April 12, 2016

My anime menu for spring 2016

I didn't write anything about the autumn animes, since I didn't find anything interesting to watch in that bunch (my previous anime menu was for summer 2015). In this post I'm also combining animes from both the winter and spring season, since there's not much for me this time either ^^; I've actually been quite lazy with watching anime after last summer, since my main focus (besides doll stuff) has been on games...

Besides the ones I'm talking more about below, there's also Pri Para 3rd season, but I'm behind and haven't finished even the first season yet :c I did see a few other series on the spring list that I found interesting, but I think I already have a plenty to watch and adding more to the list right now wouldn't be a good idea. We'll see if I watch the other series at a later point ^^

Oh and if you're interested in seeing what anime series are currently airing or will be airing later this year, take a look at Anichart!

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei no Door

Current Progress: 4/??

This has to be one of the cutest animes ever XD Although I do love darker and deeper stuff, I really enjoy watching some overly cute and random animes that make me feel happy. I do love faeries a lot too~ It was actually fun to see that there are many familiar voice actors: Hanae Natsuki (Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul), Uchida Aya (Kotori from Love Live), Kusuda Aina (Nozomi from Love Live), Atsushi Abe (Mashiro from Bakuman) and Megumi Toyoguchi (Revy from Black Lagoon).

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Current Progress: 1/5

How could a big Final Fantasy fan say no to this? >3< I'm so excited about the new game that'll be released in September and this anime adaptation seems great as well! Too bad that there will only be 5 episodes in total and the second ep most likely won't be released until June or so... Can't wait! The characters seem interesting and this'll be a nice treat while waiting for the game :3

Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!

Current Progress: 2/??

This series is probably better known by the name Ace Attorney or Phoenix Wright :) It's another adaptation from a popular game. I've never gotten to play it myself, though I've always wanted to! I have high hopes for the anime series and I'm expecting an interesting plot with great characters. Since I've never played the game, nor read spoilers about what's going to happen (assuming that the anime will follow the same story), this'll be quite exciting >3<

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2

Current Progress: 0/12

To be honest, I lost my interest during the first season already and haven't finished even that ^^; The series does seem nice, but I've been having a hard time focusing on story-based animes lately... The second season will still go to my plan-to-watch list.

Terra Formars: Revenge

Current Progress: 0/??

This is a second season of Terra Formars. The basic plot is quite weird (humans fighting against giant humanoid cockroaches, what? :'D), but I still find this series surprisingly enjoyable! I've taken a liking to the characters (Michelle being my favorite, as she reminds me of my character Carmen ♥) and I really want to see what's gonna happen.


What about you guys? Are you watching anything this season? :)


  1. You have quite some series to watch!!!
    I do not watch anime, but I do love watching series and kdramas. I'm currently waiting for the 3rd season of The musketeers to air since it was delayed and has been already finished filming (and it is also the last season, it won't be renewed and I'm super sad about it).

    I LOVE Phoneix Wright games so I might watch that anime, sounds like fun!! Hope you get to play the games someday, I love them all! X) One of my phone ringtones is the steel samurai song from those games haha

    I was a HUGE Final Fantasy fan until Final fantasy XIII happened and since I don't have any of the new consoles I can't try the games they are releasing now so it is hard for me to keep the hype about them. Might watch the anime mini serie thing in the future

    Hope you get to watch everything :D

    1. Hahah yeah I do :D
      It's quite the opposite for me, as I do enjoy watching anime but not K-dramas XD There are many western TV shows that I like though (like OUAT...). I know the feeling when something you really like doesn't get new seasons, it's really sad :/

      The Phoenix Wright anime seems quite nice so far (based on the first 2 eps). I hope to try out the games someday too, it'd be awesome ^^ I might be wrong, but it feels like they're trying to capture some of the game elements (like the "Objection!" effect) in the anime.

      I still haven't played FF:XIII either, since I didn't have PS4 until we moved together with Sarg XD But now that we do have the console, I'm super excited about any upcoming releases! The anime series seems fun too~

  2. Wow so many to watch! I love it :) Um..my sister and I are slowly working through HunterXHunter. We're also hoping to watch Fairytail, Souleater, maybe Black butler. One of our most favorite anime's is Fullmetal Alchemist (not the brotherhood one :)
    Do you like watching them in Japanese? Or English better? Personally my sister and I LOVE watching it in Japanese.
    my sister and I might just watch those as well :)

    1. I looove Fairy Tail, it's a great series :) Totally recommend watching it. There are also super fun side stories~ I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist too and liked it very much. Black Butlet is also a good series. I've heard of Souleater and HunterXHunter, but haven't watched them myself. There are so many different series to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes D:

      For me, it's definitely Japanese! I often hate English dubs since the voices sound so weird XD It's also fun to try to learn some Japanese through watching anime.

  3. Mulla on jälleen ihan liikaa sarjoja katsottavana (osaa en ole ehtinyt vielä aloittaa...), mutta ehkä muutama taas tippuu kesken pois. Varmoilta hyviltä sarjoilta vaikuttavat: Boku no Hero Academia, Kuma Miko ja Bungou Stray Dogs, josta olen aivan älyttömän innoissani! Hahmoanimaatio on niin sulavaa ja reaktioilmeet parhautta. Ja kyllä se tarinakin vaikuttaa ihan hyvälle XD Wit Studion (eli Attack on Titan-studio ^^) uusin tuotos Koutetsujou no Kabaneri vakuutti vasta ekan jakson lopussa... Animointi on kyllä tässäkin nättiä!

    1. Kiva kun löytyi niin paljon kaikkea katsottavaa! Tuntui kyllä olevan tosi erilaisia sarjoja tarjolla tälle kaudelle, että varmasti löytyy jokaiselle jotain kivaa :3 Kuma Miko ja Bungou Stray Dogs vaikutti kyllä hauskoilta, pitää katsoa jos tseikkaisi niitäkin myöhemmin! Onneksi näitä lyhyempiä sarjoja pystyy aina vaikka pika-maratoonata sen jälkeen kun ne on loppuneet XD

  4. That many series sounds like a serious time commitment! They all look interesting though - I played the first couple of Phoenix Wright games, so I'll be curious to hear what the anime is like. :)

    1. Not really, since I can watch them anytime I have some free time and usually I do something at the same time, like eat or sew XD The Phoenix Wright anime seems great so far! I don't know much about the games, so I can't really compare them nor say if the fans of the games would like the anime... But I do think it's worth checking it out :)

  5. Yaay for Gyakuten Saiban~ one of my fav. DS games ever! Apparently the anime follows the story of the (first?) game precisely~ Ah, I adore the 2 lead lawyers way too much~~ x33
    I've also been following the Akagami manga~ I like the peaceful storyline it follows, and the subtle romance.

    1. Oh that's cool! ^^ I've really enjoyed the anime adaptation so far, it would be awesome to get to play the games at some point too! I do have a DS, but just not the games hahah XD

      I've heard people say that Akagami is much better as manga. Haven't read it so can't say for sure, but having seen the anime I do feel like that might be true :)

  6. I don't think I have seen any of these, some of the titles are familiar as I've come across them. I haven't watched any anime in forever. The last one I watched was Durarara. Since I started getting into Korean Drama, I haven't really been watching anything else!!

    Have you seen the live action film of Ace Attorney? I have that on my list to watch at some point.

    1. That's probably because all of these are new series that have just started airing this month :D I haven't watched any K-drama actually! Those are something that I haven't really been interested in, though I know many people who prefer them to anime ^^

      I know that there's a live action of Ace Attorney, but haven't watched it yet! I should do that at some point, sounds like it could be great :)

  7. I love that you can introduce me to anime I don't know about!! *_*

    1. Great to hear if these posts can be even useful to some people ^^

  8. I'm watching that lawyer anime as well. It's super interesting and fun XD And like watching a Nintendo DS game somehow.

    I'm gonna wait with the Final Fantasy XV anime until they are closer to the release. But definitely watching it in the end.

    I've started to watch Macross Delta. I've been wanting to watch it since they released the teaser in December *__* I really loved watching Macross Frontier some years back, so hope they keep it up with Delta. ^^

    Oh, and I just started watching Boku no Hero Academia. It seems super interesting and really fun. I'm one of those who also loved One Punch Man - and I was a huge fan of Tiger & Bunny anime, so I really like these quirky anime XD

    Btw. I've changed my blog-address to aethercaelus.blogspot.com :)

    1. I've been loving the Ace Attorney anime so far too! I got similar feeling from it, it's like watching a DS game XD

      I kinda regret watching the first FF XV anime episode already, since now it's super hard to wait for the second episode >3< I should've just waited until all the eps are out or something...

      Macross Delta actually seemed interesting too, but decided to drop it from my list in the end. I might watch it at a later point though :)

      I haven't watched One Punch Man nor Tiger & Bunny, though I've heard of them and people have been recommending them to me. I should watch them some day! Boku no Hero Academia seems like a fun series!

      Thanks for letting me know! ^^ I've added the new address to my blog link list~

    2. For me it was more because I don't want to get too interested in the FFXV because I don't own a PS4. But it is hard when all your FC buddies talk about it in FFXIV ':D

      I think it's AKB0048 singing the songs in Macross Delta. I like the two episodes that are out so far ^^ If you like singing 'magical' girls and space fights it's a really cool show :D

      Tiger & Bunny you should definitely watch! One of my all time favorites! The characters and the setting of that anime is genius *__*
      One Punch Man is perfect for me, because I love sarcastic humor XD

      Thank you <3