December 26, 2016

Doll year 2016

This year is close to its end, so I figured I'd do a little overview on this year's doll purchases etc. :3 And I'm also planning to make a separate post for my next year's goals a bit later, probably after the New Year's Eve.

Previous years:

• Arrivals

Souldoll Junia (ordered in 2015)
Souldoll Aehael (ordered in 2015)
Souldoll Vito Calia
Iplehouse nYID Vera elf
Miyadoll Vivienne
SIO2 Cat

One of my doll-related goals for this year included "Do not buy more BJDs (besides Undine)", but that clearly didn't go too well... ^^; Souldoll Junia and Aehael don't technically count, but then Souldoll released Vito Calia that I also couldn't resist. Aaand fell in love with the adorable SIO2 Cat and got Miyadoll Vivienne as a gift ♥ As a cherry on top, I also found the perfect sculpt for Undine!

Dollfie Dream:
DDS Millhiore F. Biscotti
DDH-09 head
DD Takane Shijou
DDS Rin Kagamine

My DD family also crew a lot this year, even though at first I had thought that Susumi would be my only DD for quite a while :'D Still, I have no regrets and love all my DD girls ♥

Azone 48/50cm:
Happiness Clover Mocha ~ Haru no Symphony
Black Raven Lilia ~ Traditional Grimoire

I got my first big Azone girl - and my second one too, lol. Maru was supposed to be the only one, but I just couldn't resist when Azone released the most gorgeous fullset of Lilia...

Azone Pureneemo:
Blue Bird Tsukiha
Sera of Blue Gables
Mermaid Princess Minami
Rose Quartz Sahra
Rose Quartz Sahra (DS ver.)
Nostalgic Story Sahra (DS ver.)
Miu and the Frog Prince
Little Wolf Koron

This year I didn't get as many Pureneemos as last year. I mainly focused on the new releases, as I already managed to hunt down most of my favorites from the past releases last year. The only older release that I bought this year was the lovely lavender-haired Nostalgic Story Sahra, which I'm super happy about! ♥

Azone Picconeemo:
Fanny Fanny Himeno

• Ordered, will arrive in 2017

Soom ID York
Picconeemo Raili

I've never really got along with male BJDs that well and have ended up selling my previous ones (besides Tony the frog hahah), but York has been on my wishlist for years and I just had to order him when Soom re-released him. Sarg has promised to help with his styling and all, so hopefully I'll be able to bond with him better than the other boys that I've had! He'll be a new shell for Malystryx, who I do like a lot as a character~

Raili was originally supposed to be released in late December, but sadly her release got delayed to mid January. I hope there won't be more delays, since I'm dying to get this little cutie home! >3<

• Rehomed

Doll Chateau Faramita
Soom MD Nephelin
Soom ID Photon
Withdoll Angela

Besides the ones listed above, I'm also in the process of trying to sell my Soom MD Captain Hook. Hope I manage to get him sold soon too. I always feel really stressed about selling dolls X'D But after selling these few that I wasn't really bonding with, I'm feeling much better about my crew.

• Other thoughts on 2016

I feel like this year was quite similar to 2015 in terms of activity, or I might've even been less active. I did sew a lot, but some of those clothes haven't been seen in photos yet ^^;; I've had many photo ideas on my mind, but lacked the energy and time for most of them. After a school day I usually feel very tired, so I just sew and/or play around with some of my dolls.

In my doll plans for 2016, I mentioned that I was hoping to find the perfect sculpt for my mermaid girl Undine and boom, that happened! That was definitely one of the highlights for this year. I'm also super happy about the meet-ups and the people I've gotten to know in this hobby ♥ There are times when I feel so exhausted that it's hard for me to socialize both IRL and online, but I hope to talk with people and comment as much as I can!

Overall, I'm feeling content with this year and looking forward to 2017!

• Doll plans for 2017

Would you believe me if I said that I have no BJD plans for next year? :D But I honestly don't! I already have all my characters as dolls and I'm trying hard not to give in to any tempting limited dolls. We'll see how it goes ;D

I am considering entering the lottery for DD Freyja or hunting her down from Y!J since I absolutely adore her smile and would love to have her in my DD family... She kinda reminds me of Uzuki Shimamura (one of my favorites from Volks' previous releases), but the second-hand prices for DDs are so outrageous that I doubt I'd ever get her as I don't want to pay so much for a vinyl doll. Freyja would be the perfect second option due to looking so much like Uzuki. My luck with the Volks lotteries hasn't been so good - I've lost all my entries, except Mariko, but I'm counting on being able to find Freyja (at least the head) one way or another!

When it comes to Azone dolls, I'm sure I'll end up getting a few... I already know for sure that I'll pre-order Snow Queen Mia in January, she is just gorgeous! ♥ And I'm hoping for Azone to release a nice Yuuta in the Otogi no Kuni series. I've also been keeping my eye on the Pureneemo releases of Love Live Sunshine characters, might cave in and get my favorite Kanan if she looks as nice as Chika and Riko ;w;


  1. Undine is gorgeous, so congrats on getting her! Plus her styling is stunning, you have so wonderful dolls <3

    And congrats on the purchases! Hope they will both arrive soon, and that you'll bond with them!!

    1. Oh thank you dear! ♥ I really do love her ^^ It's a great feeling to feel content about the dolls you own.

      Little Raili should arrive later this month (unless her release gets delayed again), but Mr. York will take at least a couple of months. I am looking forward to seeing both ^^

  2. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day with your family and Sarg!

    Looks like quite a few dolls arrived for you this year. They're all so gorgeous. Hope you get to pre-order Snow Queen Mia!

    1. Me and Sarg actually spent the Christmas separately, she was with her family and I was with mine :) But we got back home and spent the New Year's together. Had a great time!

      I have a feeling that Snow Queen Mia might be a popular one, but hopefully I'll manage to get her :3

  3. I think you did great this year and you got Undine in doll form, and so many DDs :D!!!

    Hope York and Raili get home soon~!

    1. Really happy about Undine and all the other dolls too ^w^

      I'm looking forward to getting them home~

  4. It's nice to see a final list of dolls for the year and accompanied with so many gorgeous photos too!
    I had no idea you sold so many BJDs also!
    Looking forward to your other goals for 2017!

    1. Or on the other hand, when you put together a list of all the dolls you realize how much money you've spent in just one year... X'D But I love all the new dolls that I bought, so it's all worth it in the end! ♥

      Yeah, I had bonding problems with quite a few and hadn't taken that many photos of them :/

  5. I wish you a most Happy 2017! And that whatever dolls you do get, that they will be wonderful at home with you. <3 Undine is such a masterpiece, I am glad you have her at last!

    1. Thank you, wish you a great 2017 too! ♥
      And thanks for liking Undine :D She has already become one of my favorites in my crew, hopefully I can finish her look with some clothes and accessories soon!

  6. You got some really cuties this year!
    I hope you can stick to your "no BJDs" in 2017 :P

    1. Thank you ^^
      Actually... It already looks like I'll need to order at least one BJD :'D Not a promising start for the year, hahah.

  7. Happy new year 2017!

    You got such lovely dolls in 2016, I especially love the Dollfie Dreams and bigger Azone girls! :3

    DD Freya's expression is adorable! <3

    1. Happy new year to you too :3
      Aww thank you dear ♥ I do love them all~
      I really like her expression, she looks so cute ;3;

  8. You got amazing dolls this year and I especially loved seeing your photos of your Pureneemos ^-^ I hope you'll bond with your York, he looks very handsome and I'm sure you'll be able to style him to look even more amazing!

    Have a very Happy New Year 2017!

    1. Thank you, love to hear that you liked seeing photos of them ^^
      I'm really looking forward to seeing York in person and hoping that things will go well~

      Wish you a happy New Year too ♥

  9. Happy new year! You have very beautiful dolls, your photos are a feast to the eyes, hope you can get lovely dolls this year too :)