January 3, 2015

My goals for 2015!

A post fantasywoods made on her blog inspired me to write about what kind of goals I'd like to set for 2015! I though it'd be fun to look back in the end of the year and see if I've managed to reach any of those goals or if I've miserably failed XD

*drumroll* Here are my goals for next year:

• Buy/make a neat sofa for 65cm+ dolls

This has been really high on my wishlist for years... I've seen some really neat doll sofas for sale, but either they're too small for anything larger than 60cm or the sellers can't ship them overseas at all since their shipping boxes aren't big enough X'D So I'm starting to think that I need to make my own sofa, which might be wise in the end so I can get exactly the kind that I like and just the right size. This would be quite a big project that'll require lots of time, work, supplies and possibly help from my father.

• Practise and make more cernit sweets <3

Me and Sarg made some cernit sweets a couple of times during last year and had so much fun, so I definitely want to make even more this year! Both for Azones and larger BJDs~ They make such cute props for photos x3

• Do not buy non-planned (limited) dolls!

I already mentioned on my "Doll year 2014" post that I always try this every year, but never succeed ^^; In 2015 I'm going to try really, really hard and hope that doll companies won't release anything that I'd fell in love with. I have only two dolls that I'm planning on maybe getting in 2015 (Iplehouse nYID Rexy and SID Felix).

• Get a new camera?

Well this depends on many things, but I'd really like to get a new camera... I got this current one as a Christmas present in 2009 and I've been using it quite a lot ever since. It's not functioning that well anymore and it sometimes drives me crazy how hard it is to get to focus into something : < Editing saves many of my photos, but it'd be nice to get decent photos without having to edit and sharpen them so much... I have my birthday coming up in June, so maybe I'll try to collect some money XD

• Update this blog actively

Hehe well this goes without saying I guess, but I'm putting it as a goal just in case XD

• Do not leave sewing projects unfinished!!

I'm a horrible procrastinator and often start making something (or multiple things at best), but never finish ^^; This year I'll try to be more patient and concentrate on finishing planned projects that I start.

• Make a doll-related video o_o

The idea of making videos on Youtube has been circling in my mind for a while... It could be a box opening in the form of a video, a stop-motion photo story, room tour, or anything doll-related. I'm so shy that I might never be able to do this as much as I'd love to, but we'll see!

• Go to a meet-up

I used to go rather actively to local meet-ups, but now I've been either too busy with work or not feeling well so I've had to pass all of them :/ But hopefully this year I won't have so many shifts at work (especially on weekends) and could attend some meet-ups, it'd be great to meet other dolly people.

• Make more photo stories

...Or at least something like that XD I've made a couple of little story-like photoshoots lastyear (like Chici's Christmas baking) and I'm hoping to make even more things like that this year. It would be fun to make proper photo stories with speech bubbles and all as well :3

• Visit L-doll in France

Me and Sarg have talked about this every single year... How it'd be fun to go, but in the end we never do and always look at the photos people have taken at the event and wish we had gone there too XD Planes and flying seem super terrifying now that there's been some horrible things about them in the news, but maybe I will get over it... >.<


  1. Interesting goals! I say that because I was really wondering what kind of plans someone that has been so long in the hobby might have c:
    I've always wanted a sofa but at this point I have given up on it XD If you do one I'd love wip pics :D
    I hope you accomplish all your goals this year and more! If you do that would be quite a year! with Ldoll and all X)

    1. Well no matter how many years I've been in the hobby, it always feel like I have something to do XD

      Yeah sofas are really hard to come by, especially in SD size or bigger... I always check random local stores in case they might have some props in the right scale and I've managed to find some chairs etc. but still dreaming of a sofa :< No luck online either. If I ever get the energy and chance to make that sofa, I'll surely take some WIP pictures :3

  2. So many goals, and so interesting!! I really hope you can achieve them all :3 And if you already take stunning photos, I can't imagine what you would do with a new image!
    My best wishes for this year!!

    1. Great to hear you liked the post :) I'm surely going to try to achieve all these goals~

      Aww and thanks for your sweet compliment ; w ;