February 22, 2017

WonFes Winter 2017 news

The winter Wonder Festival 2017 was held in Japan last Sunday and there were sooo many figure announcements that I'm super excited about! ♥ But at the same time I also hope that some of these will turn out not to look so good so that I don't have to buy them all, hahah X'D Usually I'm very picky about scale figures and thus there are not many that I find interesting, but this time there were surprisingly many scale figures that I fell in love with...

Here is a list of the new announcements and here is another list for updates to figures that have been announced earlier.

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Ultimate Madoka 1/8 scale by Aniplex

I've followed the development of this figure since the concept art was released and pre-ordered her right away after she became available~ Thank god I won't have to pay until her release in December XD

The fully colored figure was revealed during the WonFes and she looks just perfect ♥ I can't say how much I'm looking forward to getting her ;3; Now I'm glad that I haven't bought Good Smile Company's Ultimate Madoka scale figure, since I like this one a lot more! My only concern at the moment is her huge size... 44cm with wings O_O And I honestly have no idea where she'd fit, lol.

Akuma Homura 1/8 scale by Aniplex

Aaaand of course there's also going to be Akuma Homura figure to match Madoka *o* ♥♥ There's only a prototype of her so far, but these two look gorgeous side by side~ I absolutely want to get this one too, so I hope that she won't be released to close to Madoka's release month >.< It'll probably take until 2018, though.

Hanayo & Rin 1/7 scale by Alter

These two new Love Live scale figures look lovely as well~ Neither of them belongs to my favorite characters in the series, but I might cave in and pre-order Hanayo (the one on left), depending on when she'll be released.

OH. MY. GOD. The prototype of this Ranko was actually on display at last summer's WonFes and now they revealed the fully colored figure! This is the most beautiful figure of Ranko so far and I really want her ;___; My wallet is already crying because of all these lovely scale figures...

Anzu 1/7 scale by Alter

Anzu will be getting a scale figure as well! ♥ I checked some art of the outfit she's wearing and the colors look really pretty... If Alter sticks to the original colors and doesn't screw things up, this is most likely going to be another must-have figure >3< Hopefully Alter (or some other company) will also make a 1/7 Kirari at some point~

Gwendolyn Dress ver. by Flare

Absolutely love the design of this, but I might have to pass on her because of all the other figures that I want to get...

Albedo 1/8 scale by Good Smile Company

I never actually finished watching Overlord, but I liked Albedo as a character a lot and this figure looks really pretty too. I seem to have a thing for pretty ladies with wings, hahah XD

Kanan Figma by Max Factory

Kanan baby~ ♥ Instead of collecting all the Love Live Sunshine girls as Figmas, I decided to only get my favorite girl, which is Kanan. Though I might want to get Mari as a friend for her too, the two are just so adorable together ^^;

Saber Lily Figma by Max Factory

Lillie Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

I love Lillie, really happy to see her getting a Nendoroid version! Though I would've preferred GSC to go with the anime version, since she has Alolan Vulpix there and that would've been even more adorable as a companion than Cosmog. Still, will most likely pre-order her, unless she ends up being super expensive and/or exclusive.

Mami Maiko ver. Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Disney Nendoroids by Good Smile Company

This was the biggest surprise for me among the WonFes news! I think the only Disney characters that GSC has made as Nendoroids so far have been Anna and Elsa from Frozen, so this was not expected at all. I definitely want at least Ariel, since she's my favorite Disney princess ever ♥ Tinkerbell and Rapunzel are tempting as well~

Kirito DD by Volks

Last but not least, Volks revealed that they're going to make Kirito as a Dollfie Dream! I'm not interested in him as a Kirito, but excited to see if the sculpt would work as another character for my and Sarg's plans :3 It's still uncertain whether he'll be on the same DDS body as Len, or if there'll be a brand new, taller male DD body. There'll also be a new Asuna and the previous one was a DD, not a DDS, so it's possible that this new version would be on the taller body too. If that's the case, then Kirito would need to be taller than a DDS as well. According to some Twitter comments, he's already on production, so there should be more info sometime, hopefully soon!


Two new Pureneemo dolls were also revealed in WonFes, but those didn't interest me personally so I haven't included them in this post.

Do you guys have any favorites from the WonFes releases? :)


  1. So many lovely figures!! The Madoka one is amazing, the flow on that dress!
    And the Disney nendos was really not expected!
    Hope you can get the ones you want!! :D

    1. Oh yes the Madoka figure is so beautiful! ♥
      The news about those Disney nendos were definitely not expected, but a pleasant surprise. I hope this means that there might be even more Disney characters in the future \o/
      Thanks dear~ :D

  2. I know so little about these figures, so I love seeing your photos and info about them! It's time again for comicon, and festivals here... I have to go again! xD

    1. Aww thank you dear! Love to hear that you like reading my posts about figures :)

      (So sorry for the late reply! For some reason I never get notifications of your messages :/)

  3. I was starting to think you might have a slight wing-obsession by the fourth-or-so figure XD But I can't blame you, they are all very gorgeous scales! That Madoka looks gorgeous, but my wallet is relieved that I don't buy scale figures anymore (nor have I watched Madoka, so I don't have any other reason to get her either).

    And those Disney Nendos totally caught me off guard as well. I want so many of them ;__; Rapunzel especially, but also Belle (although I'm feeling iffy about getting a Nendo with such a restricting ballgown) and Tinkerbell. Little Mermaid is in my top-3 Disney movies, but somehow I just don't like Ariel that much (it makes little sense). But if you end up getting Ariel, I'll definitely come here for pics! ^-^

    1. Hahah well you might be right about that XDD Sometimes I wish I wasn't into scale figures either, they can be really expensive... Especially these huge winged ones ;___;

      So lovely to see the Disney Nendos being made! ♥ Ariel and Tinkerbell are the only must-haves for me, I'm trying my best to resist and not get the rest XD Ariel has always been my favorite Disney character, I love her so much~