January 6, 2016

Liebster Award

I was given Liebster award by Kotoko, thank you so much for the tag :3

The rules and questions were originally in Finnish, but since I want to write my blog in English only so that everyone can understand what I write, I translated everything to English. I hope you don't mind, Kotoko! :3 I tried to Google for the "official" English version of these rules to avoid any grammar mistakes, but there are apparently a few different variations of this tag so I had to translate some parts myself. Hope that there aren't any stupid mistakes and the rules are easy to understand ^^;

The rules:
1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post the award image on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
6. List these rules in your post.
7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

Kotoko's 11 questions to me:

1. Do you have a favorite doll/dolls?
I could never name just a few favorites from my dolls... Some might get more attention than others and there are times when I get really inspired by some doll and give it a lot of attention, you could say that my favorites change from time to time.

2. Does one of your dolls get special attention? (for example, new clothes and photo time more than the others)
Well, lately I've been giving a lot of attention to Susu (DDS Mariko) and she's been spoiled ever since she arrived... Who gets the most attention highly depends on what inspires me at the time.

3. Does some nice doll get very little attention? Why?
The first thing that comes to mind are my boys :I There's a reason why I have a horde of girls and only a few boys - male characters are somehow more difficult for me and don't inspire me as much as the girls do, thus they get quite little attention. This is a bit weird, since I do love Sarg's male dolls a lot and love taking pictures of them with my girls. My poor boys are often quite neglected ;___; I also don't enjoy sewing male clothing (pants </3) as much as I enjoy sewing dresses, corsets and other female clothing, so the boys rarely get any new clothes too. I still don't want to let go of the few guys that I have home and do like them, every now and then I give them at least some of the attention they deserve.

4. Have you passed on getting some doll/doll-related item and regretted it afterwards?
Oh yes, many times ^^; This has happened often with limited releases. There are also times when I've contemplated whether or not I should buy something and once I finally make up my mind, the thing is sold out / the pre-order period is over.

5. Why you started a blog?
I had read other people's doll blogs and thought that it might be fun to have my own too. It was also great to be able to have all my photoshoots, stories, character plans and other ramblings in one place. Nowadays when I'm also into other dolls and figures besides BJDs, I enjoy writing about them here too. I never expected that people would actually be interested in reading my blog ^^;

6. Does blogging have any advantages? What about disadvantages?
Hmm I'm not sure what to answer on this one D: I guess it's an advantage that I can write about anything I like and have everything related to my hobby in this one place? I also feel like blogging has been a great way to get to know other people with similar interests. Right now I can't really think of any disadvantages besides blogging taking a lot of time sometimes, but since it's something I love doing, I don't really consider it as a real disadvantage either...

7. Do you have more than one blog?
Nope, just this one :)

8. Do your relatives and IRL acquaintances know about your doll hobby?
I don't go around shouting about my hobbies to everyone, but those who saw my room (back when I lived at my parents) obviously saw my dolls as well and asked about what they were and so on. My super talkative mom especially likes to show my doll stuff to our relatives and the people she works with, she's always asking me to send her photos of my dolls and sewing stuff that she could show them :'D Unless someone specifically starts asking about my hobbies (photography and sewing -> what do I take photos of and what do I sew -> dolls...), I rarely start conversations about them to people I don't know so well. If it feels like someone is genuinely interested, I might go into a bit more detail, but if people have typical "Why does an adult play with dolls?" attitudes, I just try to change the subject since I don't like arguing about it with people who I know wouldn't understand anyway u_u

9. Besides dolls/figures/toys, do you have any other hobbies?
All of my current hobbies are pretty much centered around dolls and figures. I used to take dancing lessons (mainly modern dance and ballet) for 12 years, starting when I was just 3 years old and quit when I was 15 since I was being bullied and that ruined the hobby for me. I also took some riding lessons during a few years, but quit that as a teenager as well. I got my dog at the time and all of my free time went to training the puppy and spending time with her :)

10. If you could start a new hobby, what would it be?
I miss dancing every now and then, it would be fun to try out some form of it. Pole dancing and belly dancing have interested me for quite some time, but I've been too shy to try going to any lessons ; //// ;

11. What kind of wishes do you have for 2016?
Nothing special, I just hope it'll be a good year and that I'd be able to spend a lot of time with my family and friends :)

My questions to the people I chose:

1. Do you prefer enjoying the hobby by yourself or by socializing a lot with other people (meet-ups etc.)?
2. Do you ever take a doll with you when you travel?
3. Is there any doll/figure that you didn't like at first, but then later fell in love with?
4. If you miss a limited doll, do you want to hunt down that exact one or wait for new similar releases ?
5. Have you ever thought of quitting the hobby? If so, why?
6. What company has impressed you the most and why?
7. If you had to get a doll of some existing anime/movie/game/other character, who would it be?
8. Do you prefer male or female dolls/figures?
9. What is the most memorable comment that you've gotten about your hobby?
10. Which one do you enjoy more - reading or watching TV/movies?
11. If you had your own doll company, what kind of dolls would you make?

And the people I'm giving this award to are:
Tiinyan from Pureneemo Diaries
Musume from My Dolly Adventures
Alejandra from Fantasywoods
Irene from Caketown
Elina from The Fair Children
Alasse from Inn of the Wayward Misfits


  1. Äitisi kuulostaa ihanalta! :D <3 Kumpa mieki saisin äidistäni nukkefanin, mutta tuossa tuo aina taivastelee, että "taasko uusi nukke" ja niin edelleen... Ei nää ymmärrä! X'3

    Hoo, jo toinen haasteeni! :D Kiitoksia, otan sen vastaan! Pääsen minä vuorostani kääntämään kysymyksiä suomeksi :)

    1. En nyt fanista tiedä, kyllä siltäkin on kuulunut näitä "taasko uusi nukke" kommentteja (lähinnä silloin kun asuin vielä kotona), mutta tätä ompelu/valokuvauspuolta kyllä jollain tapaa ihailee ja on ylpeä.. ehkä? :D

      En huomannut, että olit saanut tämän haasteen jo kerran, gomenn ^^; Mutta kiva jos jaksat tehdä silti! ♥

  2. This tag is so interesting!! Your answers were great, and I agree with you specially on 8)
    I will do it next week (or in the weekend), then :D Thanks for tagging me! :D

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your answers then :)

  3. Oooh I love reading these kind of things! Thank you for the tag too. I can't wait to answer the questions you gave me. You already know how much I love these!

    I feel you on relatives and IRL acquaintances. My side of the family aren't very understanding of my doll collecting hobbies but my husband's side of the family are. I get that question about adults playing with dolls from my family. My response is, "Why do you enjoy drinking so much wine?" They tend to respond with, "Because I enjoy wine." to which I answer, "Well, there you go. I enjoy my dolls." I can't help myself. My family frustrate me a lot.

    I'm really glad you decided to start a blog. I always enjoy your posts and your photos and your anime recommendations. I've found a few new animes through your blog and the figures you collect.

    I am in awe of people who can dance. I love to dance but have two left feet!! Ask my husband. I stepped on his toes a lot during our wedding waltz. Although I tried Zumba for a year and that's pretty fun, exercise and dance. A winning combo.

    If you want to try belly dancing, go for it. I was a bit shy too a few years back and decided to do belly dancing for a few years and I found it really helped with my confidence. Plus belly dancing is pretty fun especially if you get one of those coin belt sash things. And it's really good exercise and really tones your stomach muscles. I haven't done it though in years now. The music is also very enticing, it just gets in under your skin and you can't help but move along with it.

    1. No problem, I find these tags really fun too :) I'm a bit behind on answering to the comments, but I just read your answers, sorry that I haven't had the time to comment!

      Yeah, it never feels nice when people treat your hobbies like they're childish and stupid :/ My family has started to understand why I like these dolls, but many other people don't. It's not much different to any other hobby or interest, some people just always see dolls as a children's thing u_u

      Well I'm glad to hear if you've enjoyed my blog and found some of the stuff I post even useful ^^ I haven't really watched anime recently, I didn't find anything interesting among the new series that are airing. There should be a few ones I'm planning to watch later in spring and hopefully make another "anime menu" post then :)

      Belly dancing sounds really fun, I hope I get to give it a go some day! :) I don't think I really have the time atm - especially since we live in a smaller town where they don't have any belly dance classes, I'd have to go farther away and the bus trip takes 45 minutes per direction ._.

  4. Ai niin tosiaan, en tullutkaan ajatelleeksi englanninkielisiä blogeja. Olisin toki voinut kääntää kysymykset jos vain olisin tajunnut. :D No, hyvinhän tämä sujui näinkin, kiitos sinulle! n___n

    1. Hahah ei mitään, näitä oli hauska kääntää :D Kiitos vielä kerran tägäyksestä, kysymyksiin oli kiva vastata~

  5. Interesting answers Safir. I should imagine there will be lots of similarities in all that do this Meme, but I will read them all as it's a wonderful way for us all to get to know each other better.

    1. Yeah that's possible, but I think that these memes are indeed a great way to find out more about other bloggers and get to know them better ^^ Perhaps some find new bloggers to follow through the tags too~

  6. Kannustan sua ehdottomasti yrittämään voittamaan pelkosi tanssin suhteen! ^^ ♥ Tanssiminen on tosi kivaa, vaikken sitä osaakaan tehdä ja minuakin ujostuttaa. XD

    En juurikaa ole tanssinut enempää ku wanhojen tanssit, mutta se oli tosi kivaa! :3 Vaikka jännittikin hirveästi. xD

    1. En sanoisi että mulla niinkään on pelkoa sen suhteen, tykkään kyllä tanssimisesta vieläkin, mutta muut ihmiset ja niiden käytös on ne mistä sain nuorempana traumat ^^; Ehkä jonain päivänä innostun vielä tosiaan uskaltautumaan taas joillekin tanssitunneille~

  7. These are so fun to read and complete! XD I enjoyed reading your responses. I'm pretty open about my dolls, I'm much more of a shout it out kinda person. XD I have traveled with them, and gotten some looks, but I don't care. They are the coolest things ever created! XD

    1. I also think that these are so fun, a great way to get to know other bloggers :3

      I'm a bit shy and reserved personality overall, so I guess that explains why I'm not so open about my dolls XD I am proud of the hobby, it can just get really tiring to try to explain the same things over and over again to people who don't seem to get the hobby, no matter what.

  8. I swear I commented here before D: ..... thanks for translating the award in english and for tagging me, it was a lot of fun :D

    I also loved reading your answers of course ~

    If you want to take a dance lesson of any kind, remember that everyone will be doing the same as you, so no need to be so shy :D!!and you already know more dance than most people haha

    And Susu deserves all the atenttion, she's just so pretty that I don't mind :)

    1. Oh that's weird D: I haven't noticed your earlier comment for this post on my email notifications, I wonder what could've happened to it... Great to hear you enjoyed the tag ^^

      I'll try to remember that :D As an overall shy person it's not so easy though, I've always felt really awkward and insecure in social situations and still have that fear of being bullied... But we'll see if I someday go to dance lessons again ^^

      Susu is really special to me, so I'm sure she'll be getting lots of attention! ♥

  9. That's a real shame to let some stupid bullies ruin a hobby, I hope you can take up dancing again~ I also want to try pole dancing for sure haha :D ~ it seems like lots of fun x3333 ~~

    1. Yeah it really was... I grew up a lot from the experience though, so in a way it was also a good thing. We'll see if I end up on some dancing lessons again one day, pole dancing would be really fun thing to try!

  10. Huh, I'm certain I posted a comment here too! D: Must be some clitch in Blogger if Fantasywoods hasalso had their comment disappear! Weird!

    But anyway, tags are always fun to read! Awww I wanna see pics of your doll boys! I challenge you to take at least one pic of a boy doll this year! ;)) but yeah I know the feeling, I love my big girls Arcady (Sweet Witch) and Nene (Volks Kun) but I don't feel inspired to photograph them as much as my boys... Although Nene's character is gender neutral and I'd really like to get her/him a boy body.

    Poledancing is a lot of fun I've tried it once! But it also requires a lot of strenght, I've never worked myself so hard on a dancing lesson! XD ...and got myself the bruises of my lifetime. But I managed to do that pole swing, damn right! :'''D

    1. That is so weird indeed D: I think I should've gotten an email notification about your comment if it was posted, so Blogger probably ate the comments without letting me know about them...

      I really enjoy reading tags too, it's a fun way to get to know people better! One boy doll photo in a year, I'm sure I could do that :D Challenge accepted! I'd love to see more photos of Arcady whenever you're up for it ;3;

      Oh I didn't know that you've tried it! I'd really like to give it a go someday... I've heard that it's not so easy and will most likely give you bruises, it does look like that too :D