September 8, 2015

Tracon X - when the shit gets fun!

Last weekend we went to Tracon, a 2-day anime convention held in Tampere :3 We had so much fun with our friends - without them the whole weekend might've been a complete disaster, since our hotel turned out to be quite horrible... But with all the humor this turned out as the best weekend ever! ♥

At first I thought I'd write more about the con experience itself, but I still feel quite tired so I guess this'll be more of a photo spam than a rambling post X'D


The first day was pretty much just standing in the line for getting in and then running around (first to get something to eat, then to check-in to the hotel, etc.), quite an exhausting day. We met up with Janina and her husband, Patrick, right after getting in to the building and went to check out the sales hall and art street first.

I wonder if someone really bought this? :'D

There was so much cute stuff! Keychains, plushies...

Those giant hamster plushies were adorable XD

Besides all the stuff there was for sale, we also kept an eye open for the amazing cosplayers! There were so many that it was impossible to keep track and ask for photos from them all ;___; I think that Tracon had around 5,000 visitors during the weekend.

Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura *o* Such gorgeous outfits, I never would've expected to see these characters in Tracon!

I found Pri Para cosplayers!

Minion cosplay XD This was really adorable~

Scary Jigsaw dude in the tree...

Team Rocket!! ♥ I think these were one of my favorites from the whole weekend~

Iron Man >3<

I also took a few photos of Ceci and Miu that were both cosplaying ;3

Since Janina was cosplaying as Sonico, I wanted to make a Sonico cosplay for Ceci as well, as a fun surprise! I chose to make this outfit as it looked pretty simple, yet perfect for Ceci~ Sadly I forgot to make a headbow, but otherwise I'm really happy with the end result :3 (Sarg made those amazing headphones!)

As for Miu's cosplay, she's Yui from Sword Art Online ♥ I had fun making the costume, though it was also quite a challenge due to Miu's small size... She has to be the smallest cosplayer ever XD I was hoping that I'd run into some SAO cosplayers, so I could ask for a photo with Yui, but whenever I saw one, Sarg was somewhere else with the camera X'D

Miu seems so happy about her first cosplay~ ♥

Thanks to Tiinyan, we all managed to get seat tickets to the cosplay and AMV competitions! ♥ The line was insanely long and there would've been no tickets left for us (at least to the cosplay competition which was more popular), if Tiinyan and the boys who got a good spot in the line didn't get them for us too ;___; We bought a little cat plushie for her as thanks~

There were three different cosplay competitions held on Saturday: Word Cosplay Summit preliminaries, pair cosplay contest and outfit design contest.

This was my personal favorite from the WCS participants~ Their costumes, performance and acting as the characters was all perfect ♥ They won the second place.

The winners of the Word Cosplay Summit preliminaries that are going to represent Finland in the finals that are held in Japan in summer 2016 :) I'm not familiar with the series/characters, but the outfits were quite detailed.

Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura again, these two participated in the pair cosplay contest~

Rin and Hanayo from Love Live ♥ These two were so adorable and really acted like the characters~

The three best of the pair cosplay competition :) My favorites (Madoka and Homura) won yaaay~

All contestants of the outfit design competition

And the winner! This character design looked so amazing that I bet everyone was blown away :D

After the cosplay competitions, there was a small break and then the AMV competition started! There were 22 great music videos in total, here are my favorites~

This is probably the most touching AMV that I've ever seen and I still can't believe that it didn't win any prizes! :( My heart was literally hurting the whole time and I had to wipe my eyes a bit, this was so sad yet beautiful at the same time.

I really, really liked the song and had to search for it afterwards so I could listen to it again XD The video fit the music well too!

Right when I saw the title of the AMV, I thought could it be this one song that I know... And it was! Trading Yesterday is one of the bands that I absolutely adore for their beautiful lyrics and I could've never believed that I'd encounter their songs in Finland, since the band is not very well known (and has been disbanded many years ago, sadly ;___;) This video also won the price of Best Emotional AMV ♥

Best Comedy and also Audience's Favorite, which was not a surprise! This is unfortunately in Finnish :c It was just awesome and super funny, we all laughed so much XD

We didn't attend any other programs on Saturday (it was around 8pm when the AMV contest ended), instead we went to eat at Burger King and hang out at Janina and Patrick's hotel room XD I think it was around 11-12pm when we finally went to our own shitty hotel, it was quite an adventure to even get in to the hotel room, but no more talk about that X''D


On Sunday, the first thing we did in the morning was get in line for the seat tickets of Sunday's cosplay competitions :'D Me and Janina waited in the line and got tickets for us all (including Tiinyan and co.) while Sarg and Patrick went to the sales hall again.

We did have a moment to sit down with all and take a group picture of the Neemos that we had with us. Woody, Sonico and Kirbys are the guest stars XD 

Next we went to see the cosplay competition, this time the contestants were only judged by the performance. Unfortunately our seats were really far from the stage, so I didn't manage to get any pictures :( A big Attack on Titan cosplay group won the contest.

After the competition, we went outside to spot more cool cosplayers and see a dance show~!

Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII and Snufkin from Moomins

Princess Kraehe and Princess Tutu ♥ (lol the ducks at the background...)

Another photo because they just posed so beautifully! ♥

Saw these two from yesterday's cosplay competition~

Ash Ketchum! There were quite many Pokémon cosplayers that we saw :3

A cute doggie~ The owner was wearing a furry suit made to look like the dog XD

Ahri from League of Legends ;3;

Cute Kotori and Umi!

More Moomin characters >3<

Another cute Kotori~

We had planned to go listen to a panel after the dance show, but were getting quite hungry and thought it might be best to leave already and walk closer to the bus stop. It was a wise decision in the end, since after eating we didn't have that much time left until the bus came. Janina and Patrick were in the same bus as us, so the con journey was really fun right until the end XD

This is my and Sarg's loot from Tracon:
Sarg bought a blue hamster plushie and she also got us those cute cat creatures that look like us X'D The black one is mine and purple one is Sarg's. The purple bird was the first thing that I bought, I just couldn't resist since it looked so cute hahah~ I also had to get that little artbook and a Nozomi pin. There was a "buy 5, get 2 extra for free" offer for the pins, so me, Janina and Tiinyan all got something to get those free pins as well hahah, I wanted that Rin for Sarg XD 

My favorite pages from the artbook! ♥

Special mention to Patrick / Manager-san for his awesome cosplay, as well as for helping me with my bags and teaching Sarg how to pick locks XDD (Though hopefully it was the last time we get a key stuck like that...)

Thank you my dears (Sarg, Janina and Patrick + Tiinyan and the dudes) so much for the amazing convention~! ♥ You guys are awesome, hope to see you again soon ^3^


  1. Awwwwwwwww!!!! Tätä lukiessa vaan tulee vielä kauheempi hinku päästä takasin!! ;3; Kiitos itellenne ihan parhaasta coniseurasta!! Teitte kyllä meijän ekasta conista unohtumattoman! X'DD Ens kertaa odotellessa...!! ;D

    1. Niinpääää oli ihan superkivaa ja tahtois jo uudestaan pelleilemään teiän kanssa XD Ihana kuulla, että teiän eka con-kokemus oli positiivinen~ Pian uudestaan ^^--b

  2. Mäki haluun takas tonne conii! ;o; Oli kyllä mukava coni, vaikka lauantai meni aika härdelliksi...
    Oi joi, miten ihanalta Ceci näyttää cossissaan ♥ Ja vielä tuo Miu Yuina nyuuuh~ ^3^ ♥♥

    Mäki näin noita pikkusia Minion-cossaajia! Olivat kyllä ihania :3 Mutta vitsit, olisin halunnu nähä ihan livenä noi Princess Tutu cossaajat! Princess Tutu on vieläin yksi suosikki animeistani.
    Hahaa, toihan on ihan mahti toi Patrickin Manager-san! :D

    Kiitos vielä kivasta conista ja kisulista! Ei ois tarvinnu ;__;

    1. Kiireistä oli kieltämättä, mutta silti hirmuisen mukavaa :3
      Kiitos paljon~ En ole vielä saanut aikaiseksi itselle mitään cossia vaan nuket on saaneet hoitaa senkin homman XD Kovasti kyllä kutkuttelisi päästä itsekin kokeilemaan!

      Noi Minion-cossit oli niiin söpöjä :D Princess Tutua ei oo vielä tullut katsottua vaikka on ollut tarkoitus, nämä uudet sarjat kiilaavat aina eteen ja ei ole aikaa katsoa kaikkea... Mutta noiden hahmodesignit on vaan niin ihanat, että palko vielä joskus katsoa >3<

      Kyllä me haluttiin sulle kisuli ostaa vaivanpalkkana <3 Se oli niin sun näköinenkin~

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun! I used to go to conventions when I was in high school, but of course, the level wasn't even close to conventions nowadays (God I feel old XD)

    The cosplays look very pretty though I don't recognize many characters (Team rocket's hair was on point!).

    I'm sad to hear your hotel wasn't good but I'm glad it didn't ruin the entire experience for you. In the end you will hopefully remember only the good things and laugh at the hotel experience.

    The plushies are so cute and the keychains would have made great BJD plushies XD My sister gave me a broken keychain She had with a dog on it, so Ailene has a dog toy now :D

    1. Before this year's conventions, the last that I attended was in 2008 and it was really different back then! I feel like there are more and more people everytime and all the cosplays get just better~

      I'm not into most of the popular series that people cosplay either and don't recognize all characters, but I still enjoy looking at them :) (Team Rocket cosplay was awesome!!)

      Oh yes, now afterwards we can just laugh at the hotel we had and all the things that went wrong, they definitely didn't ruin the experience ^^

      The small plush keychains would be perfect BJD plushies indeed XD I love all kinds of plushies, so it was a challenge to walk away from all the cuteness ;3;

  4. Ohh.. I recognized the winning cosplay right away~ I believe it's from this amazing manga: I've been reading it and the art is amazingly detailed - it's so different and interesting to read about nomadic tribes in manga form!

    Your dolly's cosplay looks cute and amazing - those headphones omg! :D It seems like you had a wonderful time and every time I'm surprised you guys show so much restraint by not buying everything~ From the pictures I see tons of kawaii stuff ToT;;;;

    1. Oh sounds like an interesting manga! Too bad that I don't really have the time nor patience for reading manga nowadays, I usually only find out about some series once they get an anime adaptation :/

      Thank you ^^ I still can't believe that Sarg managed to make those headphones look so real...
      There really was tons of cute stuff ;___; Most were quite expensive though, so I guess that helps with trying to not buy everything XD

  5. Sounds like it was a major and really cool event *__*
    I love the high standard in the cosplay. That is amazing! :D
    Your dolls are lovely as always. It's cute they were cosplaying *^^*

    1. Oh yes, it was so much fun! ^^
      I feel like the cosplays have gotten better and better every year! I haven't attended any cons since 2008 until this year, but I've seen pictures and it's easy to see the difference :3
      Thank you, nice to hear you liked their cosplays ^^ I think it's really fun to make cosplay outfits in doll size, I have plans for many more!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun, to be honest!!! The Minion cosplay was by far the best, so cute! And the IronMan, so detailed! Although I loved Ultimate Madoka :D
    And Ceci and Miu were really adorable in that cosplays you did for them :3

    1. It really was fun ^^ I can't name just one cosplay as my favorite, there were so many that were awesome!
      Thank you~ Both dolls definitely want to cosplay more in the future >:3

  7. Great cosplays!! So fun! :D

  8. Oh my! What fabulous costumes. Loved all the photos Saphir, thanks for posting them. :)

    1. No problem, great you enjoyed looking at the photos :)

  9. Wow, it sounds like it was fun and very very busy! I love all the plushies and those cosplay costumes are simply amazing. The work and effort that goes into replicating those to match the anime ... I've never actually ever seen any cosplay costumes in person (then again, I don't get to visit the conventions they do have here in Australia because they are all down south and plane tickets are a bit pricey.)

    Gorgeous photos of all the Neemos together. I love how that one looked.

    1. Oh yes, it was quite busy ^^; There were a lot of programs to see and even though we didn't go to see that many, we were in a hurry the whole weekend... I'm really happy that Finland is such a small country, so it's pretty easy to visit other cities (the bus tickets cost only a few euros nowadays, but staying at the hotel can be more expensive).

      Thank you ^^ Neemo group shot was mandatory~

  10. Ihanaa nähdä paljon kuvia kaikista cosplaysta, voi Minion niin söpö! :D Nuo hamsteripehmot miten somia olette! =w= Vielä ekstramaininta, mielettömän hienot nuo Sarqin tekemät kuulokkeet. VAU! *__*

    1. Kiva jos tykkäsit katsella cossikuvia :3 Nää hamsteripehmot on kyllä aivan ihania!
      Kiitoksia kuulokekehuista, välitin Sargille~ ♥

  11. Kiitos kauniista kommenteistasi :u: ja mukavaa että pidit esityksestämme. Täällä myös fellow nukkeilija.. x3 höhö.

    Terveisin: Veera aka Veiru hartseissa aka Rempo :'D

    1. Heheh terve vaan :D Tunnistinkin itseasiassa jälkeenpäin sinut, kun rupesin miettimään miten nimi kuulostaa niin tutulle! Mutta tosiaan, teidän esitys oli aivan upea ja puvut myöskin~ ♥