November 30, 2017

Aranea Highwind Play Arts Kai

Today I picked up a figure that I’ve been super excited about! It’s a Play Arts Kai figure of Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV! She is my absolute favorite character in the game, so I was really happy when they announced a figure of her and of course I had to pre-order~

Aranea arrived at a perfect time, since yesterday was the one-year anniversary for Final Fantasy XV! ♥ I was really surprised how fast the Air Small Packet shipping was - it took less than a week to arrive, so pretty much EMS speed D: The actual EMS shipping would've been double the amount I paid, lol.

Anyway, let's move on!

Here's the box from front!

And from back

The front of the box actually opens like a book, on the other side there is some information on Aranea's character and a bad ass photo of her >:3 ♥

The figure and all its accessories are packed really nicely. If someone prefers to collect figures leaving them inside their boxes for display, this is one of those figures that looks pretty neat in a box!

Love this art! ♥

I tried to get a close-up of her face through the plastic, sorry about the light reflections... :'D

The stand

Some instructions on how to change the parts

Aaand instructions on assembling the stand... This kinda reminds me of Ikea furniture XDD And let me tell you, assembling it really felt like putting together an Ikea furniture, hahah! I'm still not sure if I did everything 100% correctly...

Removed the plastic cover! I didn't realize it until later, but as you can see from the photo, her helmet is missing from the package ;___; There's just an empty space on upper right where it should be. I double checked the outer box and everything, but there's no sign of it anywhere. I've already contacted Amiami customer service about it and hopefully they'll send me the missing piece... *fingers crossed* I hope that they won't ask me to send back the whole figure and then send a new one to me... That would be much more complicated and end up costing them a lot more too, since shipping from Finland to Japan is quite expensive. But yeah, we'll see what they answer!

Ms. Aranea is out of the box! I absolutely love her, she's looks lovely and has so many nice details ♥ Her armor looks really nice too. The paint job isn't 100% perfect and there are some slight imperfections here and there, but overall I'm very happy with the quality!

From side

From back

Posing with her lance! *o* You definitely don't wanna make this gal angry... The lance came in two parts that were attached together, but I forgot to take a photo.

Face close-up! The paint job doesn't look the most flattering if you look closely, but I'd say that it's understandable for such a tiny face. But I don't think it's too bad! She even has eyelashes, that's so cute! :D

Details on her... skirt? Or whatever that's called :D

I loooove her boots! ♥ I think they were painted to look worn out on purpose.

The "tail" for her helmet that doesn't exist... :'D It can be bent from multiple places, I can imagine that being useful for action poses.

I realized that she can make a heart with one pair of the extra hands! ♥

I need to take some proper photos of this girl at some point! I don't have any photo ideas for her yet, but maybe something will come to my mind later, at least once I get the helmet (if I ever get it XD). I also plan to buy the Ignis figure to accompany Aranea, because I totally ship them!! ♥ That might have to wait for a while though, since I have some expensive figures on pre-order and my Japan trip is getting closer too...

The time has gone SO fast, it's hard to believe that it's December already! Are you ready for the Christmas season? :3 I've usually bought a Christmas chocolate calendar every year, but this time I'm skipping since I couldn't find a Hello Kitty calendar, hahah. Me and Sarg made the first Christmas tarts of the year yesterday and maybe during the weekend we'll put some Christmas decorations around the house \o/


  1. That is an awesome little figure--even without her helmet, she is gorgeous! And I agree this year has gone so fast; I am not ready for Christmas! I hope you take some photos of your decorations--I love seeing how people decorate. Usually we just display any cards we get and put up a tree.

    1. Yup, she really is gorgeous! ♥ I feel like time just flies nowadays, I need an extra 24 hours added to every day hahah XDD

      Our Christmas decorations aren't anything special, we just have a small white fake tree on our kitchen table and a few small decorations here and there... I wish we had a bigger apartment so we could have a bigger tree and more decorations >.<

  2. Woah, onpa hieno! Ja kylläpäs kaikki nivelet piiloutuu hienosti noiden haarniskaosien alle!
    Äh, harmi, että kypärä puuttui :/ Toivottavasti Amiami toimisi järkevästi - eli lähettäisi suosiolla vain sen puuttuvan osan...

    1. Joo oon kyllä tosi tyytyväinen tän laatuun ja noihin niveliin! Vaikka kyllähän tää tietysti vähän jäykälle ja kömpelölle tuntuu, kun on tottunut nukkeja käsittelemään :p

      Tiukan kirjeenvaihdon jälkeen Amiami tosiaan suostui lähettämään tuon puuttuvan osan (jota vieläkin odotellaan, juuttui ilmeisesti sopivasti jouluruuhkiin..) - tuntui kyllä hassulta heidän pyynnöstään ottaa kuvaa paketin tyhjästä kohdasta, jossa tuon kypärän olisi siis pitänyt olla :D

  3. She is stunning!!! Congrats on getting her :D
    Please, share more photos of her, she is amazing! <3

    1. Thank you ^^
      Once I get the missing helmet, I plan to take a proper photoshoot of her!

  4. Oi, todella hieno! Onnea nopealle saapumiselle!