December 4, 2016

Little meet-up with friends

Yesterday me and Sarg had a little doll meet-up with Tiinyan, Spica and Tsuki :3 We met inside the Helsinki Winter Garden, which is a beautiful free-entry place with over 200 different plants/flowers. It's a great spot for little get-togethers like this, there are some tables and benches, nice backgrounds for photos and usually it's also not so crowded (especially during the winter). We've taken some doll photos here with Sarg in the past, but this was the first time having an actual meet-up here. We totally need to go to the same place again! :3

Some kind of a group shot of the dolls! (Laughing at Sarg's winter sloth sweater in the background... :'D)

Tiinyan's adorable Soom Ondiin ♥ Now I'm kinda regretting not ordering this cutie earlier this year, it looks so cute in person ;__; And much smaller than I had expected! I had thought that she'd be bigger, which is one of the reasons why I didn't order her... *sigh*

So much cute ;___; ♥

Iplehouse bull terrier, also owned by Tiinyan :) I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of pet/animal dolls Iplehouse will release in the future, the ones that I've been able to see in person have all looked amazing!

Miu met another Miu! And they were even wearing matching outfits with apple hats! XD This was not even planned in advance, a pure coincidence, hahah (Tiinyan's Miu on left, mine on right)

Tiinyan's Yuuta~ This is my favorite of the Pureneemo boys and I'm dying to get one for myself too X3 There still hasn't been a Yuuta release in the Otogi no Kuni/Fairytale series, so I'm hoping that Azone might release one sometime next year. I like the previous releases as well, but a new one might be the cutest, so I'm trying to be patient and wait!

Tiinyan's cute fox boy from Withdoll, that fox suit was so soft and fluffy ;3; He has also such a happy expression!

Not-so-cute (but still awesome!) Souldoll Azrael belongs to Tiinyan as well. That zombie face looks awesome D:

Tsuki's lovely lady, Volks Lorina ♥ I actually dreamed about owning this sculpt at some point, but realized that she would not fit my crew after all, as all my resin SD girls have more mature faces :/ Still, I love admiring pictures of Lorina and it was great to see her in person!

Sarg's Kikipop, Popo-chan \o/

Sarg's Nyyti, a Jossie doll

Spica's DD girl, Yumeka ♥

Let's get this party started, it's Mr. Antti K. in the house (feat. his avec) XD These boys are a part of Spica's crew.

Spica's Remy (Soom Surprise Feny/Necy), who is missing an ear in this photo :( Spica thought that she had lost it, but at the end of the meet-up, she actually found it from her bag!

Remy with Soom Keny, which is also Spica's doll (unfortunately I don't remember the name >.<)

Spica had also brought along her colorful Pullip girl :)

I don't remember what sculpt this cutie is, but she belongs to Spica!

Besides chatting about dolls, we also took advantage of the surroundings and photographed our dolls a little bit. I only snagged a couple of photos. I wish I would've brought one of my bigger resin dolls, but maybe next time? ^^;

This staircase was a perfect spot for this beautiful girl~

I had Nami with me :3 Me and Spica discussed that steampunk-ish clothes would suit her really well, so now I'm feeling inspired to come up with a new outfit for her ♥

Anzu practicing cat-like poses... I actually took her with me so that Xaya could see this version of Koron in person (as she seemed interested in buying one herself), but then I remembered that Xaya was not able to attend this meet-up >.< Me and my bad memory...

Emi~ ♥

There were a few fun Christmas decorations :3

The Miu duo found some birds!

...And a little house full of creepy Christmas gnomes .__. Honestly, their faces looked so scary! This house was the perfect house for Picconeemos and would've made a better photo background without these gnomes in there XD We didn't dare to remove them, lol.

Little foxy found a place with some Christmas lights, mushrooms and again - Christmas gnomes :'D Tried my best to frame the photo so that there wouldn't be any of them showing, but you can still see a glimpse of a few...

Had a great time at the meet-up, thank you guys! ♥

We're actually going to have another, a bit bigger doll meet-up next weekend - I'm already looking forward to that! ^w^


  1. Omg ~ the matching apple hats are soooo cute! :O It looks like a great place for a meet :D I wish I could join you again one day in the future!

    I also adore Soom Ondiin more than I expected ;_;~~~

    1. I knooow, those apple hats are just too adorable XD Would love to meet you again, so hope you can join us some day~ ♥

      Yup, it's such a cute doll ;__;

  2. Those are gorgeous dollies, and the photos were great! It does look like an amazing place for a meet :D
    Hope you had a wonderful time!!

    1. We definitely had a great time and must go there again too! ^^

  3. So many dolls!!! everyone bring so much, it looks amazing!!
    That white staircase is amazing for photos :d

    1. Hahah yes, based on the amount of dolls it might look like there were more people in the meet-up XD

      I really want to go back there at some point to get some pictures on that white staircase~ ♥

  4. Thank you for the lovely meet up! It was fun to just relax and chat and photograph dolls. Sometimes it's also nice to just have a smaller meet up when you have time to talk with everyone. :)
    We have to go there again! I was very impressed how nice a place that winter garden was. Your pics are always so beautiful. I really need to get a good lens for my camera too...

    Also thanks to Sarqq for the shoes and that shirt! They are already on their respective owners and fit perfectly. <3

    1. Thanks to you too! ♥ I'm not a big fan of bigger meet-ups - the more people, the more anxious I get ^^; But meeting up with a few friends is always fun~ We definitely need to go there again! I kinda wish I would've taken my non-macro lens with me to the meet-up, since with this macro one I was having a hard time taking group photos... Both are great lenses though! The photos still were a bit too dark, but my babe Photoshop always saves the day :'D

      Good thing that the shoes and shirt found new, happy owners :3

  5. They all look so cozy and cute!
    Love the colorful Pullip, have been looking for one and wondering about to buy or not.
    Hope that you had a wonderful time!

    1. Pullips are not my thing, but I always enjoy seeing them in pictures and in meet-ups :3 This colorful girl was really pretty!
      Definitely had a great time~

  6. Kiitos vielä kivasta miitistä! Oli kyllä ihana paikka nukkekuvaukseen tuo Talvipuutarha ^^ Ehdottomasti uudestaan vaan sinne! Ja varsinkin nyt kun tiedän reitin perille :'D

    (Tuo miun kettupallero on muuten poika, vaikkei hän ihan niin maskuliiniselta näytäkään X'3 )

    1. Kiitoksia sinnekin :3 Täytyy ehdottomasti mennä tuonne uudestaankin miittailemaan ja kuvailemaan! Ja kesäaikaan olisi tietty se pihakin avoinna ja kauniissa kukkaloistossa~

      Ah voi apua, täytyykin sitten hieman korjailla tekstiä :'D Pahoittelut kettupallerolle!

  7. So it was Tsuki's Lorina I saw in Insta photos :D She looks so super adoable ^-^ And has the shoes I've wanted for my dolls for ages! *jealousy* This Winter Garden seems like a well-suiten place for holding meetups ^-^

    1. Yup, it was her doll :3 I really, really like the sculpt~
      It was definitely the perfect place for a meet-up!

  8. Omy Yuuta is SO CUTE!! Everyone looks wonderful, but I think he would steal my heart <3

    1. I know right! Yuuta has stolen my heart too, he's just so cute <3

  9. Alllll the amazing pictures wow! Such beutiful dollies! I adore you blog entries thanks for sharing them dear! I am glad to read you had a wonderful time ^///^ <3

    1. Thank you dear~ Love to hear that you enjoyed the entry and photos ^3^ I do loving writing this blog and wish I had more time for it sometimes... But I try my best to write as often as I can!