December 20, 2016

Miyadoll surprise box opening!

Today I have a very special box opening to share with you guys ^w^ A while ago Miyadoll had a giveaway on Instagram and I actually ended up as one of the three winners to get a yo-SD sized Vivienne head! D: I sent her a private message to request the skin color and asked if I could buy a body for the head, but Miyadoll told me that she had actually been preparing to surprise both me and Sarg by sending us full dolls as a Christmas present ;___; We've been exchanging messages with her for a while and feel so happy to know her, she is such a kind person ♥ We sent her a little Christmas present too, a box full of Finnish candy and cookies, but we could've never expected to get such a big gift from her... However, she told us that she wanted to thank us for being her friends and supporting her through hard times ♥

Giving a home to these dolls feels like a blessing for us and we hope to encourage people to support her work as well :3 There doesn't seem to be many people who own dolls from Miyadoll yet, so we are planning to share lots of skin color and body comparisons that people might find useful. Miyadoll has not asked us to advertise/promote her work in any way, it is just something that we want to do ourselves to show our gratitude and we honestly think that her dolls deserve more attention! We own some dolls that she has sculpted during working with other doll companies and absolutely love her work~

The box was veeeery big! Sarg bought that dreamy-eyed deer plushie recently, he wanted to be in the photo too XD

There were all kinds of yummy goodies inside the box! 

Different flavors of tea! We are big tea-holics and excited to try these out :3 

Minnie Mouse pyjama pants for both me and Sarg ;3; These are so soft and comfy~ We're both actually wearing them now XD

An adorable Christmas card ♥

Now let's move on to the doll boxes!

Miyadoll has so cute pink doll boxes ♥

A close-up of the logo design!

The pillows have pink dots in them, too cute ;___; ♥

Both dolls came with their certificates, some extra string and 3 pairs of extra hands :3 Sarg also got a sleeping head and I got cute fox/cat ears! My girl is actually going to be a human character and won't need animal ears, but the moment I saw those ears I thought that they'd be just perfect for Gwyn (my bronze Cuprit), who has been needing a pair of wolf ears that are not too big :3

Back sides of the certificates

And the front sides. I love how everything is so pink and cute XD ♥

My Vivienne in milktea skin on left and Sarg's Dreaming Tory (+ Sleeping Tory head) in violet grey on left ♥

Both sculpts are really adorable! ♥♥ Vivienne has a bit chubbier cheeks~ 

Sarg tried on the sleeping head as well, sooo cute ♥

Metal plates on the heads

I took a quick comparison with Lulu to show what this body looks like compared to a regular yo-SD sized doll. Little Mocha is slightly taller and slimmer, but the head is the same size as other yo-SDs. Because I'm stupid, I didn't realize to undress Lulu for this photo, but I'm planning to take a better comparison later anyway and include Fairyland's Littlefee and Soom's Teenie Gem :3

I must say that I looove the way this body poses! ♥

Sarg's dreamy girl with temporary eyes and wig ♥ Sarg decided to name her Haneul, which actually means "sky" in Korean. Although she looks like a white skin doll in some photos, her skin color is actually violet grey. It's a light, cold-toned grey shade that looks really beautiful in person. Next to a white skin doll, the difference can be seen very clearly even in photos and the white skin doll looks very warm-toned.

And here is my little cutie pie, Miina~ ♥ She's borrowing eyes and wig from Lulu, since I didn't have any extras that would fit her ^^; I was thinking of blue eyes & brown hair color combo for her anyway, so this gave me a pretty good idea of what she'd look like. As a character, Miina is a Finnish girl, so I picked a Finnish name for her too. I wanted the name to start with the M letter to remind me of Miyadoll ♥

First photo together with her big brother, Eemil *3*

A bit crappy comparison, but the milktea skin color is actually quite close to Souldoll's sandy brown skin :3 I definitely need to take better color comparisons at some point, so that people who might be considering getting a doll from Miyadoll in milktea skin would have a better idea of how the color looks like in person. It is a really beautiful color!

We're both super happy with these dolls, they look adorable both in person and in photos ♥ We look forward to sharing more of them in the future, now we need to figure out what kinds of faceups they'll get!


I'll be staying at my parents' place for the Christmas holidays, but I'm planning to take some dolly Christmas photos beforehand and post them on the weekend :3 There also might be another doll arrival later this week, depending on the post service... I really hope that she'd make it home before Christmas! I actually ordered her back in July, so it's been a 5-month wait :''D


  1. This like warms the cockles of my black heart <3 Such an incredible nice gesture of her!

    I love the look of the violet grey skin <33 And now I want to buy a Miyadoll simply to support such a nice person!

    1. Oh yes, she is an incredibly nice person <3

      The violet grey skin is so pretty! I always get similar thoughts too, it feels great to support artists who are super friendly ^w^

  2. Tänä jouluna on erityisen paljon joulun tunnelmaa liikkeellä nukkepiireissä. <3 Aivan ihana lahja, etenkin siksi että mulla on joku juttu noihin YO-SDn ja MSDn välimalleihin. :D

    1. Tässä harrastuksessa on aina niin mukava nähdä positiivista asennetta, kun negatiivisuutta tuntuu löytyvän harmittavan paljon...

      Tällaisia yo-SDn ja MSDn välikokoisia nukkeja ei taidakaan olla mitenkään hirveästi olemassa, tulee vain ihan muutamia mieleen :3

  3. Aivan ihania pikkuisia! ^^ ♥
    Joko ootte maistaneet noita teelaatuja? :3

    1. Kiitoksia ^v^
      Availtiin noita pusseja ja nuuskittiin niitä, Satu on jo yhtä (vai kahta?) laatua maistanutkin ja tykkäsi kyllä. Ite oon enemmän "sokerihöttö"-makujen ystävä, niin nuo voimakkaat yrttiteet ei harmillisesti oo ihan mun juttu ^^;

  4. Congrats to you both!! Those dolls are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the comparison pic, I loce Miyadoll dolls and I was hoping someone would show how their 31cm dolls would look next to yoSds, since one of my options to bring Lucas into a child form was a miyadoll sculpt :)
    I won't be buying any dolls for a whilw, this year was too much, but I'm hoping to support her work in the future for sure, She makes incredibly awesome dolls!

    1. Thank you dear ^^ Glad to hear that the comparison pic was useful! I need to take better comparisons at some point and I could also share some thoughts on the clothes and shoes that would fit this body :)

      Lucas in a child form sounds so cute! ♥ I think at least the milktea skin would work for him well, if you're looking for a tan doll :3 Miyadoll keeps releasing new sculpts, so you'd probably have a lot to choose from by the time you're ready to buy child!Lucas~

  5. This is adorable, congrats you both!! Miya is so sweet ♥
    I can't wait to see the comparisons and all, and how you will style these girls!
    Hope you have a great holiday this weekend!

    1. Thanks so much~ ♥ She really is amazing (and her dolls too!)
      I'll try to work on the comparisons now that I have a few weeks off from school!

      Wish you a great Christmas holiday too! ^^

  6. They are super adorable! What a lovely and sweet guft! Congrats Safir <3 ^___^ this is amazing! I am soo excited to see them with a face up!! *___* Miina looks so adorable in her nig brothers arms ^//^ <3

    1. Thank you dear ♥ I hope I can share more of them soon ^^
      Miina and Eemil really look like they're related, don't they? There's just something similar in their faces~

  7. Have a Merry Christmas Safir & Sarg!

    Congrats on the new arrivals. I love the aesthetics of these dolls. The body looks like it would be a great poser and the resin tones are quite lovely.

    I am still quite amazed at the number of bjd artists that are around today compared to back in 2006! It's really nice to see so many. And they're always bringing new and inventive ideas to the table.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you had a good time ^^

      Thank you~ ♥ I really love their faces and bodies, they're great posers too :3 I could actually make posing review at some point!

      Times have really changed in 10 years! There's so many companies and sculpts to choose from, it's even overwhelming at times x_x But definitely a good thing!

  8. What beautiful babies! I love their seal too, so lovely!

  9. Such an amazing Xmas surprise! Congrats! And all of the extra goodies in the box look so wonderful and very thoughtfully selected! I had no idea Miyadoll used to work for other doll companies, now I'm curious about some examples! :O

    1. Thank you~
      She has worked for Soom (Rico/Serin head, Yarn/Silk head, Happy/Lucky head, Toad head & crown, etc.) and Souldoll (Bella head, Remi head, Mico head, Junia animal/elf/weapons, etc.) :) I actually checked my Souldoll Bella and Junia recently, they both have her signature carved inside their heads ♥

  10. Congrats on winning the layaway! :3 It was so kind of Miyadoll to send you both a doll! Both dolls are very cute and I have no doubt you two will make them look stunning ;)

    1. Thanks so much ^^ She is super friendly! I hope to share more photos of these two cuties soon~