January 21, 2015

Amiami package... again

My Kousaka Honoka Nendoroid somehow got separated from the rest of my December order, so I had to get her shipped separately u_u After finding out about this, I figured I'd rather add a bunch of Pure Neemo clothes to this order, since the other one was so huge already ^^; I also happened to find a Nozomi prize figure from Ami's pre-owned section just before the payment deadline and added her to the order as well ;w; (I have Kotori coming with my January package later, after her I'll have the complete collection of Love Live No Brand Girls prize figures ♥

My order was shipped on January 8th via SAL Small Packet and arrived today, so it took a little less than two weeks to arrive :3 Even though they don't offer the registered option for SAL anymore, this method has been quite fast and reliable, so I have used it for smaller packages occasionally.

Now let's move on to the loot!

• Kousaka Honoka Nendoroid

My second Love Live Nendoroid :3 She came with pretty nice extra parts, so she can make cute poses like this ;w; Honoka isn't one of my favorites, but I do like her as a Nendo!

Took a quick photo of Honoka with Nico x3 More girls will be joining them slowly throughout the year X'D I'm so happy that GSC didn't release them all at once, that would've killed my wallet so hard... One per month is good.

• Tojo Nozomi -No Brand Girls- prize figure

Nozomi is my favorite character from Love Live and I absolutely love this figure of her! She's wonderful quality even if she's just a prize figure and her pose is so cute <3 I even love her box, it's all purple and pretty!! (forgot to take a picture of it on its own, but you can see it above on the whole loot picture)

Even though there's no Kotori yet, I wanted to take a quick photo of the almost complete group XD It was quite challenging to get them all fit into the picture (my quick background wasn't wide enough..) and unfortunately Maki, Umi and Nozomi are behind the other girls >.< I'll definitely try to take a better photo once I get Kotori as well!

• Pure Neemo clothes

A bunch of December clothes that I got~ A light pink blousewhite/blue checkered tiered skirt, beige checkered pleat skirt and off-white knit one piece & knit cap set ♥ I admit that I bought the last one just for the adorable knit cap, my Neemos need hats X'D I wish they had more colors of that set (instead of off-white, pure white and grey), would've loved a pastel-colored set as well.

But anyway, I'm really happy with all these clothes! I think I need to snag that tiered skirt in another color as well~ I also noticed that some other clothes that I've been keeping an eye on are still in stock, so I might grab some other pieces too. One of my New Year's goals was to get more clothes for my dolls and that goes for my Neemos too so... ^^; I don't think I'm going to need anything from the January clothes from what I've seen, so I can focus on getting some older pieces :3


  1. Fun stuff!! I can't comment much on the figurs because I have no idea who those characters are, as always XD but the pure neemo clothes are super cute!!
    I think I've seen clothes for pure neemos in etsy as well if you want more variety
    I love knit sweaters and hats :D

    1. Well thank you for still taking your time to read this post, even if you're not familiar with the characters or anything XD

      I like sewing for Neemos myself too, so I'm mainly looking for stuff that I can't or am too lazy to make XD So far I've been satisfied with Azone's own clothes, though I do have my eye on some stuff from Taobao as well. Stretchy shirts are super easy and fast to make, but I just had to get that one knit because of the hat hahah :D

  2. Oh congrats! The figures look great. What is Love Live? I got a Nendoroid from that and I have never seen/heard of it but I just got her because I love how she looked.

    I had a quick look at AmiAmi after your last haul and I was a bit confused how to find anything on there. Is there a specific section for the Pureneemos? I've been having a hard time finding decent clothing for them. I'm not sure if I read right but do they actually fit into Blythe clothing too?

    Love the clothing you got especially that knit! Hobbysearch doesn't seem to have that set (not that I can find or maybe it's sold out - things sell out super fast over there!)

    1. Thanks :3
      Well, there is an anime of Love Live and also some rhythm games (for iOS, Android and PS Vita). The characters form a singing "idol group" so there are lots of songs that they sing, those are featured in the games as well :3 I try to stick with buying figures only from series that I know, though I have also got some just because I liked the way they looked... Which Nendo did you get?

      AmiAmi's site can be a bit confusing, I'm not familiar with all the sections either X'D The section for Pureneemos can be found under Figures Categories -> Dolls -> Azone. And from there you can choose Costumes, if you just want to view the clothes. I don't think their clothes sell out that fast, they still have some older pieces available and I've seen most clothing pre-orders stay open until their release... Though it's always best to be fast, just to be safe ^^; I have no experience of Blythes myself, but from what I've heard Blythe/Pullip clothes should fit Pureneemos :) Many sellers on Taobao and Etsy tag their clothes as fitting for Blythe/Pullip/Azone.

      If I was a tiny doll, I'd love to wear that knit XD It seems so soft and comfy~ AmiAmi still seems to have that set available in all colors, so there's still time if you're after it :)

    2. Is it the same as 'Date a Live"? Maybe I am getting them confused because the titles are so similar. I got Yoshino.

      Love Live reminds me a little of that other singing group ... it has that popular singer everyone knows in the blue suit and the long pigtails. I can't remember who it is though ...Miketsu or something ...

      Thanks for the AmiAmi tip. I will have a poke around the site a bit more tonight. I actually bought some Blythe outfits today so I will do a review when they come in. It would be nice to have more choices for the Pureneemo dolls.

    3. Oh no, they're different series! Date A Live is more of a harem/romantic comedy series with sci-fi elements, while Love Live doesn't have any romantic elements, it's a slice of life type of anime focusing on the music and the characters' life at school :)

      Do you mean Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid maybe? The difference between Vocaloid and Love Live is that Vocaloid characters are voiced by singing synthesizer apps, whereas Love Live charas are voiced by actual voice actors :3

      You're welcome! Hope you'll be able to find things you like for your Azones :) Oh and I'm looking forward to seeing your review of the Blythe outfits!

    4. Ah thanks for explaining that! I must check out Love Live.

      That's her, Miku from Vocaloid. I never really knew what that was all about. I knew someone mad into it but never really knew what it was all about.

      Thanks for explaining!

  3. Ihana, ihana, ihana lootti!! <3 <3 Vitsi meinasin itekin ostaa neemoille ton pipo/paita-setin ihan vaan ton ylisöpön pipon takia mut se sit jäi.... ;___; Ohhh, kohta sullakin on No brand girlssit kasassa!! Se on kyllä ihan parasta, kun saa jonkun kauan keräämän figusetin vihdoin valmiiksi! >3< Ja oon kyllä sun kanssa samaa mieltä siitä, et ONNEKSI ne julkasee noita nendoroideja yhen kuukaudessa... Tekis nimittäin tiukkaa maksaa samantien 9 nendoroidia yheltä istumalta! XD

    1. Kiitos kiitos <3
      Vielä ei ole liian myöhäistä tuon pipo/paita-setin osalta, niitä saa vielä Amista! ;3 Ja joo olin kyllä tosi iloinen että löysin tuon Kotorinkin viimein, niin ei tarvitse enää stalkata preownedia koko ajan X'D Se FuRyun prize-sarjakin on kohta kokonaan kasassa kun ens kuun puolella pitäisi tulla vielä Honoka täydentämään setin :) Mahti fiilis kyllä saada nuo valmiiksi, toivottavasti sitten ei tulisi (ainakaan vähään aikaan) mitään vastustamattomia LL-figuja, että voisi rauhassa kerätä loput ilmestyvät nendot ja rauhoittua sitten figupuolella XD