January 4, 2016

My goals for 2016!

I'm a bit late with posting this, eheh ^^; Things just don't always go as planned and I didn't manage to finish this post before last year ended - time went so much faster than I thought! I also wanted to think about possible goals carefully and not write them down in a hurry :) I'm quite a slow writer sometimes, even slower if it requires some actual thinking...

Anyway, last year's goal post is here and I also went through them in this post to see which ones I managed to achieve and which not! Seems like it was actually a tie between things that happened and things that didn't XD

Goals that were achieved:
:: Practice and make more cernit sweets
:: Update this blog actively
:: Do not leave sewing projects unfinished
:: Go to a meet-up
:: Make more photostories

I'm quite happy with these achievements! I mentioned in the doll year 2015 post that I feel like I wasn't as active as on previous years, but while I was writing this post I realized that I did achieve many of my goals and was actually quite active - even if not in the same way as some time earlier.

The goal that I'm most happy about is definitely going to a meet-up - or actually multiple ones! ♥ I've felt quite anxious in the bigger meet-ups and it had been a long time since I last went to one, so I tried out meeting just with a few people, who have now become great friends~

Goals not achieved:
:: Buy/make a neat sofa for 65cm+ dolls
:: Do not buy non-planned (limited) dolls
:: Get a new camera
:: Make a doll-related video
:: Visit L-doll in France

Obviously, not buying any non-planned dolls/limiteds failed miserably, but that's not a big surprise, to be honest ^^; I'm going to forget about the huge doll sofa for now - it would be great, but we just don't have much space for such big props anymore and I think we can manage without it. A new camera is not a top priority for now either, since we moved together I've been able to use Sarg's camera, which I like much more than mine because of the handy turning screen~ ♥ We almost made a box opening video at one point, but ended up being lazy and it didn't happen after all...

Visiting L-doll wasn't possible, since it was on the same weekend as an anime convention we attended - if only we could've been in two places at once, hahah XD

And then finally, moving on to the goals that I have for this year:

Take a group photo of my complete BJD and Azone crews

This might sound like a simple task, but it's quite far from it... I have so many dolls that it takes a lot of time to dress them all nicely, pose them and get a picture where no one looks too derpy :'D I'm not even sure where I could fit them all at once for a group picture... Azones would be easier, so I'm quite sure I'll manage to take a group shot of them at some point, but I don't know about the bigger dolls. We'll see! This would definitely be a fun challenge though XD

Take more photos of my figures

I've enjoyed people's figure photography on Deviantart and Flickr very much, it's really inspirational and I wish to take more figure photos in 2016 myself too. Dolls have always inspired me the most, but it'd be fun to do something a bit different for change every now and then. My figure collection has grown quite a lot (Nendoroids probably being my main obsession ♥) and I'd like to give them some appreciation through photos as well, besides just having them on display in the cabinets. I could maybe give myself some sort of a challenge - like taking at least one figure photo per month?

Make a custom DD Saber

I'm waiting for a DDH-09 head, which I'm hoping to turn into Saber from Fate/stay night~ Not a big fan of the actual Saber DDs, since I feel like there's something off in their faces when it comes to portraying the character, but I think the 09 head could work perfectly for her... It'll be quite exciting to work on my own Saber :3 I'm planning to sew her outfit(s) myself as well, probably starting from either the red dress (from Fate/EXTRA) or Saber Lily dress~ Finding the perfect wig and eyes will take some time too, so this is going to be yet another long-time project!

Make more cosplays for Ceci

I love sewing cosplay stuff for Ceci! ;3; While I do enjoy cosplays, sewing in human size is not really my thing so it's great to be able to do it in smaller scale XD Previously Ceci has cosplayed as Chii (from Chobits), Madoka (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Super Sonico. This year I'd like to make one or two new cosplay outfits for her. At the moment I have especially cheerleader Kotori on my mind (Love Live addiction ftw!!), but we'll see :3

Do not buy more BJDs (besides Undine)

This is quite the same as last year :'D Limited releases are always the worst temptation (since there is no guarantee being able to get the doll some time later), so once again I'm hoping that there wouldn't be releases that tempt me too much... I'm already almost giving in to buying Souldoll vampire Isabel (a basic release, though) and it definitely won't be the last temptation this year, so I'm not very optimistic about this one...

Visit Azone International and Volks stores in Japan

Assuming that our Japan trip really happens this year, I'd naturally like to visit Azone's and Volks' stores there! It would be a dream come true for a doll enthusiastic to get to see their selection of clothes and accessories~ Naturally there are many, many other doll/figure/fashion stores that I'd like to go to, but these are the top two! ♥


I think that's it for this year! Besides these I obviously want to take lots of photos, be active with this blog and commenting to others' blogs, meet up with my friends, spoil my dolls with new clothes, sew a lot, craft a lot.. And most importantly, have another great year with my hobbies :3 I also wish that this year will be pleasant to my friends and fellow bloggers~

I think pretty much everyone has already blogged about their goals, but if you haven't, hope you do now! ♥


  1. Minäkin tein aina suunnitelmia uutta vuotta varten, en vain koskaan saanut toteutettua niitä! :D
    ( Ai niin, tarjoan sinulle mainetta ja kunniaa Liebster awardin muodossa: http://kotoko-kirakirahikaru.blogspot.com/2016/01/sain-iki-ihanalta-turrelta-award.html)

    1. Itsellä taisi viime vuonna mennä aika hyvin näissä suunnitelmissa, ainakin mitä noihin listattuihin juttuihin tulee :D Joku perinteinen ei herkkuja tms. ei kyllä onnistuisi sitten millään...

      Oi, kiitos tuosta awardista! ♥ Teinkin siitä jo postauksen :3

  2. Aw, those are some really cool goals :D I hope they'll come true for you!
    I'm really excited to follow you Saber project. That sounds very exciting.
    I've also been seeing a lot of figure photos, and they are super cute. Can't wait to see yours :D
    Crossing my fingers that you guys get to go to Japan! *^^*)/

    1. Thank you :D We'll see how this year goes~
      I'm looking forward to starting on Saber, I just need to get the head home first and then I can start working on her little by little :3

  3. Hienoja tavotteita ja suunnitelmia! Ite en ole kertaakaan tehnyt tällaista yhden vuoden tavoitelistausta... varmaan pelkään tapahtuvaksi samaa, mitä Kotokolla ^^;

    Ooh, tuo Saber-projekti kuulostaa tosi hienolta! *_* ♥

    1. Jännä sinällään, etten kertaakaan tullut vuoden aikana katsoneeksi näitä asetettuja tavoitteita, enkä huonomuistisena immeisenä todellakaan yhtään muistanut mitä olin kirjoittanut, silti puolet toteutuivat :D Saa nähdä miten tänä vuonna sujuu!

      Saa nähdä miten Saber-projekti tulee onnistumaan :)

  4. I think you achieved many goals on 2015, you should be proud!

    Regarding the group shot of BJDs, maybe you can sort them by size, story, couples/families and all, and post a collage or several group shots? That may be easy to manage regarding posing xD

    And I do hope you get to go to Japan!! *sends tons of good vibes*. Your goals are great, I hope you will achieve them all! :D

    1. Oh yes, I'm definitely satisfied with what I managed to achieve ^^

      That's actually a really good idea, thank you! I might try to do that if the whole group photo turns out to be too hard :D

      Thanks a lot <3 Going to Japan would be awesome~

  5. You achieved a lot! But I wasn't worry! Your lazy is million years away from my lazy XD

    The custom DD saber sounds super interesting! I'm familiar with the character because a friend is fan of that anime, but He loves Rider. Everytime I show him a Saber He tells me I keep getting the wrong girl XD woops Hope you get the DD you want. Plus, I love seeing custom DDs so much~

    And a photo each month for figures? hell yeah! someone joining me in a challenge X) though mine is a photo each month. ANY PHOTO lol XD

    I wish you success in all your goals :D! Can't wait to see what this year will bring us *u*

    1. I already have the head on the way, so once I get it home I can get started on the project :3 Hahah, I know some people who prefer Rider (or Rin) over Saber as well XD Saber always seems to get so many figures that the fans of those other girls get angry for their girls being neglected lol...

      Yes, I actually got the idea for one figure photo each month from you XD I tend to be quite active with photographing my dolls unless I'm super busy with other stuff, but with figures a challenge like this might be a great help!

      Thank you ^^ Hope this will be a good year~

  6. Hope you achieve all you set out to do Safir, you did pretty well last year.

    I am hopeless at keeping focussed so I haven't set any goals this year, I just intend to enjoy all the dolly time I can. :) Though I will try to limit the doll purchases.

    Looking forward to reading all your exciting posts.

    1. Thank you dear ^^
      That is a perfect goal I think, enjoying the hobby is the most important thing :) I'm trying hard to limit the doll purchases, but I'm quite certain that companies will troll me again with some lovelies...

  7. Yay~ hope you will have a wonderful new year x3 ~
    Love your goals, I've had the group photo on my list for years but I have no space to prepare a group shot for 30 SD+ sized BJDs ;__; boo~ I feel your pain!

    I am quite excited to see your custom DD Saber :D I adore custom DDs~~

    1. I hope you will have a great year too :3
      Yes, it's really hard to take a group shot with so many SD sized dolls... I will still try to do it! Or if it doesn't work out, then I could try taking photos of a few dolls at a time and make a collage of the photos or something, like Musume suggested :)

      Hope I get the head home soon, so I can get started on the project :D

  8. It's a great goal list and looks like you've achieved quite a bit in 2015. I'm looking forward to seeing the planned group photos. It's one of the things I struggle with.

    I hope you are able to do more figure photography. I find those sorts of photos a lot of fun and not that stressful because they are so small and cute, you can throw them in any sort of adventure you want.

    1. Thanks! The group photos will definitely be a struggle, but hope I can make things work ^^; I haven't taken a group photo of my dolls in maany years, it's time to make an update on that!

      I think so too :3 I feel about my Azone dolls that way too, I'm not so strict about their stories and stuff, as I want them to be mainly fun, joyful and stress-free~

  9. Vau, tosi hienoja tavoitteita. :D Haastavimpana itse pidän myös sitä koko porukan kuvaamista siten ettei kukaan näytä ihan urpolta siellä joukossa. Mulla oli tuskaa kuvata pelkästään Bluefairyt joten pidän peukkuja että onnistut kuvaamaan kaikki BJD:t ja Azonet. LDoll sijoittuu tänä vuonna lokakuun loppuun, tervetuloa vaan mukaan :) itse menen sinne kuten ennenkin. :D Jos teillä oli Japanin reissu suunnitteilla niin ymmärrän kyllä ettei moneen reissuun ehkä ole mahdollisuutta, ne kaikki ihanat japanilaiset kangaskaupat puhumattakaan nukkekaupoista! :D Onnea uudelle vuodelle. ^__^

    1. Kiitoksia :D Joo tuo ryhmäpotretin ottaminen tulee ehdottomasti olemaan haastavaa... Täytyy katsoa miten koko ryhmän kuvaamisessa käy vai yritänkö ottaa porukasta kuvia pienemmissä ryhmissä, niin kuin tuossa aiemmin ehdotettiin :)

      Olenkin seuraillut uutisia Ldollista ja huomasin tuon ajankohdan, toivottavasti päästäisiin mukaan! Voi vaan olla, että meidän mahdollinen Japani-reissu ajoittuisi juuri syksylle/alkutalvelle, joten täytyy vielä katsella miten tässä käy... Nuo kaikki "aarrekaupat" Japanissa kutkuttavat kovasti, varmasti kaikkea toinen toistaan ihanampaa löytyisi sieltä!

  10. Aikas hyvinhän noita tavoitteita olet tosiaan saavuttanut, ihan aplodien arvoisesti ^-^ Ja uuden vuoden tavoitteet kuulostavat hyviltä ja realistisiltakin. Jään erityisesti odottelemaan, että kai saat tuon DD Saberin tehtyä ja sille tuon Lily-asun (se kun on oma suosikkini noista puvuista, vaikken koko sarjaa tiedäkään kuin figu-piireistä)!

    1. Kiitoksia, saa nähdä miten tämän vuoden tavoitteiden kanssa käy ^^ Saber-projekti lähtee toivon mukaan aluilleen heti kunhan saan tuon pään kotiin. Lily-asu on tuon punaisen ohella oma suosikkini myös :)

  11. I'm definitely also a bigger fan of going to smaller meet-ups, it's just so much more cozy! xD

    Your new goals sounds lovely! I'm especially looking forward to see Ceci cosplay Kotori and the group photos! :D Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. I prefer being in smaller groups in other situations too, big crows make me feel so nervous >.<

      Thank you! :) The Kotori cosplay would probably happen sometime in summer, so that I could take pictures outside.

  12. I love complete family/collection shots! :D Your babes are so beautiful and well planned too!! I would love to see that from you!

    I think you might be the only person I came across so far who doesn't want more dolls this year, but that's good too! :D It's nice to have goals, but also to achieve them!

    I think it would be fun to visit the Volks shop here in the US in California, it's actually quite close. It would be really cool if I could buy a doll! Hmmm... now you got me thinking! Haahaa! Hope you get to your trips! :D

    1. Aww thank you ^^ I will try to get it done somehow!

      Hahah really? :D Well that's probably because I've bought so many dolls during previous years that my doll family has grown quite big already and there's not much space for them left... Though we'll see how things go with my goal of not buying BJDs this year ^^; The Azone family will surely grow.

      It's so cool that you have a Volks store there! I really hope that we can make our Japan trip happen :3