April 22, 2015

My spring 2015 anime menu

I've been sick for the past few days (feeling much better already though!) and spent a lot of time watching anime, which actually gave me the thought of making a post about which anime series I'm watching this spring! :3 This post will focus on the series that have just started airing this month, AKA the spring 2015 anime. I do still have some "leftovers" from the earlier seasons that are either still airing or I haven't been able to finish watching due to my incredible laziness... But I won't be talking about those now ^^;

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks TV (2nd season)

Current progress: 1/13

If someone asks me what my favorite animes are, the Fate series is one of the first ones I always mention, so of course I'm watching this as well ♥ I could never get enough of Saber hahah, I love her sooo much XD This TV version has seemed a lot better than the Unlimited Bladeworks movie, which I didn't like that much. In general the Unlimited Bladeworks is probably my least favorite route, so I was quite positively surprised by the first season. Now I naturally have high hopes for the second one as well, but we'll see how this goes!

The opening song is really beautiful ;___; And I'm happy that the ending song is once again by Kalafina, I love their music so much and I think it fits this series perfectly ♥ All the background music is always so awesome as well~

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions / 3rd season

Current progress: 2/??

Fufufufu~ I looove this series and have been waiting for the start of the 3rd season ever since the 2nd ended XD ♥ I think this is one of those series that not necessarily has the greatest plot, but is filled with fun moments, nice music and has awesome characters~ I quite rarely hype over male characters in anime, but Jinguji Ren and Ichinose Tokiya definitely make an exception hahah XD Actually, I even have one of my BJDs, Rhyme, loosely based on Ren... And Tokiya's voice actor is one of my favorite seiyuus, Mamoru Miyano ♥

I love the opening and ending songs, though I can't stop laughing at how adorably dorky and stupid the dances always are, especially for the first episode's opening X'D I don't like the guys of Quartet Night (nor their singing) that much, so I'm glad that their silly dance wasn't the final opening song.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this season so far! ♥

Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture

Current progress: 3/10

I've always been a huge GITS fan, so naturally I wanted to start watching this new series as well! To my disappointment it actually looks like these episodes are just re-caps of the Arise movies/OVAs, which I've already seen =.= Now that I looked at the info on the series more carefully, I did notice that they've marked it as an alternative version to the OVAs, but I'm still a bit disappointed as I was hoping for some new content. Apparently there's a chance that the last few episodes are completely new, but we'll see! I'm still gonna watch these episodes to refresh my memory, if nothing else XD

I love the look of Motoko in Stand Alone Complex, so it has taken a bit of time getting used to her totally different appearance in Arise. I've started to like it a bit more, but I still prefer the SAC version. I'm also not sure how I feel about Maaya Sakamoto as her voice actor... I guess it works since Motoko is younger in Arise, but I love Atsuko Tanaka's bad ass voice in SAC so this change was another thing that was hard to get used to XD Aaand another thing to mention is that I'm also forever a fan of Motoko/Batou shipping and there haven't been that many nice moments between them in Arise : <

Show By Rock!!

Current progress: 1/??

I've been looking forward to this anime ever since I read the news about it back in... September, I think? Being a fan of many similar cute, girly and cheerful music animes (such as Love Live and Pri Para), I was quite sure that I'd love this one as well and I was right! It was definitely quite different from what I was expecting, but I looove it! I think it even has the potential to become one of my favorite series ever ♥ I love the character designs, the plot and general idea behind the series sounds great and well... what can I say, I'm just such a sucker for series like this ^^;;

It was such a surprise to find out the this is the first voice acting role for Inagawa Eri, who is the seiyuu for the main character, Cyan! She seems so talented ♥ All the other main charas have experienced seiyuus, but you'd never notice the difference!

I really need some Nendoroids and other figures of the characters in my life, they're all so adorable! ♥ Especially the main character in her kitty form awwww~ And I actually thought that it'd be neat to make a cosplay outfit for one of my Iplehouse nYID girls ♥

Owari no Seraph

Current progress: 2/12

I only watched the trailer for this series recently, so it's currently the only series that I'm watching on a spur of the moment decision without any hype or high expectations.

I'm not familiar with the manga, so I don't really know much about the whole series...  The plot and setting seem interesting so far, but I'm not liking the main characters that much ^^; At this point the pink-haired vampire girl (apparently Krul Tepes?) that appears in the opening and ending themes, as well as briefly in the beginning of the first episode, is the only one that I'm excited about, though it seems that she might only be a supporting character and not appear that much in the episodes ;__; I felt like Owari no Seraph has some slight similarities with Attack on Titan, at least the setting of humans versus a superior race :D

There is potential for this to be a great series, so I guess I'll just need to watch more to find out!


So, that was it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post! I try to pick up some new series every season, so I'm probably going to make a similar post once the summer animes start in July :)

Is anyone watching some of the same series? What do you think of them?
Or do you have some other suggestions from the spring anime? :)


On another note, me and Sarg both managed to get tickets to Desucon, a summer anime convention in Lahti :) Those who visited another convention (Desucon Frostbite) earlier this year, got a chance to purchase their tickets before other people... And a friend of ours was able to purchase 3 tickets, but only needed one, so she kindly let us to buy the two ;___; Apparently the rest of the tickets were sold out in 6 minutes, so we were really lucky...

Hopefully we'll get to meet many of our friends there and have a great time~ I haven't been to an anime convention since 2008, so I'm quite excited and nervous as well :D I've been thinking of maybe even cosplaying, which I've never done before... But I don't know if I manage to come up with anything proper in time, knowing my laziness I'm not very optimistic X'D


  1. Ite kanssa seurailen Fate/Stay nightia ja Owari no Seraphia. Ekan jakson katoin tuosta Show by Rockista, mutta en vielä tiedä päädynkö katsomaan kyseisen sarjan loppuun asti. Myös UtaPri on vähän kiikun kaakun. Ekasta kaudesta tykkäsin kovasti, mutta sitten tuli kakkos kaudella ähky sarjaa kohtaan...(vaikka se Ren onkin niin ihana <3 ).
    Muita sarjoja seurannassa on: Ore monogatari, Plastic memories, Hibike! Euphonium, Grisaian toka kausi sekä Dungeon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatteiru darou ka (ihanan lyhyitä nää joidenkin sarjojen nimet >_< ). Tää kausi on itelleni vähän sellainen laimeahko, kun mitään sellaista yber ihkutus sarjaa ei nyt ole (paitsi noh, ehkä tuo Fate/Stay night ^^ )

    1. Oih aika paljon samoja sarjoja :3 Tietääkin sitten kelle voi näistä höpötellä XD

      UtaPri on tosiaan vähän semmoinen sarja, että tuntuu ettei siinä välillä tapahdu yhtään mitään vaan kaikki junnaa paikoillaan ja kaikki laulutkin on vähän itseääntoistavia... Mutta oon silti koittanut katsoa, kun onhan tuo ihan hauska ja piristävä, vähän sellainen after work aivot naulakkoon -anime XD

      Itseasiassa Grisaia, Dungeon ja Plastic Memories vaikuttivat myös kiinnostavilta, mutta oon ollut vähän laiska animenkatselun suhteen niin ajattelin rajoittaa näiden uusien sarjojen määrää näihin must-sarjoihin, kun on vanhojakin vielä kesken ^^; Saa nähdä jos näitä muita tulisi katsottua sitten joskus myöhemmin.

  2. Huu, tuo Show by Rock pitää tsekata, ihanat designit! :D

    1. Joo kannattaa ehdottomasti, söpöjä hassuja hahmosia! ♥

  3. Oh my! I haven't watched anime in years @o@ I'm mostly into reading manga~ my fav. at the moment is still: Skip Beat! It's absolutely amazing. But it's so slow to release new chapters these days!
    Maybe I'll give Fate a try, I've always been interested in the story behind Saber after seeing those gorgeous DDs based on her!

    1. For me it's actually the other way around, I prefer anime over manga XD I used to read a lot when I was younger, but it's so hard for me to concentrate on reading nowadays, so I hardly never read... I've tried to keep up with some of my favorite series, but I'm always many chapters behind u.u

      Oh I love Skip Beat!! I've some chapters of the manga and also seen the anime adaptation :) Shoujo series typically get a new chapter once a month (I guess?), is Skip Beat released even less frequently?

      I do recommend checking out Fate! :) If you do, please let me know what you thought of it~ The Saber DDs are really beautiful and I love the outfits! I've managed to satisfy my inner Saber fangirl with just figures for now, but I definitely wouldn't mind a Saber DD in my collection hahah XD

  4. Itse minä seurailen ainakin Owari no seraphia ❤
    Siihen on vasta neljä jaksoa pääsdyt tulemaan, toivottavasti tulisi pian lisääkin jaksoja siihen .. En jaksa odottaa..... ヽU﹏U ੭

    Täytyypäs vielä hitusen tarkkailla olisivatko nuo muut hyviä, esim tuo Fate stay night, vaikuttaa kiintoisalta. ヽ( - ‿ - ) ノ

    Itse en tiedä olisiko tuo Show by rock!! minun juttuni.. Hirveästi en kuitenkaan pidä noista sarjoista joissa on tyttölaulajia/tuollaisia tyttöjä.
    Pidän ainakin hieman vakavemmista sarjoista, joissa tapahtuu monenlaista jännittävää, taidan vain seurailla näitä kahta sarjaa: Owari no seraph ja Fate stay night.

    1. Itse olen ehtinyt katsoa vasta tuon pari jaksoa, kun on tullut tässä maratoonattua jo loppuneita sarjoja joiden katsominen on ollut kesken. Mutta tosi lupaavalta tosiaan vaikuttaa! Ja tuolle on ilmeisesti myöhemmin tiedossa jatkoakin, ettei sarjan pituus jää vain tuohon 12 jaksoon :3

      Fate Stay Nightia suosittelen kyllä lämpimästi! Jos tykkäät tuon Owari no Seraphin tyylisistä sarjoista, niin tämäkin saattaa kolahtaa~

      Hyvä kyllä että on olemassa animea laidasta laitaan, jokaiselle löytyy varmasti jotain mieluisaa katsottavaksi :) Tykkään itse katsella vähän sitä sun tätä, välillä on kiva katsoa jotain vakavampaa ja välillä haluaa heittää aivot kunnolla naulaan ja katsoa jotain superhöttöä XD

  5. En ole pitkään aikaan seurannut animea kovin "säännönmukaisesti", suorastaan hävettää. Uta-Puria katselen koska sen alkuperäiset hahmosuunnitelmat ovat Tatana Kana-sensein käsialaa (ja hän on taiteillut myös Togainu no Chi-visual novelin hahmodesignit joten...TnC on siis saman peliyhtiön joka on tehnyt myös Dramatical Murderin, ensimmäinen BL-peli)

    En ole oikein päässyt tähän nykyajan animetahtiin mukaan, että uudet jaksot on joka viikko nähtävillä heti. Animen suhteen olen tottunut siihen että istutaan jossain otakupoterossa ja katsotaan monta jaksoa putkeen. x'D Pitää vaan yrittää totutella uuteen tahtiin.

    Show By Rock!! vaikuttaa kiinnostavalta koska eläinkorvaiset tytöt. x33 <3

    Hienoa että saitte Desu-liput! Siellä sitten nähdään! Oi, olisipa upeaa jos saisit tehtyä jonkin cossin sinne. *__* Onko sinulla hahmoja mietittynä, joista tekisit cossin? Minunkin tekisi kamalasti mieli cossata taas jotakin, mutta en taida ehtiä tekemään pukua ja tilaamisenkin kannalta menee nyt liian tiukille... Ehkä sitten Traconiin...

    1. Hahah no tunnustan että välillä itseltäkin "unohtuu" uusien jaksojen katselua ja tulee sitten maratoonattua useampia jaksoja useammasta sarjasta putkeen XD Show By Rockia suosittelen testaamaan, hauska sarja~

      Joo mainio tuuri kävi lippujen kanssa, siellä näemme siis! ♥ Taidan kyllä ilmestyä paikalle tylsästi loli-tamineissa, kun ei ole mitään sopivia cossiperuukkejakaan ja Kiinasta kestäisi vuoden tulla Suomeen :/ Nukke saattaa kyllä lähteä mukaan cossipuvussa, kahtotaan nyt~