December 9, 2015

October & November Amiami loots

This will be a big loot post since my Amiami packages from October and November decided to arrive on the same day, despite being shipped almost one month apart ^^; I actually got them yesterday, but didn't have the energy to finish writing the post and editing the photos in the evening.

Let's take a look at the November order first, since it was actually the first one arrive. We decided to get it shipped by EMS, since the loot was quite small and light-weight - the price difference between Airmail and EMS was only a couple of euros. So, the package was delivered to us yesterday morning and we opened everything right away before Sarg had to leave to work.

One interesting thing that we (or actually Sarg) got was a new type of doll, Jossie n11 ♥ I saw this cutie on Amiami and showed it to Sarg, she fell in love with it right away and wanted one... At that time the pre-orders were already closed, but I kept checking the sales page every now and then and at some point she became available again for a short period of time - ordered her right away :D

These Jossie dolls are apparently not so popular as many other dolls and there doesn't seem to be much info about them, so we weren't sure what to expect in terms of size and all.

We were a bit surprised that she didn't come with any clothes, she was wearing a white dress in the sales pictures and there was no mention that she'd come nude D:

There was a sheet of clothing patterns (a dress and overalls) that can be used for making cute clothes for the doll!

Another side of the sheet with the dress pattern

Luckily this Azone Pureneemo dress fit her quite nicely, so the poor girl doesn't have be naked! We decided to name her Nyyti, after a Moomin character ♥ There is a picture book "Who will comfort Toffle?" which is translated to Finnish as "Kuka lohduttaisi Nyytiä?" :) 

Nyyti made friends with Unto XD We got him from Stockmann's Christmas decoration section lol

When it comes posing, these dolls can't really do much... But that's okay, she's more like a cute mascot :)

Here's a comparison with Pureneemo (M body) to give you a better idea on what size Jossie dolls are :) Nyyti's haircolor is actually pretty much identical to Sayuri's!

Here's what I got in the November order! A bunch of Picconeemo clothes and also a dress for my Pureneemo Chiika, Totori :3 ♥ This is the same dress that Sarg got some time ago and I briefly tried it on Totori, now this girl got her own~

Here's Totori with her new dress, she seems happy ^^

Chie got to try on her new clothes as well~! I'm definitely liking these white & pastel pink colors on her more than the default outfit :)


Moving on to the October loot, which was a bigger order that had to be shipped by SAL parcel... The only other shipping option available was EMS and it would've been quite expensive in comparison, so we went with SAL. It took almost a month to arrive :/ But at least it had tracking, so I didn't have to worry about the package getting lost.

Here's the complete loot: Nozomi Nendoroid, Nozomi and Kotori wall scrolls, one Pureneemo outfit, Pureneemo scarf, Figma Plus Classroom set, three 1/12 capsule machines and a 1/12 crane game. My Picconeemos are being spoiled with new stuff... ^^;

Finally - the Nendoroid of my favorite Love Live girl~ ♥ Just my luck that she was the last one to be released XD But she's so adorable, totally worth the wait ♥ I didn't unbox her until today and didn't take any photos of the figure itself yet, but I'll try to take some Love Live Nendo photos later ^^

Wall scrolls ♥ I obviously wanted to get Nozomi and Sarg wanted Kotori as well~ These mermaid outfits are so beautiful ;3;

I got excited about these when I saw them for sale and ended up getting quite a few... It was a surprise to notice that they were unassembled, which was a bit weird since the assembled products would've fit in much smaller boxes than all the parts ^^;; But oh well, I had so much fun assembling these! It made me think of childhood and getting little toy surprises from Easter eggs, those toys pretty much always required some assembling as well...

Call me crazy, but I might want a few more of those capsule machines, they're so cute X''D Soon my Picconeemos probably have a full game room or something...

And the last thing was this classroom set meant for Figmas! I bought it mainly with my Picconeemos in mind, but who knows if I get inspired to take some photos of my Figmas as well :) Again, this one came unassembled and everything needed to be put together from small pieces.

Working on one of the chairs :D

The size is quite nice for Picconeemos! The desks and chairs could be a bit larger, but I still like this set a lot :) I need to cover some scratched parts with paint and I also want to make a new floor, not a big fan of the holes and I don't think I'll be needing them. Now my girls only need some school supplies and cute little bags~


That's it for the big loot of yesterday! It feels quite overwhelming to get many packages at once, especially since I like to play around with the new things I get and now there was so much stuff ^^; It felt almost like the Christmas came early, hahah.

Also, I just checked the tracking number for my Otogi no Kuni Chisa and it seems like she might be delivered tomorrow! ♥ More doll-related mail, yay~ :D


  1. Congrats on all the new things!

    That Jossie doll has a cute face. I haven't heard of that doll type before but it's neat they include patterns for clothing for her.

    I have that Figma Plus set too as well as the road one. I hope they do more of those in the future. It was relatively easy to assemble although I never thought to use them for anything other than my Figmas. The only problem is I find the cardboard backdrop warps sometimes. At least mine does.

    I've tried taking photos of my Figmas in that set but have a few issues with lighting with it right now. I really need to make one of those lightbox things for photos.

    Those machines look pretty cute. Sadly, I don't have any dolls in that size that could use one.

    Your Nendoroid girl is adorable. I looked at that one. Liked her outfit. She's very colourful but I think all of the Love Live girls are?

    1. Heheh thanks :D
      I hadn't heard of these Jossie dolls either before I saw them on Amiami!

      This Figma Plus set seems pretty nice, I didn't realize that there are other sets too! Most dolls are too big for Figma scale, but for Picconeemos the classroom works quite nicely - they're so tiny... I noticed that the cardboard backdrop likes to warp, not sure what to do about it :/ At least it hasn't been a big problem yet.

      Lightbox would be great for figure photography :) I usually just try to take photos when there's some natural light, but when it's not possible I turn to lamp light - our kitchen has a pretty nice lighting.

      I think all Love Live girls are quite colorful XD Some of their outfits are in different colors as well, it's a shame that Good Smile Company didn't choose one of those for these Nendoroids. They would've looked even more like a rainbow on display!

  2. Awww Jossie is cute - and how nice that they included a sewing pattern too <3

    Yay, I think my Nina is waiting in the post office as well, going to pick her up tomorrow ^3^

    1. Thanks, I think so too~ The patterns were quite simple, but still a nice surprise :)

      Yay for Nina!! Hope you're going to post lots of pictures of her~ ♥ We also must take some pictures of her with my Chisa :D

  3. Congrats on all the items!! The Jossie doll is very cute, and the classroom set is adorable!!
    The Nendoroid girl is so cute :3

  4. Awesome loot! :D
    Those wallscrolls look gorgeous! *___*

    1. Thanks~
      Oh yes the wall scrolls are really pretty! ♥

  5. Your loots are always the best haha! Love the classroom set and the game machines~
    The Jossie doll is super cute!

    1. Hahah I guess that's a good thing? XD At least my Picconeemos are thrilled!
      Thank you!

  6. Oo, niin paljon kaikkea ihanaa taas! Nyyti on tosi suloinen tapaus ja ihan täydellinen nimi hänellä ^^ Dääm, miten extra suloinen Totori on tossa asusssa! ^o^ ♥

    Nyyh, mun Nina seikkailee vielä jossain ;_;

    1. Hih kiitoksia~ ^o^ Täytyy tuoda Nyyti miittiin näytille! Totori on asustaan iloinen, eipähän tule enää tappelua muiden tyttöjen kanssa XD

      Toivottavasti Nina saapuisi pian >3<

  7. Oh my!! Safir you have so much eye candy, it's very easy to see Father Christmas came early to your house!! LOL! I like your little Jossie doll, she's a cutie, and the wall scrolls a gorgeous. :) Love mermaids.

    1. Lol, thank you XD Well I guess I won't be getting many presents on Christmas, so I buy the presents for myself beforehand? ^^;

      I'm a big fan of mermaids too! ♥

  8. Nyyti is cute! :D I like how she's like a mini-me of your Sayuri xDD
    I adooore all those capsule toy machines XD!!! Wouldn't it be cool to make an arcade for your dollies?

    1. Thank you :3 You're right, she looks quite similar to Sayuri! ♥

      A mini arcade for dolls would be so cool! Though I'm not sure if I'd be able to find enough stuff for a perfect scene >3<

  9. You guys got some really awesome things! Nyyti is adorable.
    I'm always amazed when people can pick a favorite girl from Love Live. It's impossible for me ;w; They're all so adorable. But I'm the exact opposite with One Piece. In One Piece, Nami is definitely my favorite, while my bestie can't pick one. People are sometimes different like that :P

    But awesome things! Can't wait to see my February orders too. I got one from a dealer in France for the Love Live petite Nendoroids, and the AmiAmi order with Menma. So exciting!
    I look forward to seeing more of your purchases! :D

    1. Thank you ^^
      Well, for me Nozomi has always been the number one girl from Love Live! I just like her the most, not even sure why XD The others that I like the most are Maki, Eli and Kotori. But I do know what you mean, sometimes I just can't pick a favorite character from some series!

      Oh I ordered that Love Live Nendo petite set too! :D Very excited about them, I'm sure they'll look super adorable~ And I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the Menma figure, hope you're going to post some! I liked her, but still passed on her since I have so many other things on order ^^;