December 20, 2015

Meet-up before Christmas

We hadn't had a proper meet-up with friends since Tracon in September and not everyone was there, so it had been a looong long time since we last saw some of them! Luckily we managed to pick a date that was okay for everyone, though Janina got sick on the last minute and couldn't come ;___; This time our meet-up crew consisted of me, Sarg, Tiinyan, Spica, Elina and Jaya

Since it's the last weekend before Christmas, I thought that there would be tons of people shopping for presents and that all cafés would be crowded... But when we went to check a café on the top floor of the shopping center, it was almost empty! Which was of course only a good thing for us XD We managed to get a nice table in the corner and besides a few kids that were curious about the dolls we had on the table, it was quite a nice place for the meet-up.

Once again we had a great variety of different dolls: Azones, BJDs, cats and even a Bratz boy! :D This time no one brought bigger dolls though. I had thought about bringing Susumi, but since I didn't know how crowded the café would be, I decided to leave her home just to be safe. She can accompany me at the anime conventions next year :)

Elina's sweet Siru (Little Princess Nina) and Spica's Ayato (modded Soom Romantic Ai)

A close-up of Siru~ She's such a cutie pie ♥ Hope I won't start regretting not getting this release >.<;

Jaya's lovely Jeeli (Pipos Derek) ♥ Pipos has such a beatiful shade of grey resin~

More cute Pipos cats, Tiinyan's Vilho (caramel Ringo) and Elina's Malva (mint Ringo) :3

And meanwhile, my girls were derping XDD

Spica's Remy (Soom Necy) wondering if Chici can be eaten or not? D:

Spica's Ren and Tiinyan's Frej, which are both Soom Han/Asronn! It's always fun to see how different the same sculpt can look with different faceup and styling ^^

Spica's Antti K was clearly on a Christmas mood XD

Jeeli and Sarg's Elmo

Tiinyan's Aoto, the only boy Azone in the meet-up this time :/

Elmo left his own tail at home, so he wanted to play with someone else's...

Chici got to meet her crush, Tiinyan's Kaspian!!! o3o ♥ She was feeling a bit shy at first...

Kaspian is the cutest!! ♥

Like a true gentleman, Kaspian offered his hood to Chici XD


Jaya's Kiseki and Sarg's Mayuna, looks like the two became friends!


I ate a piece of delicious chocolate cheesecake, Elmo would've wanted some too... u_u

Here's a group picture of the dolls~ It just occurred to me that we took this after Elina had already left, so her dolls are not here :/

Tiinyan's Koron

The birdies, again ^^;;

Sarg bought some salad with chicken and feta cheese! It was yummy ^3^

Spica surprised us all by giving us little Christmas presents ;__; We didn't have the patience to wait until Christmas to open them, so we opened them as soon as we got home. She had bought a Littlest Pet Shop figure for all of us! ♥

Here are the ones that me and Sarg got, mine's the yellowish one on right :)

Thanks for the great meet-up guys~! ♥ Next month there's an anime convention where some of us are going, so we'll get to meet again quite soon ^3^


  1. Chici and Kaspian are my new OTP XD!! they look so cute together, loved the photos of them~ And Kaspian is such a gentleman *u*!!

    The Pipos cats are all so cute, I don't see them often nowadays so it's good to see more owner photos of them

    Siru is super cute! but all your azone are amazing too so no need to regret it :D

    It looks like an amazing meet up~

    1. Awww that's sweet XD It was really nice of him to offer that hood for Chici~

      Pipos cats actually seem quite popular, at least the Finnish people and other people that I follow seem to have many of them :) I have a Pipos Ringo too, but she wasn't in this meet-up - I sure would've brought her if I had known that there would be so many other Pipos cats, hih~

      I just have such a big weakness for bob-haired dolls XD There are so many cute Azones that it's difficult to choose which ones to get and which ones to pass... Luckily often friends end up getting some of the releases, so I get to see them in their photos and in person as well :)

  2. Voi eiih, miten sulosia Chici ja Kaspian on yhessä! En kestä! XD Chicille on just hyvin tuo katse koko ajan naulittuna Kaspianiin joka kuvassa! :DD

    Spica kyllä osas niin hyvin valita meille jokaselle nuo Petshopit! Noi teijän koirulit on niin suloset ^3^ ♥

    Kiitos taas mukavasta miitistä!

    1. Ne on kyllä niin söpöjä yhdessä ;___; Hauskasti kyllä tuo Chicin katse seuraa koko ajan Kaspiania, vaikka ei mitenkään tietoisesti aseteltukaan noita niin XD

      Spica oli kuulemma ettinyt miulle shetlanninlammaskoiran näköistä oman koirani mukaan, mutta sellaista ei sitten löytynyt. Oon kyllä tosi iloinen tästä + tuosta Sadun, ihan meidän oloisia ^^

      Kiitoksia sinnekin, toivottavasti päästään miittailemaan taas pian~! ♥ Frostissa ja Yukissa ainakin on mahdollisuus törmäillä c:

  3. Voi vitsi mitä ihania nukkeja! Wäääh <3 <3
    En olekaan koskaan ollu nukkemiitissä, vaikuttaa ihanalta! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Hih kiitoksia ^^ Nukkefoorumien kautta löytyy yleisiä kaikille avoimia miittejä, kannattaa ihmeessä tutustua jos nukkeilumiitti kiinnostaa!

  4. Nice! Looks so cozy! :D
    There are so many pretty dolls there ^^

    1. It's quite a nice café with good lighting, great place :D
      Thank you~ It's awesome to get to see all the dolls in person!

  5. Awww those dogs - Spica chose so nicely ^3^

    Thanks for the meet again <3 Luckily Johto has such a nice lightning so the photos came out great!

    1. I think so too!

      Thanks to you too <3 It was great to meet in a place with good lighting for chance :p

  6. Oh I love seeing meet up photos. Looks like there was such a large variety of dolls there! So much eye candy to look at. Everyone had lovely dolls. And this is the first time I've seen a Bratz boy too. He reminds me a little of some of the MH boys in the face.

    That salad does look nice. I'm kind of hungry now!

    Thank you for sharing your meet up with us.

    1. Meet-up photos are fun, I enjoy looking at them too, so I try to share photos myself as well whenever I go to a meet-up ^^ It's really fun to get to see so many different dolls in person~

      The salad was quite good! *3*

  7. Caspian and Chici are just too cute!
    All your friends have such wonderful dolls, I loved all the Pipos' cats!
    Hope you all had a wonderful time!! :D

    1. Thank you~
      Pipos cats (and animal-themed creatures in general) seem to be quite popular among us :D Wish I had brought my Pipos Ringo to meet all the other cats!
      It was a great meetup, I definitely had a great time! ^^

  8. Thank you again for the fun meet and company! :) It was nice to meet everyone after such a long time, sad that Janina couldn't come. ;__;

    Ooooh, that lens in your camera takes really awesome photos, what lens was it again? And do you have a new camera as well or is this the same one you've had? I'm in awe with the detail and everything~ And in such low light conditions as well, seems like a pretty well performing lens!

    Aws, that pic of the Littlest Pet Shop dogs, thank you for including them, made me happy! :) I had fun choosing them for everyone~ :)

    1. Thanks to you too, we had a great time :) Yeah it's always sad if someone gets sick just before a meetup and can't come... Hope she can be there next time!

      It's a Canon 50mm macro lens :3 I've been wanting it for a long time, especially for taking photos of the smaller dolls. I noticed that it was sold out pretty much everywhere, but managed to find one from for a good price. It's quite similar to the non-macro 50mm lens that I used previously, except that the macro obviously can zoom much closer and the lens aperture is a bit smaller (macro f/2.5 vs non-macro f/1.8). Both lenses work really well even in low light conditions, though I actually think that Johto café had quite good lighting ^^; I've been mostly using Sarg's camera (Canon EOS 600D) since we moved in together as the screen can be turned and it makes the photographing so much easier! My own camera is Canon EOS 500D.

      Of course I had to include them, it was such a great surprise to receive them! *hugs* They're perfect! ♥

  9. Gorgeous photos as always Safir, and a lovely change to see so many kitties and ducks in attendance. :)

    1. Thank you :) Meetups are indeed great places to see different kinds of dolls~

  10. Yay for Chici~!! x333 so cuteee
    Great photos, I love how there's a lot of different kinds of kitties x333 and sooo many pastel colors everywhere!

    1. Chici has been getting a lot of attention lately :D
      Pastel colors and kitties seem quite popular among our group x33 But who could resist such cuteness, hahah~

  11. So much variety here! Looks like a fun time! :D