September 3, 2015

Sponsored review: ForMyDoll BJD wigs (August)

This is my second sponsored review about For My Doll BJD wigs :) At the same time it's also the last one, since the contract was only for two reviews in two months. I've really enjoyed doing these reviews and hopefully they've also been useful to you guys!

In case you've missed on the first review, it can be found here!

This time I chose to order these two wigs: (the promo pictures belong to FMD)

[FMDS-1119] Blue Black in S size (6-7inch)

This wig is for Nydia (Fairyland LTF Chiwoo elf). Her earlier wig is black, which is her daddy's hair color, but I've wished to also have a dark blue wig for her to match with her mother's hair color :) This specific shade of dark blue is often quite hard to find - there are wigs in pastel blue, turquoise and even bright blue, but surprisingly few doll companies seem to offer wigs in dark blue. After I saw this wig, I knew I had to try it out on Nydia ♥

In S (6-7inch) and M size (7-8inch) this style is available in 5 other colors: Mild Black, Cream Blond, Cream Pink, Sweet Brown and Soft Brown.

In SS size (5.6-5.7inch) the style is available in colors Blue Black, Sweet Carrot, Orange, Caramel, 15, Bronze Beige, 130, Soft Brown, F15, CoCo Brown and Sweet Brown.

In L (8-9inch) and LL size (9-10inch) the wig is available in colors Blue Black, Sweet Carrot, Orange Caramel, Sweet Brown, Bronze Beige and Soft Brown.

All the size/color combinations have their separate sales page.

The second wig I chose for my model girl, Zinnia (Iplehouse SID Stella). I looove two-toned wigs (I did order one last time as well, hahah) and this gorgeous style & color combination seemed just perfect for Zinnia~ I thought that the style looks perfect for creating up-dos and other hairstyles, as well as quite easy to maintain even though there are some curls! I have a few other dolls in my crew that could use this same wig, too :)

This style is available in:
:: 3 sizes = M (7-8inch), L (8-9inch) and LL (9-10inch)
:: 5 colors = Pink Blond, Sky Blond, Caffe Latte, F17-1/F15/600 (dark grey & pink) and F17-1/110 (dark grey & wine)

Again, each of the size/color combination has their own sales page :3


I placed my order on August 19th and received it on September 1st. It seems that For My Doll only sends shipping notices by email for EMS packages. Last time my order was shipped with EMS and I received a shipping notice, but now with Registered Airmail shipping, I didn't. I don't remember for sure, but I think it was only a few days after ordering when I checked the order status on the website and noticed that the package had been shipped. It took just a bit less than two weeks from the order date for the package to reach me, which I think is really speedy, considering that this wasn't even an EMS package :)

This time the wigs were sent in a pretty pink box ;3; Last time the box had taken some damage during the shipping, but this one was completely fine!

Again For My Doll had marked down the value of the package and also marked it as a gift~

There was a lot of packing material to ensure that the wigs travel safely :)

This was under the plastic pillows - the two wigs and two pairs of hairclips ♥

These hairclips were a free gift, I love their colors and styles ♥

I took both of the wigs out of their plastic bags to get a better look at them, here's Nydia's new wig :3

And here's Zinnia's!

Now I'm going to show you what they look like on the dolls and talk about each of them separately ^^

FMDS-1119 Blue Black in S size (6-7inch)

If I wanted to get the braids out of the way, I could easily just put them behind the doll's back and get this adorable bob style :)

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the wig! The quality is awesome (couldn't find any annoying flyaways from this one!) and the color looks very beautiful, just like in the promo pictures! I really like the style as well~ At first I wasn't sure how I feel about the braids, but they started growing on me and now I really like them :)

One slight downside is that the fringe doesn't really look the way it does in the promo pictures, or the wig just doesn't properly sit on my doll's head since she has elf ears and her forehead is quite small... In any case, I thought I could cut the fringe a little bit!

Here's the result! ♥ Now the wig is even more perfect~

Next, let's take a look at Zinnia's new wig!

FMDL-1088 Caffe Latte in L size (8-9inch)

With this wig... I don't even know where to start, it's so gorgeous! *_* I feel like everything about it is even better than I had expected~ There are no annoying flyaways and the curls look beautiful, easy to keep in good shape too :)

I would like to point out though that the color is quite different in person compared to the promo pictures, possibly because of the lighting. There is one photo at the bottom of the sales page where a human is wearing a wig in similar style and it looks much closer to this actual color than the other pictures. This doesn't actually bother me at all, since I think these colors still look gorgeous!


So again, I'm very happy with the wigs I got and pleasantly surprised by the quality! ♥ I'm definitely going to continue supporting this company and their beautiful wigs ^w^

Thank you for reading! ♥


  1. I love for my doll and their wigs, they offer such a nice service~
    The braid look really cute!!! Makes me want to buy that same wig in a different color XD
    Zinnia is looking gorgeous as always, I really like 2 toned wigs but I don't have any character who could used them atm. The color looks very pretty
    And those hairpins are the prettiest ones I've seen them send! Lovely style and colors

    1. I agree, their company and wigs are just awesome ^^
      I think the braid style comes in really nice colors, would look really cute on Ailene, I'm sure ;3
      I fell in love with Zinnia's new wig right away ♥ Hope you someday have a character that could wear 2 toned wigs, they're really pretty c:
      I've liked all the hairpins that I've received from FMD as a gift, but these are definitely one of the prettiest ones~ I love pastel colors and have many dolls that wear them, so they're just perfect :D

  2. Gorgeous choices Safir, they look like they were made especially for you dolls. :) I am waiting on some wigs from FMD myself and this time I am having a custom one made, which of course I am having to wait a lot longer for than normal. You have done a great job of both reviews, so FMD should be pleased.

    1. Aww thank you Xanadu, that's sweet to hear ^^ I've been curious about the custom wigs that FMD offers, so hopefully you'll make a post about your experience once your wigs arrive!

      I'm really glad you liked the reviews~! (And hopefully FMD does too, hihih)

  3. Thank you for posting the review. Both wigs look stunning on your girls but I definitely am awed by that blue/black one. You are right, that is not a common colour but it is gorgeous. I love that style. I had been looking at that particular style for Rune because that's what she would actually wear (but in a reddish/orange colour) and I love that it's such a fun style.

    1. No problem, glad you liked it! And thank you, I'm definitely really happy with these wigs and how they look on my girls ^^ I wish there were even more wigs offered in the blue/black color on their website~

      Oh I'm sure the style would look great on Rune! It's a shame that FMD doesn't have the yo-SD size wig in the Orange Caramel color, which would've been perfect :/ The closest to reddish/orange is Soft Brown, though I don't know if that's too far off?

  4. Thank you so much for writing the review, it was nice and informing to read it!
    I loved both wigs, to be honest! The Caffe Latte is so perfect, loved it! :D

    1. Glad to hear you found it useful ^^
      Thank you~ I'm still just in awe with the brown wig, it's sooo pretty XD

  5. I also got the Cafe Latte wig several years ago but noticed the bangs aren't very evenly cut. However it does look like the hairfibres have been improved ~ as mine has tons of flyaways >o<

    1. Oh D: All the wigs that I have from them are quite new (the oldest from last year, I think) and they're all very nice quality, so maybe they've really improved through the years?

  6. Beautiful wigs! I can't get over those clips!! :D