January 19, 2016

Desucon Frostbite 2016

Yay, we're still alive after the anime convention! XD This was our first time attending Desucon Frostbite, though we were at summer Desucon last year. It took a while to go through all the photos and edit them, but I'm finally done!

Like I mentioned in the end of my previous post, we traveled to the con by car with Tiinyan, her brother and her brother's friend. Right after getting to the con, we attended a meet-up where all kinds of dolls were welcome. Some of the people we knew previously, some we saw for the first time. We had fun! :3

I had Susumi and Miu with me :3 I also had Kirari (Pureneemo Maya), but didn't get a good photo of her... You can see her in the group picture below though :)

Sarg brought two Pureneemos, Reika (Himeno)...

...and Ritsuka (Koron) :3

Sarg also brought Popo (on right) who met a Kikipop friend, Petunia's Nuppu (on left) ♥

Nolluska's beautiful custom DDH-06 girl, Sugu ^^

Tiinyan's cute Smartdoll Mirai ♥

Spica's Ren :3 

Spica's Yumeka :)

Spica's Antti K and his new friend, Brian (?) :'D Sarg actually found Brian when she was going through her old stuff and wanted to give him to Spica, so that Antti K doesn't have to be alone!

A cute Mini Dollfie Dream~ Unfortunately I don't know what her owner's name is ;__;

Spica's Aobaca and my Pinki-chan met again! ♥

Susu thought it was fun to meet other DDs!

Here we actually have Dollfie Dreams in all skin colors available: white, semi-white and normal :3

Some people had already left when we took this group photo. But still, there was a nice variety of different dolls ^^

Two beautiful Teenie Gems~ Their owner is Sonski96

Petunia's Miku with a leek XD

Nuppu and Popo again~

While we were taking the group photo, these guys had their own show going on... Maybe they should join the circus? :'D

My heart will go on ♥

After the meet-up, we went to check the artist alley and sales tables. There were a lot of people u_u; But I feel like there were not as many sellers as last year? The selection of plushies was quite small, unless you were looking for a huge Arpakasso. I would've loved to buy a smaller one, but didn't see them at all :/ Though I shouldn't complain about it, since my wallet likes it better this way, hahah...

Here you can actually see me on the bottom left corner ;3

It's always so difficult to move on the artist alley since it's such a narrow place...

Pihlajakoto's table! She was selling self-made stuff for Dollfie Dreams :3

We took a quick picture of Susu and Spica's Yumeka together near the artist alley!

Petunia's Miku joined them as well~

After that we spent some time eating and just chatting :) I was holding Susu for the whole day and it was fun how a few people came to me and asked if they could take a picture of her~

Sarg took a few photos of the main hall, looots of people!

We had wanted to go listen to a lecture about religion in anime, but it was apparently more popular than anyone had thought and didn't have space for everyone, so we went to another lecture. This one was about a director Makoto Shinkai's work. I've seen some of the short films he has worked on and didn't like them very much, but this lecture really opened my eyes and made me realize that I had been looking at completely wrong things in those films! Usually characters and/or plot are an important factor for me in anime, but Makoto Shinkai's work concentrates more on the stunning backgrounds and art. I definitely need to re-watch some of his films at some point! The lecture was very inspiring.

At 4pm it was time for the cosplay competitions. First there were the preliminaries for ECG (European Cosplay Gathering), which had both solos and groups (2-3 people). Then there was a Hall of Cosplay competition where the attendants had been picked from the cosplaying convention visitors on the same day.

Unfortunately I couldn't get any decent photos of the cosplays this time :( However, all of the ECG performances can be seen on Youtube!

We were supposed to go back to the con on Sunday, but Sarg had an awful migraine and was feeling nauseous, so we both ended up staying home. I didn't want to go alone ^^;

We didn't find a lot of things to buy from the con - surprisingly this time our loot consisted of just a few art prints and some Dollfie Dream accessories.

Waifu! ♥ The Eli sticker in the corner I bought as a little souvenir for Janina ^3^

This Metal Gear Solid print obviously caught Sarg's eye and she wanted it for her "beard gallery", as we call the section of our living room that has pictures of bearded video game characters (Snake, Geralt, Adam Jensen, etc.) :DD

A random, but still awesome find was this art piece - The Magician from Moomins! It even has the panther and King's Ruby XD

As for the DD things, Susu got a winter hat and a matching pair of mittens! ♥ These are from the artist alley as well, made by Pihlajakoto~

Susu also got mittens in pastel pink color for sweet lolita coordinates :) I found out just before the convention that I'd be getting another DD girl (Takane Shijou) soon, so I bought the pastel blue mittens for her~

I fell in love with this rainbow-colored hat, had to get it as well... ^^;

Susu's dress is made by me~ I started working on it little by little a week before the con and finished it just in time!

Sarg made this hairband ♥

Sarg also made me the most beautiful necklace to match my mori outfit ♥

And she also decorated my hairband~

Overall, the con was great even though it was a bit short for us ^^ Next month there'll be another anime convention that we're attending, we're already looking forward to that~


  1. Kiitän vielä coni-seurasta :3 Harmi, kun ette päässeet sunnuntaina :(
    Oi vau! Mulla on ihan mennyt ohi tuo upea Taikuri-taideteos! 8D ♥ Toivottavasti tuota myydään vielä jossain toisessa conissa!
    Susu oli niin upean suloinen ilmestys tuossa asussaan, etten ihmettele yhtään, että ihmiset tulivat pyytämään tyttösestä kuvia!

    1. Kiitos sinnekin koko kolmikolle :) Onneksi sunnuntaina ei ollut niin hirveästi mielenkiintoista ohjelma, niin ei jäänyt pahemmin harmittamaan kun ei päästykään~
      Toi Taikuri-printti oli kyllä tosi hieno!
      Awww kiitoksia kovasti, Susuhan tässä ihan punastuu ;3;

  2. Wow looks super crowded and fun :D
    Love the male dolls doing the Titanic thing XD'
    Susu is lovely as always. Such a fine young lady *^^*
    Such nice stuff Sarg made for you *__* LOVE that necklace. Its like its telling a story in itself.

    1. It was definitely crowded and fun :D
      Thanks so much~ ♥

  3. You and Sarg are both super talented *_* love the dress and the accessories~ The convention looks like it was a success though it's too bad you couldn't find many nice things to buy. The hat and mittens sets are really cute though!

    1. Oh thank you dear <3
      I'm actually pretty satisfied that we didn't find so many things to buy, or at least my wallet is happy :D It's usually cheaper to buy figures online anyway and there wasn't a lot of other tempting stuff this time. There are more conventions coming later this year, we'll see how those go!

  4. ~Ahh such a nice variety of dollies x3 I love seeing customized DDs!

    And that is such a gorgeous necklace, I'm sure it looked wonderful with your outfit! :D :D

    1. It was great that there were so many dolls! Customized DDs are really pretty indeed, can't wait to try out faceupping DDs myself too :3 (I love Susu's default faceup a lot though, so I'm not sure if I could ever wipe it hahah...)

      Thank you dear ^^ I've been into mori style lately, it's cute but a lot more comfortable to wear than lolita~

  5. So many people at the con!! Also loved the pics of such different dolls all together :3 I think SmartDolls are so tempting :3
    The necklace is gorgeous, and the hairband decoration is also adorable!

    1. Oh yes, there were a lot of people! There were 2700 tickets to the con and as far as I know, they were all sold @.@ Smartdolls are very tempting, I'd love to get one in tan skin someday~

      Thank you for the compliments on the necklace and hairband ^^

  6. tannien teenie gemien omistaja ilmoittautuu. :>
    Terveisin Senjakaima :D

    1. Aah no mutta hei :D Muistelin kyllä, että olen nähnyt kuvia noista Soomilaisista jossain, mutta olen vähän huono muistamaan nikkejä... Hauska kuitenkin kun löysit tiesi tänne blogiin o/ (Jee kaima XD)

  7. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos from your weekend away. Everyone's dolls look so lovely and I never knew those Bratz boys looked so nice!

    Susu's dress is so lovely, you did a great job, it looks quite professional.

    Hope Sarg is feeling better!

    1. No problem, great to hear you enjoyed the photos :) I don't think I've ever seen Bratz boys for sale on any stores, so it's great to be able to see them on Spica's collection!

      Thank you dear ^^ I definitely don't know anything about sewing professionally, but I try to get things as neat as I can~

      She's feeling better, it was only the Sunday when she wasn't feeling good!

  8. Oh wow! Looks like you had a great weekend Safir. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing as we have nothing quite like it here.

    1. It was definitely a fun convention :) Glad to hear you enjoyed the photos~

  9. Looks like a super fun time! I really enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing with us!! :D

    1. It really was ^^ And no problem, love to hear that people enjoyed seeing these photos! ♥

  10. Wonderful photos! <3 Too bad your convention was a bit short, but it's better to take care of yourself than force your way to have 'fun', and it was kind of you to stay behind. I have to say Popo & Nuppu look really adorable in the photos~
    I think the merchandise hall is 'emptier' because the older visitors like to buy things online since it's cheaper, the younger convention goers don't watch their money as much. :''D
    Susu's dress is a wonderful piece, and Sarg's hairband looks good on her. <3 This was fun to read, and watch, especially the doll meet photos, I didn't know there were this many lovely dolls in the convention! <3

    1. Yeah, I didn't want to leave Sarg alone when she was not feeling well, her well-being is more important to me than some events :)

      You might be right about the merchandise hall, there were definitely a lot less figures than before and those are usually the thing that's more expensive on the con than online. But I guess you never know, it's possible that some stores/sellers just couldn't attend for some other reasons :D

      Thank you ^^ I think people kept the dolls inside their bags most of the time, it was quite crowded so it's no wonder. I did see some doll people outside the meet-up as well though, apparently not everyone was even aware of the meet-up which was a shame :/

  11. Kiitos coniseurasta, oli todella hauskaa!! :) <3 ja Antti K. halusi kiittää Sargia uudesta jengiläisestä ekun siis ystävästä! :D

    Kiva kun otitte noita yleiskuvia con-alueelta, niitä on niin hauska katsella jälkeenpäin. Minua jäi harmittamaan etten ostanut isoa keltaista laamaq. X3 Mutta coneissa saisi olla kyllä enemmän pienempiä alpakoita, haluaisin toisen Aobacan kokoisen!

    Sinun ja Susun con-asut oli niin hienot~

    1. Samat sanat! :) Kiitokset Antin uudesta ystävästä meni perille, ilo on meidän puolella~ Nyt ei muuta kuin yhteiskuvia (ja musavideoita!) pojista tulemaan ;D

      Yleiskuvat on hauskoja, kiva katsella jälkeenpäin millaisessa väenpaljoudessa sitä onkaan ollut XD Olin ihan yllättynyt kun oli vaan niitä jättialpakoita, oisin niin halunnut kotiuttaa jonkun söpön pienen :< Lompakko kiittää hahah... Aobacakin tarvitsisi kyllä kavereita!

      Oih kiitos ;3; ♥