March 2, 2016

Yukicon 2016

We attended Yukicon, a 2-day anime convention last weekend! It was our first time attending this particular convention and it was quite a surprise that we even managed to get the tickets, since they sold out in just a couple of minutes ^^;; There is usually quite high demand for the con tickets, especially for ones with no age limit (like Yukicon)...

We already visited the con venue on Friday evening, since we took some old stuff to be sold at the flea market there. We had at least 8 huge bags full of anime DVDs, manga, figures, plushies, games and other stuff we no longer needed... Luckily my brother gave us a ride to the con because we wouldn't have been able to carry all the stuff there otherwise :D

We met up with Janina and Patrick there and after our flea market stuff was sorted, we went to their place for the night. We had great time chatting and playing some video games!

They also have such cute pets~ Here's Kuma the Rottweiler and me XD


Since we got our tickets changed for the wristbands on Friday, we got in really fast on Saturday morning! Which was nice since there were already quite many people >.< The first I did after getting inside was running to the sales hall to buy a Hello Kitty plushie that I saw there yesterday X''D I was really nervous that the plush I wanted might get sold quickly, so I wanted to make sure I get it. And I did! ♥

Next we went to see the flea market and it was great to see that some of our stuff had already been sold! We were not supposed to do any shopping ourselves, but I couldn't resist since I found a white Bodyline petticoat and a cute floral top for only 5€ each ♥ There was also an art alley where I found a cute crocheted bag for Susumi~ We even had time to see the opening ceremony, since it started later than we had expected.

After the opening ceremony, we went to listen to a panel about Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain! It was a spoiler-free discussion of the plot, characters and changes from the earlier games. (You can actually see my reflection there hahah :D)

After that we had quite much free time. I would've been interested in a panel about makeup in cosplay, but it had been cancelled. So, we just walked around, admired all the cosplays and took some pictures...

Miu found a boyfriend...

Maaany, many people at the sales venue ^^;; The amount of people in the conventions always feels so overwhelming, especially since I'm not a very social person...

Ahri from League of Legends! ♥

One of the sales tables had all kinds of big cute plushies ;3; These are always such a temptation, but there's no space for such huge plushies in our house...

These Love Live cosplays were one of the prettiest we saw at the con! ♥ 

A bit later I also managed to get a photo of the beautiful wings! ♥

More Love Live cosplays~

And more...

And more :''D

Although most of the convention venue was crowded, we also managed to find a peaceful room where we could sit down and relax for a bit. It seemed like the perfect time and place for a little doll meetup :3

Woody: "Helloooo~"
Mei: "Go awaaay :c"

Tiinyan's adorable new girl, Viola~ ♥

Miu was being energetic as always =_=

The whole doll gang! Tiinyan's two girls on left, mine on center and Jaya's Kiseki on right~ (Also, notice Woody on the background...)

"Stop! No more photos!! :)"
...Okay :(

At 3pm Sarg and Tiinyan went to listen to a Touken Ranbu panel, while the rest of us continued sitting at our new comfy "headquarters" XD

Then at 4pm there was a choir singing in the main hall. They sang a couple of anime, game and space themed songs, including the theme songs from My Neighbor Totoro and Doctor Who. Quite soon after the choir performance we decided to leave the con for the day and head to Janina and Patrick's place. My eyes were killing me - I don't know if it was because of the contact lenses, makeup or some other reason, but my eyes hurt a lot and got all red ;___;

The evening we spent by playing Super Smash Bros (Jigglypuff and Bayonetta were the best!♥) and some Final Fantasy XIV.


On Sunday we went to the venue right after the doors opened. The others went to listen to a panel, while I was making sure that we get the seat tickets to the cosplay competition. Tiinyan & the dudes were already in the line, so they promised to get tickets for us as well! ♥

Next I went to listen to a panel about being an exchange student in Japan. It was apparently quite popular, since the room was full of people and there were not enough seats for everyone ^^; I had to sit on the floor, but I didn't mind since the subject was really interesting! I actually had the change to leave to Japan as an exchange student back when I was in upper-secondary school, but I was stupid and chickened out of it ;___; I kinda regret my decision now...

At 2pm it was time for the cosplay competitions! First there was a Hall Cosplay contest, where the contestants had been chosen randomly from the people attending the convention. Madoka Kaname won the competition, just like I had hoped! It was a well-deserved win, her outfit looked gorgeous (I saw her at the con more closely) and very true to the character.

The second contest was NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championships) preliminaries, which only had two participants for some odd reason... Neither of the characters/series were familiar to me, so I didn't pay much attention to them.

After that the flea market closed and we went to fetch the stuff that didn't get sold before leaving home. Thankfully we didn't have to carry a lot of stuff back!

The stuff that me and Sarg bought~ Umbreon is Sarg's and the rest is mine :3

I feel like I would've taken a lot more pictures, but apparently I didn't... Or they have mysteriously disappeared somewhere :'D Anyway, even this was enough photo material and editing for me!

I was planning to finish a Nico cosplay outfit for Miu, but unfortunately didn't have the time in the end :c Hopefully at the next convention Miu will be able to cosplay!

Thanks for the lovely company guys! ♥


  1. Waaaa!! This looks like so much fun! I haven't gone to a convention in too long, so it's fun living vicariously through your blog. How cute is Miu!? *_*

    1. It really was fun! Before last year, my last convention was in 2007 (I think) but it's been so much fun attending them again with some new friends ^^ And I know, Miu always keeps distracting me with her cuteness...

  2. That looks like a huge place for a convention! With all that people and you still were able to sit in a quiet place haha how cool :D!!

    The cosplay photos seem super nice and elaborate and the things you and Carqq got are super cute!

    Hope your eyes are better now

    1. I was really excited about that convention when I heard that they got a bigger place for the event! There was enough space even for a few empty rooms XD

      Seeing all the gorgeous cosplays and taking photos of them always makes me so inspired about sewing and crafting~

      My eyes are fine now, it was luckily nothing serious or long-lasting^^

  3. Ah so many cute things! I'd probably buy all of the huge kitty and puppy plushies XD! I'm surprised you didn't buy more! (Eevee so cuuute though! Are you going to play the new Pokemon Sun & Moon?! :D )

    That's such a shame about the missed opportunity, I'm sure you would have loved Japan. Perhaps there's will be another opportunity! I strongly recommend both Japan and Taiwan for traveling~

    1. I love plushies so much, but there's simply not enough space for all plushies (especially big ones) in the house, so I try to be picky with them XD I'm really happy about this Eevee though~ I already had a Vaporeon from the same plush series :3 I'd love to be able to play Pokémon Sun & Moon, but unfortunately I don't have a 3DS ;___; We'll see if I end up getting one in the future!

      Yeah, well I guess the school life in Japan would've been really rough, so I might enjoy being just a tourist more ^^;

  4. What a fun weekend you had. Love all the cosplay costumes, the girls do love to pose don't they?
    I must congratulate you on keeping an eye on the purse and not spending too much this time, well done. :)

    1. I definitely had fun ^^
      Hahah, my wallet is really happy that I didn't spend much!

  5. This con looks like so much fun!
    Some of the cosplays were great! How did that Ari do the orb? xD
    And the plushies you got are all so cute :3

    1. It was!
      I'm always wondering about the ways people manage to do things for cosplay. I think the orb is a clear ball that can be split in half and there's just some blue silk paper and lights inside? I could be wrong, but I saw someone doing the orb that way :D

  6. Mun kaverin alushame päätyi näemmä sinne :'D Näin teitä muutaman kerran vilaukselta ja sunnuntaina Janina otti minusta ja höpöstäni kuvankin (Korekara no Someday rinpanaduon Rin ilmoittautuu!) mutta en sitten uskaltanut tulla höpöttämään sen enempää ^^' Sanottakoon siis tätä kautta että tykkään tajuttomasti sun ja Sarg'n nukeista ja sitä miten eloisilta saatte ne näyttämään kuvissa! <3

    Tuossa NCC:ssä oli käsittääkseni ollut jotain ihme infokatkoja että kisaajille ei oltu ilmoitettu kisapaikasta, minkä seurauksena sitten usea cossaaja oli perunut osallistumisensa.

    1. Hahah, maailma on pieni kun kamat kiertää pienessä piirissä :'D Ja joo, huomasinkin kun Janina jäi sulle juttelemaan ja kertoi sitten jälkeenpäin, että meidän blogit oli tunnistettu! Olisi ollut hauska höpötellä, ehkä joskus taas törmätään jossain toisessa conissa :3 Kiva kun edes täällä blogin puolella tulit ilmoittamaan kuka olit~ Ja kiitos miljoonasti kehuista meidän molempien puolesta! ♥

      Jostain tuommoisesta minäkin luin ja ilmeisesti jotain sairastumisista johtuvia peruuntumisia oli myös :/

  7. Kiitokset jälleen coniseurasta! (nyuu~ voi kun Kuma näyttää lutuselta tossa kuvassa :'3 ). Onneksi teillä meni hyvin tuo kirppis ^^ Oho, olikos siellä noin paljon Love Live-cosseja! Mä jotenkin en enää osaa erottaa cosseja conien väenpaljouden seasta :'D

    1. Samaten! ♥ Kuma oli kyllä niin lutunen, toinen tuli söpösti ihan kiinni XD Kirppismenestys oli positiivinen yllätys, tietää että voisi toistekin viedä sinne tavaraa jos tulee sellainen tilaisuus!

      Siellä oli aivan valtavasti Love Live-cosseja, ei tullut kuvattua kuin ihan muutama XD

  8. Näyttää siltä että sinullakin oli siellä hauskaa, näitä postauksia on ollut mukava katsella! ^__^ Voi, Woodyn nassu ei nyt ihan herätä luottamusta tytteleissä...

    1. Hauskaa oli ehdottomasti! :) Joo tytöt ei ihan innostuneet Woodystä...

  9. Ohh this looks like you had a great time and fun! When seeing those pictures i am looking forward to any event here in germany X//D hehe! And sooo many lovely cosplays, it is great to see how much effort people put into a hobby and living it! (And your pusheen pants on the first picture x//D awwwn hehe i was standing in front of them today and thought about getting them too haha)

    1. It was surely so much fun! Hope you get a chance to attend such events in Germany as well ^^ I love seeing all the cosplays in conventions and how hard people work for them! You can clearly see the passion people have for their hobby :3 (Ohh you should've gotten the Pusheen pants, they're so comfy! XD)

  10. This looks like so much fun. I really love all the cosplay costumes. I am always amazed by how much detail people get into these very intricate and complicated looking costumes. It's neat to see.

    The plushie in the middle, the black and yellow one is gorgeous. What anime is that from?

    Sounds like it was a busy but very eventful weekend for everyone involved!

    1. It was fun! I'd love to cosplay myself too and always get so inspired when visiting conventions and seeing all the lovely cosplays... But I already have my hands full with all the doll stuff, gaming and real life things ^^; Maybe one day, eh?

      That plushie is actually Umbreon from Pokémon ^^