August 14, 2015

Tag: Sisterhood of the World Blog

I was tagged by Alasse and Musume to answer the questions of this meme :) I've seen many people answer these already, so I was having a bit hard time while trying to figure out who to tag hahah...

1. Do you collect anything other than dolls?
Besides dolls I also collect anime figures. My collection has grown bigger than I had planned even though I've been collecting them for just a few years... ^^; I also have many fabrics, crafting/jewelry making stuff, plushies and other cute things, though they probably don't count as collecting XD

2. Why did you start a doll blog?
First I started writing a blog together with Sarg, since we wanted to have some place were we could store our photos and stories in one place, as well as write about our doll plans. Sarg lost her interest in writing the blog (she doesn't like writing so much) and for a while I didn't write either, but then I started to miss it and decided to start over with the blog :3 I never expected that people would be interested in reading my ramblings and I'd be just writing for myself, but now that I do have some readers I also try to post some stuff that could useful to others as well, like reviews and comparisons. I've always liked writing and having this blog about things that interest me feels quite natural to me now ^^

3. Do you have one particular doll that is the favorite in your collection?
This changes a lot... I do have some all-time favorites (like Ceci, my Iplehouse nYID Emilia), but mostly I get phases when I like some doll more than the others, want to sew something for it, take photos, cuddle it, etc. I have a variety of differently styled dolls with different kinds of characters, so there's always something to fit my mood :)

I do have to mention that Sarg's Miyuki will forever be my favorite Azone, even though she doesn't belong to my collection XD She's really special as she was a present to Sarg and got her all excited about Azones. Just looking at Miyuki makes us smile ♥

4. Your favorite doll accessory?
Has to be the wings of my Soom fairies, especially the ones that Sarg has painted :) I'm always so proud of her faceups and blushing work, even if she's mostly not happy with her own work. Having wings so beautifully painted by my dearest person makes my faeries even more special and precious to me~

5. Do you know exactly how many dolls you have in your collection (you don't have to tell the number of course :-) )?
To be honest, I wouldn't know exactly unless I count them, I have such a horrible memory :'D Around 30 BJDs and 15 Azones, I think? I never really think of their quantity, since it doesn't really matter as long as they fit in the house lol X'D They're all dear characters and dolls to me, no matter how many of them there are!

6. Do you play any instruments and if so, what?
Well, I can play the piano a little bit, but I've never taken any lessons. My brother has taken piano lessons for many years so we had a piano at our house and I played it time to time. At some point I was interested in playing the guitar, but I lost interest in that pretty quickly. I do like singing though (if we count voice as an instrument XD) and I'd love to be able to sing better ;___;

7. Where is your most favorite place you've ever been?
I haven't traveled that much and so far haven't been to any specific place that I could consider a favorite... I like being home? :'D

8. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?
I've always hated this question, since all my life I'd had very low self-esteem and pretty much hated everything about myself, so what could I possibly answer... Little by little I've started to accept myself as who I am, tried not to compare myself to others and think of how I could be a better person or look better. There's still a long way to go, but compared to how shy, anxious and depressed I was a few years ago, I'm quite proud of the progress I've made so far >////< Maybe that's what I like about myself?

9. Favorite book or movie?
I love Cecelia Ahern's books! ♥ I've read PS I Love You, Where Rainbows End, If You Could See Me Now and A Place Called Here, loved them all. Her writing style and ideas for books are just mind-blowing, if you haven't read the books I really recommend checking them out~ There are also movie versions of the two first ones I listed and a few others in the process. She has written many other books after the ones I've read, but unfortunately I haven't really had time or inspiration to read for many years ^^; I hope I can catch up at some point and read the rest of her books.

As for movies, I can't really name just one favorite, I have so many... One of my long-time favorites is The Butterfly Effect, I've seen it a dozen of times yet it never ceases to amaze me. I do like many Disney, Marvel and Tim Burton movies as well :) I like watching movies from many categories, hahah.

10. If you could design your own doll, how would it look like?
I'd design a fantasy doll that'd fit into our story, probably the perfect SD sized mermaid girl to be Undine ♥ There are some mermaid BJDs out there, but so far none of them has been exactly what I'd like in terms of the mermaid tail and face sculpt. If I had some talent for doll making I'd certainly love to make Undine, but for now I'll just leave it to the professionals and keep wishing that someday some company will release the perfect Undine :) (If not, I'll just make a fabric tail...)


I tag the following people:

Tiinyan of Pureneemo Diaries
Elina of Fairchildren
Spica of Spicasmagoria
Jaya of Pala Hartsia (you can do this in Finnish too :3)

If you don't feel like doing this, it's okay! I'd love to read your answers though~ And if I didn't tag you, feel free to do this if you'd like and haven't done it already ^^


  1. Oh I didn't know the Meme was called that (Sisterhood of World). Glad you were able to do this one! I enjoyed reading your answers.

    It's quite interesting that many of the answers to this meme I have read, people have played the piano or tried their hand at it at some point in their life. I have to admit, it is a beautiful instrument. The guitar is awkward because of how you have to place your fingers. I find my arms always get tired easily. My husband plays the guitar though and he's actually very good at it. He makes me a little jealous.

    I seem to never have enough books to read! Usually I have a pile of 5-10 books waiting to be read but I've finished them all now and the others I'm waiting on the next volume to be released. I love reading and try to do it as often as I can.

    I love the idea of your designed doll. I love mermaids too but haven't really seen anything in the bjd world. You are right about the tails though, I like those big flowing elaborate tails. I hope one of the companies release a mermaid doll you like at some point!

    1. I didn't know that either before I saw some people posting the meme with that title :) It was fun to write the answers, glad you enjoyed reading them as well!

      Piano seems quite popular indeed! I think it's one of the easiest instruments to try since there are pianos in many places (like schools) and the beginner basics are quite easy. My fingers couldn't take playing the guitar at all and I ended up having to stop playing :/ I do love the sound of guitar, so I wish I could play it but nope...

      Oh you're quite a bookworm then! :) I used to read that much when I was younger, but I started having learning and concentration trouble at school and after that reading didn't feel so fun anymore... Nowadays I'd definitely love to read books again, but just don't have the time nor patience and ability to concentrate on it ^^; Maybe one day, I hope...

      We'll see! There are mermaid BJDs in different sizes, from different companies, but the tails haven't been to my liking so far. The flowiness of a fabric tail often looks much better :)

  2. Ohhhh loved your answers!!! I love Marvel movies as well (I ranted too much about books that I forgot the movies xD). I really like Sarqq's blushing work (I can't wait to see your Souldoll armoured girls, to be honest... or did I miss them somehow?) so I understand those wings being your favorite accesory!

    1. Great to hear that ^w^ Marvel movies are awesome, I'm looking forward to the upcoming ones~

      I'm so happy that Sarg paints some of my doll stuff! It's a bit hard to explain in words, but I feel like having such a dear person do something for you makes the doll feel more special... It wouldn't feel the same if someone else did the same thing ^^;

      We've only posted simple portraits of our Souldoll girls, their armors are still work in progress :3 Sarg is about half finished with my Lana's armor and has worked a bit on her Sandrian's too, but there are other dolls/parts to paint and many other projects as well. I'll definitely introduce them and share pictures once the armors are ready ♥

  3. Haaste otettu vastaan! :3

    Vitsit, olisin voinut kirjoittaa tuon 8 kohdan itsekin! Hassua miten sitä vasta pari vuotta sitten 26-vuotiaana tunsi kasvaneensa ehyeksi persoonaksi ja voittaneensa ne pahimmat epävarmuudet itsestään.

    Marvel-leffat on parhautta! Käytiin tossa vähän aikaa sitten katsomassa Ant-man ja oli ihan viihdyttävä paketti :)

    1. Yay, mahtavaa :3

      Oho! D: Se voi kyllä olla työläs prosessi tulla sinuksi itsensä kanssa, mukava kuitenkin kuulla että siullakin on pahin kamppailu jo takanapäin!

      Me ei olla käyty katsomassa Ant-mania, voi olla että se jää DVD:lta katsottavaksi sitten, mutta pakko ehdottomasti nähdä jossain vaiheessa :)

  4. Iik minä mainittu! :D Ehdottomasti voin tehdä tämän~

    Tuo kasi vaikuttaa myös minulta. u___u Vihaan tuollaisia kysymyksiä, vaikka ne ovatkin todella tärkeitä.

    Ja tuo nelonen, awwwh<3

    1. Kiva juttu, jään siis odottelemaan siun vastauksia >:3

      Sitä helposti tulee ajateltua, että kaikki muut ihmiset olisivat jotenkin täydellisiä, mutta yhtäkkiä ympäriltä löytyykin sitten paljon itsensä kaltaisia ihmisiä jotka painivat samanlaisten mörköjen kanssa kuin itsekin ^^; Tavallaan tollainen kysymys on aika terapeuttinenkin ja pistää miettimään...

      Hih x3 ♥

  5. Aww, I'm glad you did the tag as well!! Those wings are beautiful! :D I hope to try out the piano as well some day. Depression is best taken in slow steps, I'm sure you'll make progress. Dolls are very therapeutic! ;)

    1. Sure, this was really fun to do :3
      Oh yes, I find dolls very therapeutic ♥ I don't know where I'd be without this hobby~

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers Safir. I'm glad you did the meme too, but a little envious you can play the piano without having lessons, clever girl!

    1. Great to hear that! :)
      Hahah well, I can't really read piano notes (at least fast while playing), but I've learned to play some songs little by little and also played by ear. After moving away from home I can't really play anymore since we don't have a piano :/

  7. Glad you joined the tag as well!
    I hope Sarq would appreciate her own work more, because She does stunning and amazing painting on dolls!
    Also, you will love yourself more and more as you get older, and you will hope you started sooner! X) I know I do

    1. All the questions seemed fun and it's been a while since I last joined a tag/meme, so of course I had to do this ^^

      Well, I guess we're always our worst critic, right? ^^; But I think she's starting to appreciate work more~

      That's probably the way it goes... I'm 24 now and in a way I feel like I'm still 18 or so, since the years between were mostly me battling with myself and trying to put myself together... So it feels like I missed a lot on life during those years and find it hard to believe that I'm already so "old" X'D

  8. Your faries are really stunning :3
    "Being able to accept yourself better" is a great thing to like about yourself!
    A SD sized mermaid would be pretty cool :D

    1. Thank you ^^ I love my fairies~
      At least it means that I'm learning something and trying to move forward!
      Oh yes, I'd love the perfect SD sized mermaid ;3;

  9. You have an interesting blogging history! :D I feel you are quite lucky you have someone who can share this hobby with you so closely x3
    Hoo I love those wingies ^///////^ lovely photos too
    Yeah, accepting yourself more and more will come with time as well I think!
    Finally, thank you for the book recommendations! :D enjoyed reading this ~~

    1. Oh yes, the hobby feels so different compared to my first years when I didn't even have any friends who are into dolls. Being able to share everything BJD related with the person you love feels amazing! (Though the dolls of two people take twice the space in the house.. X'D)

      Thank you ^^ And do let me know what you think of Cecelia Ahern's books if you end up reading them~

  10. I think I'm the same way as you with the favourite. There's the all-time fave and the changing ones. xD Ceci is so lovely btw. And I love those SOOM fairy wings as well, so preeetty and cute!!

    I'm still a work in progress with the whole self acceptance and not comparing myself to others. At some point I think I'm tired of how slow things are going, but I should just be happy that things at least are getting better. ^^ But it's sooo hard. .__.

    1. I think that's common, especially for those who have more than a few dolls :) Oh and thank you for the compliments!! <3

      I know what you mean :/ I'm still going through ups and downs, sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster... But even baby steps are still steps towards the change, so it's important not to feel discouraged even if the progress feels slow ^^ Hope you'll get there eventually, you seem like a great person~ Just keep going!