January 12, 2015

Azone spring/summer 2015 releases~!

I saw The Majokko Shop make a post about the new Azone releases that were announced today and figured that I could make a post about them too and share my thoughts! I've been browsing through the pics ever since I woke up at 5.30am, I was so full of energy when I left to work... "WAIT FOR ME NEEMOS, JUST GONNA MAKE SOME MONEY" XD And here I was thinking that I wouldn't be getting any dolls this year... *sigh*

Besides new dolls, Azone is also going to release a bunch of new clothes! Swimwear (also for Picconeemo!!), bunny ear hoodies with ruffles, soft fluffy animal hoodies, kimonos, etc. My girls are going to run away with my money and buy everything :(

I'm not going to put bigger photos of everything here, because this would become too picture-heavy so I'll only focus on the dolls that caught my interest :3 If you're interested in seeing all the dolls/photos, check out neemosi at Twitter!

All pictures on this post are © neemosi

First of all, THIS! Little Briar Rose Lien ♥ She's never been one of my favorite faces, but this version is so beautiful! Her hair, the dress, everything! Pure perfection, nothing else to say ♥ Also, she would make such an adorable big sister for my Picco Neemo Lien XD I definitely would love to get this girl, I'm so happy that she won't be a limited.

Then we have Swan Lake Raili~ Raili was actually one of my options for Sarg's Christmas present, but I ended up getting Miu (since I couldn't find the version of Raili I would've wanted for a reasonable price). This is again not a face that I've been a fan of before, but this release completely turned the table XD And I love how she reminds me of Sarg's Umbra ;3; I looove swans and Swan Lake as a theme is so pretty, I can hear the ballet music clearly when I look at this girl... I think she might be a must-have, but I still want to see more photos. She'll apparently be a standard release though, thank god ;3;

Little Red Hood Koron ! She's cute~ I like Koron's face, but somehow none of her releases have swept me off my feet yet and I haven't been able to decide which one to get :/ I like her cape, but otherwise this outfit isn't anything special to me... As much as I do like her face, I think I'll continue waiting for the perfect Koron that I'll love as a fullset too!

Pink!Pink!a la mode Maya, lol that sounds like something that I named XDD Luckily I already have my Heartful Kiss Maya with similar hair, otherwise this would be a must-have as well. Though I admit I'd love to have Maya twins, blond bob hair and blue & brown eyes awww how cute that would be ;___; Well, maybe I can contain myself,,, It's going to be hard though, I have a thing for bob-haired girls X'D

They also showed three new Lil Fairies (though I'm pretty sure I've seen their pictures already before), my favorite of them is this Erunoe ♥ She'd be an adorable friend for my Lipu, but I'm not sure if I should hunt down the maid version instead so that me and Sarg would have all three Lil Fairies with maid outfits >.<

On another note, I wish they haven't completely forgotten about Picco Neemos : < I'd really love to see more of them... I'm still hoping to find Koron and Himeno for reasonable prices someday, and I'd love to see a new version of Chiika ;w; Piccos probably aren't that popular though...

I thiiiink I'm going to see Neemo dreams tonight =w=

Do you have favorites among these new dolls? :3


  1. Why you tempt me in this way?!?!?!? XD
    I tried once to know more about pure neemos in case I decided I could buy one easily, but seriously I got so overwhelmed with info that I ran away XD (it's like starting the bjd hobby all over again lol)!!

    I still don't understand much but the new releases seem very pretty, I specially like the first one you posted (little briar rose lien) though I liked more the clothes from the pink! pink! a la mode maya. Are both girls the same height? They look different sizes from pictures :o .....

    Some day I'll get one (or 2 or 3 XD) of these girls and a bunch of miniature stuff xD

    Hope you get the ones you want :D

    1. Hahah I'm sorryyy XD I must share the pain of this cuteness with others!!

      I do agree that all the info can seem overwhelming at first and it reminds of the start of BJD hobby, but in a more simple scale XD There are only a couple of body size types and each face always has the same body, Maya has M and Lien S :3 Tthere are many comparisons out there, like this one.

      I hope you'll find some favorites from Azones and end up getting a few ;3 They're a lot like BJDs at least in one thing: they always want friends... XD

    2. thanks for the comparison pic!!

      That's the main reason I want to stay away from purchasing other types of dolls (I love pullips too): they will always want friends XD

    3. Oh yes that's so true... I have noticed that in figure collecting as well; if I get one character, I easily end up getting other characters from the same series u_u Luckily I'm not interested in Pullips or Blythes, I'll stick with BJDs and Azones, even that's plenty X'D

  2. Thanks for the post of this! I don't mind some of the clothing that is coming out but I have to say, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the Neemos being released as I'm not tempted by any of them. Which is good. More money for my wallet!

    1. Lucky you then! XD I wasn't expecting that these would hit me so hard, but they did... Damn Azone hahah. At least they all won't be released exactly at the same time, or so I hope X'D

  3. I hope you're able to get some of these girls this year!

    I'm really loving how many people are loving this Lien, as quite a few people don't consider her a favorite, but I think this one has won many hearts! XD

    I'm wondering if the Picco Neemos are coming... I know they were having some problems with neck pegs working properly, so maybe they're revamping the body again?

    And the clothes.... ooooh the clothes... they're so cute!
    My goal this year is to focus on clothes... I may be doomed. XD

    1. Yup I hope so too! >3< I really shouldn't get more dolls this year though, I should focus more on the clothes and props XD But we'll see, I already think I'm doomed...

      Oh yes I've heard that many people who don't like Lien usually are loving this new release! XD

      I haven't hear that there's been problems with the Picco Neemo neck pegs D: That might be the reason they haven't released any lately then. I do hope that there would be some new releases for them though!

      Yes the clothes... I hope they'll be nicely scattered for different months, so that I won't have to buy everything during one month X'D Either way, I can already hear my wallet crying so hard...