February 9, 2017

DDS Freyja arrival~

I talked about wanting to get DDS Freyja in my doll plans for this year and thankfully managed to get her very easily :D Some people in Japan had already received Freyja before taking part on the international lottery ended, so I stalked Yahoo Japan to see if anyone was selling/auctioning her for a reasonable price... And someone had actually listed Freyja there with a Buy It Now option! I jumped on the deal right away XD This way I saved myself from the hassle of taking part in the lottery, it would've been a lot of anxious waiting and I probably wouldn't have won the right to purchase her anyway... ^^; So, I'm really happy with how things worked out!

This girl arrived last week already, but thanks to school and being exhausted, I'm yet again a bit backlogged with this blog ;___;

Anyway, now let's move on to the box opening!

I'm actually not a fan of Macross Delta or Freyja as a character, I just liked this doll's cute smiling face and wanted her as my own character :D To be honest, I think that most of Volks' character dolls don't look much like the character they're supposed to represent. I love Saber, for example, but none of her doll versions look accurate to me... Which is why I made my own custom Saber, hahah :D

Cutie pie! ♥♥♥

Instructions on how to put on the clothes :D

I think there haven't been many photos of Freyja around yet, so I took photos of her face from different directions in case it might be useful for people :)

As an interesting fact, her smile isn't actually completely sculpted - it is partly just the painting. With a custom faceup it'd be easy to adjust the expression to your liking, if you prefered a bigger/smaller smile :3

Here's a photo with a temporary wig~ I still haven't ordered her own eyes (having trouble trying to decide on the color, eh...), but these default ones look pretty nice so she can keep them for now. I might sell them once she gets the other eyes, but not sure yet. They might look good on my custom Saber as well!

Character-wise, I didn't have a name planned for Freyja until she arrived. I went through many name lists and then decided on Shira.

I did take photos of her fullset stuff as well, but haven't taken them out of their packages since I'm not planning to keep them :D I already managed to sell the walkure sign hands too, and totally forgot to take a photo of them before sending them out, hahah...

The wig (which looks way more yellow-ish in person than in the company photos D:)

The boots. These look kinda cool and I'd be tempted to keep them if they only fit Iple girls XD Unfortunately they don't...

 All the little accessories

And the outfit

So Freyja is my 5th full Dollfie Dream and I hope that she'd be the last one for now... XD I was only supposed to get one and here's what has happened, lol. Now I would like to focus on finishing their looks - still need to decide on Rin's wig, pick the best eyes and wig for Shira, aaand make lots of clothes for all five girls, of course x_x Taking a group photo of them would be fun too, once I'm completely happy with their looks!

That's all for now, but I'll hopefully make another blog post in a day or two, since I need to talk about two new Azone dolls as well ^^;


  1. You shoould know by now that "wanting one" doesn't work like that! They need friends and partners and more friends XD
    Congrats on the new girl, she's very pretty!

    1. Hahah, I have definitely learned that by now XDD It never stops at just one.
      Thank you! ♥

  2. Congrats!!! That is awesome you were able to get her!! Her smile is so cute <3
    I hope you can sew for her, she is really pretty and can't wait to see her fully customized!

    1. Thanks so much <3 I really adore her smile too~
      So far I sadly haven't had time for sewing :/ But hopefully I can do something soon!

  3. She's so cute, I like the way her mouth is sculpted and I'm always curious to see DDs with non-default face-ups, sadly there don't seem to be that many around!

    Anyway, be careful trying to limit yourself, haha, those plans always go awry ;_;

    1. Thank you ^^ You're right, there doesn't seem to be that many DDs around with custom faceups. Maybe people are not comfortable with doing faceups or just like the defaults? My Freyja won't be getting a custom faceups for now either, but who knows, maybe in the future!

      Yeah, trying to set limits in the doll hobby doesn't work out so well XD

  4. She's so cute. I love the wig you chose for her. I think this girl will be an under rated beauty similar to Idolm@ster Mio and ToHeart 2 Lucy.

    1. Thank you :3 I actually ended up choosing another wig for her, the one in this post was just a temporary one XD

      I agree that Freyja seems underrated :/