February 1, 2015

Jade's tattoos

Some of Jade's tattoos were finished weeks ago, but I was more focused on making some clothes for her than taking any photos ^^; Now I can finally show how she looks like now~

I know I promised some WIP photos, but turns out that I'm really bad with taking those.. XD When I'm working on something I feel it looks like a complete mess until it's all finished, so taking photos of the unfinished work didn't really inspire me lol. The making steps were quite simple though; first I designed the tattoos on paper, then sketched them on the doll, then black lines and last coloring :)

All of the tattoos were made with Sarg's help ♥ I designed the images and sketched them on the doll, but Sarg helped me and my shaky hands by painting the black lines and also helped a lot with the coloring! I really couldn't have done this without her~

The lingerie that Jade is wearing is also made by me :3 I had made the panties earlier and luckily had just enough of that pink lace fabric to make a matching bra! This was the first proper bra that I've ever attempted to make, so I'm really happy with it~

Full sleeve on the right arm~

"Meow" text and cat paw on the left hand :3

I was supposed to take just a few tattoo pictures, but I find Iple girls so damn photogenic that I often end up taking a dozen of photos of them in simple poses or just of their faces X'D That happened this time as well... So have a few extra photos!

She also has a cute navel piercing!

 So, Jade is starting to look more and more like my character ♥ I still have some tattoo plans for her (like maybe continuing her left hand?) and she also needs some piercings~


  1. I think this is the cutest Mari ever! I love that her hair and her jewels match her tattoos <3

    1. Awww really? Thank you so much ; w ; I've seen many cute Maris, so I really appreciate it if you think Jade is the cutest~

  2. Her lingerie looks really nice. I love the hot pink colour.

    Great jobs on those tattoos. They look really good. My hats off to you. I have shaky hands too when it comes to really tiny delicate work. I would have made a mess of any tattoo I tried on my dolls.

    Let me know how you go with the piercings. I tried to add some to one of my male dolls but when I pulled it off, it took away a bit of his face up so had to get him redone. Since then, I've not been game to try anymore piercings on my dolls.

    And can I say that I really love that I can enjoy the Iple dolls through your blog.

    1. Thank you :3 I was really happy to find the lace in this particular color!

      And thank you for liking the tattoos as well! ♥ My hands are way too shaky for painting small details, which is why I was really happy to get Sarg to help me :3 I have made some doll tattoos all by myself too (for Carmen and Rhyme), but those I made using watercolor pencils, only drawing required X'D It was fun to try doing things a bit differently this time (using acrylics and pastels).

      Well, if I want temporary piercings, I just put them on place using blue tack. From my experience it doesn't leave marks on the doll (it's a lot less "greasy" than eye putty, for example..), so faceups should be safe even if you want to remove the piercings. If you want to be super safe, you could just put on the piercings for a quick photoshoot and then take them off. For more permanent result, I use water-soluble glue that's safe for resin. They can be removed as well, but might take a little bit of sealant/pastels along.

      Love to hear if you're enjoying my Iple dolls! Iplehouse is definitely my favorite company and I feel so happy to have their dolls in my crew~

  3. What a gorgeous sleeve! It's so colourful and cute, yet mischievous... I adore it! *fangirling*
    And the bra looks very well-made, it doesn't look like a first attempt at all. :)
    She just looks really stunning. *more fangirling* xD

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments, I'm happy to hear you like her~ ♥ *proud owner* Jade sends you hugs x3

  4. they look so cool and so real!! You and Sarg are really talented !
    the underwear is lovely as well and the picutres are all gorgeous, I'm glad your character is growing more and more into what you had in mind :)

    1. Oh thank you!! ♥ It was really fun to work on the tattoos together :)

      BJDs make me so happy, they're just the perfect way for me to shell my characters ♥ Back when I didn't know about these dolls yet, I used to draw all the time and feel so frustrated since nothing ever turned out the way I wanted, as I'm not good at drawing people X'D But now with dolls I can actually get my characters to look just like I imagine them on my mind ♥ The best hobby ever x3