the mobility joints would work with tights or pants. (Honestly, we are not sure if this kind of poses were even meant to be possible with this body, but it can still hold the pose well!)

A variation of the previous pose, with just one leg bent

The body is able to do poses that require good balance!

It only took a few seconds to find the balance for this pose

This required a little bit of concentration, but it was still easy to do on an even base.

In this pose, the knee double joint tries to escape back inside the leg easily, but again, sueding might help a lot. The arms keep the leg firmly on its place and there are no problems with the balance.

Torso can't be moved back a lot, but it doesn't look bad like this either!

The elbows bend well enough for the doll to touch her face :3

Front view of the elbow joints

Kneeling down on one knee is easy and fast

This is as low as we could get her to squat :D

Next we have some close-up photos of the jointing system, just in case someone is interested to see these as well.

The stringing inside thigh

The mechanism of the thigh mobility joint

The double joint at the knee

The double joint at the elbow

The wrist part and S hook to the hand

The ankle part and S hook to the foot


The doll came with a silicone ring in the neck to prevent the head from moving around on its own :D

Aaaand this concludes our posing review! We personally really like the posing ability of Little Mocha body and think that the body is also sculpted beautifully :3


As a little extra, here's a photo to show the faceups that Sarg painted on my and her girls~

My Miina (Vivienne) on the left, Sarg's Haneul (Dreaming Tory) on right :3


  1. Thank you for posting this! The engineering on this little doll is very nice--I think with wire you could get her to do almost any pose well, and hold it! I don't collect this size but I could be tempted :D

    1. No problem ^^ I've personally never tried wiring any of my dolls, but I could imagine it working really well for these little ones! Isn't it nice how you're trying not to collect a specific size (for me it's MSDs), but there are so many temptations around... :'D

  2. Thank you for the photos! I wish more companies would put some sort of locking mechanisms inside the torso too, so the doll would hold poses better with the torso bent. I think my SDGr has that sort of thing, but I haven't seen it in smaller dolls. Although, that bend is usually only required for very specific poses, so it's not a game breaker... I'm happy to see a good range of head movement though! My LM dolls can't look anywhere but down =_= And if I may ask, can the head be tilted sideways?

    1. You're welcome! That's true, it would really help with posing with this kind of a torso jointing. Most sculptors probably don't think about the posing so much, so that kind of little details can be missed easily.

      Oh yes, the head tilts really well sideways as well! (can't believe that we didn't take a photo of that XD)

  3. Thanks for the review :D It's lovely to see such a wonderfully constructed body @o@ ~

  4. This is very interesting, thank you so much for posting this!!
    I love how much this doll can pose, and I think they look great with minis :D

    The jointing is very interesting, and the faceups Sarqq did are amazing!

    1. No problem, glad you found it interesting :)
      I agree, they definitely pose well and look great with MSD size too!

      Big thanks on Sarqq's behalf for praising her faceups! ♥

  5. This was an interesting review! I don't know, if I could find a use for a 31cm doll, but I sure wish I could :P They're both very adorable :3

    1. Well, a 31cm could be just cute and cheer you up on any bad days you might have? ;D Smaller dolls are really good at that!

  6. Only in this hobby is being a poser a good thing, lol! So adorable, I love seeing the side by side!! <3

    1. Hahah yup, you're right XD Glad you like them!

  7. This is very helpful, thank you for sharing!!! I'm not sure if this is asking too much but I'd love to see this dolls next to souldoll junia and Peak's woods fof dolls. I love the height of the doll but I'm worried that is even thinner than SOOM teenie gems, I bet yoSD clothes look very baggy on them and too short. Wonder what they could fit, there's no way I could make clothes for the body

    1. You're welcome, great to hear that people have found it useful! :3 Sure, I can take a comparison like that for you! Me and Sarg unfortunately have very few clothes for our yo-SDs that are not made by me... But we've asked help from a few friends that have yo-SD clothes from different companies and we're going to try them out on the Little Mocha body to get a better idea on what kind of clothes would fit them :) We'll make a clothing/shoe post once that is done~

  8. Olipa mielenkiintoinen postaus, kiitos kovasti vaivannäöstä. Miina on kyllä niin herkullisen sävyinen että kateeksi käy. :D

    1. Eipä mitään :3 Tuo tanni sävy on kyllä kovin ihana ♥

  9. Kiitos! Olen seurannut Miyadollin nukkeja pienen ajan ja tämä postaus toi valoa ajatuksiin. Herttainen on tuo tytteli kyllä! :)

    1. Todella mukava kuulla! Ja kiitoksia Miinalta kehuista :3