February 12, 2017

Snow Queen Mia & Picco Raili

Double box opening incoming!! :D I got both of these girls this week and thought that I'd introduce them in the same post, although that unfortunately caused this to get a bit picture-heavy...

First up is Snow Queen Mia, who arrived one day before little Raili. This is one of my favorite fullsets from Azone so far and I knew from the moment I saw the first photos of her that I'd have to get her >.<

Her box design is sooo beautiful! ♥

The story leaflet

Although I can't read Japanese well enough to translate the story (maybe one day?), I find it fun to try to guess what happens based on just the photos XD

An overview of her outfit, which I think looks really pretty! ♥

But one thing I must say is that her boots are such a pain to get on her feet... They're so tight and don't open at all ^^; I did manage to get them on in the end, but it did take some time... Try to put the shoes on without socks and the poor feet would be lost inside the boots forever, hahah :DD

She has such lovely, long hair~ ♥

She is definitely well-prepared for the Finnish winter! :D It's been around -15 celcius here on some days (and even colder in the northern parts of the country), so a warm cape is a must!

This version is actually the first Mia with this kind of mouth, all the previous ones have been smiling. It's a nice little change, especially since I already have one smiling Mia, so this way they don't look too similar :)

Speaking of similarities... Here's a photo with Sayuri (Swan Lake Raili)~ I was thinking that these two would be good friends, but they actually look like they could be even relatives D: The name that I picked for Mia is Kaede, which means "maple" in Japanese, while Sayuri means "water lily"... So even their names make them seem like relatives XD I need to think about this a little bit!

And a quick comparison of the skin tone difference! Mia is usually normal skin, but the white skin definitely works much better for this Snow Queen version and looks good with her hair color :3


Moving on to Picconeemo Raili~
She was actually supposed to be released last December already, but got delayed a few times for some reason. I don't remember this happening before with any of the Azone dolls that I've pre-ordered, so it was quite a surprise. But now she's home at last! ^3^

I picked her up from the post office on Friday evening, but it was already too dark for photos so I had to wait until next morning to open her :<

Raili is the second Picconeemo to be released with this improved body and the first one to have an improved M body, as well as the first to be in white skin. I didn't remember to take a photo, but she did come with a selection of extra hand parts! Which is a good thing, since I only had the hand parts for the new body in normal skin XD

Leaflet cover

"Hello, nice to meet you! owo I'm a Raili, but please call me Rina~"

Miu: "Uh, Rina-chan... let me help you get that plastic thing off..."
Rina: "???"

Rina: "Oh, right~ I feel much better now!"

Now let's try that hello pose again XD

Looking good! (It cut her front hair a bit at this point too)

Her face is so cute and that little hat is adorable XD ♥

Miu: "This arrow is saying that you took a plane from Finland to Japan... but didn't you just come to Finland from Japan? @.@"
Rina: "Yes I did! But in Azone's story I'm an exchange student from Finland :3"

Miu will make sure that Rina adapts well to the Picconeemo family ^^ At least these two seem to be getting along well~

Now that I have both the old and new Picconeemo bodies in S and M size, I could take a comparison photo of them... I feel like the new M body is about the same height as the old S, if not even shorter, but it's hard to say until I compare them side by side without any clothes or shoes. Not sure if I'll make a whole post about it, but at least I'll upload the comparison photo on my Flickr once I have some time :)


  1. Congrats!! Both girls are very lovely~

  2. Oih, näiden kuvien jälkeen en millään jaksaisi odottaa, että omat tyttöseni saapuvat kotiin! ♥ Etenkin pikku Raili näyttää niin super söpöläiseltä että! ♥_♥

    1. Toivottavasti sunkin tyttöset saapuvat pian kotiin! >3< Tää pikku Raili on kyllä varsinainen söpöläinen, meinaa Miu ihan tulla kateelliseksi XD

  3. I love that azone incorporates other countries into their stories!
    And congrats on both arrivals, they're adorable, I also love lighter skin on neemos!

  4. They are both adorable, congrats!!! I love Mia, and that outfit! I may have to sew something similar :D

    1. Thanks so much :3 Azone's clothing sets always give me inspiration for sewing too~

  5. I LOVE the little hand lace!! So cute!! Both so sweet~!