January 13, 2015

Comparison: Re-ments & different dolls

Fantasywoods asked me if Re-ments would work for yo-SD sized dolls and I promised to take some pictures for her :3 I chose Lulu (Peakswoods Vampire Hucky) as my yo-SD example, since Fantasywoods has a PW girl too so I thought this way the comparison would be the most accurate~ Other dolls in the comparisons are Shiori (Pure Neemo Maya, M body) and Miu (Picco Neemo Miu).

I believe Re-ments are meant to be 1/12 sized, so they should work the best for Picco Neemos as those are in the same scale. Many people do use Re-ments for 1/6 scale Pure Neemos as well and it does work too! Yo-SDs are considered as 1/6 scale among the BJDs, but their proportions are very different compared to Pure Neemos, so they look different with Re-ments as well.

I'm only sharing my personal opinions along these photos, everyone can decide from themselves what they think and what doll size they would use these props for :)

I'd say that that the furniture are too small for yo-SDs in terms of realism, but the food and such work fine! The Rilakkuma table set might work for a kid's room etc. but not necessarily as a more realistic cafe setting ^^; Lulu seemed to fell in love with that tasty-looking cake piece...

I also compared Lulu with the Rilakkuma kotatsu that I have, again this gives off a child's room type of feeling :3 The size is not too bad, but it is a bit on the small side. She was wearing boots and her feet wouldn't fit under the table if the toes were facing upwards, she would've lifted the whole thing from the ground with her feet XD

But still... Yo-SDs have their cutesy factor so it's not like they'd look stupid with anything u_u

Here are two of my Azones with the same kotatsu, I think this looks a lot better :3

And also with the cafe setting~ Shiori (left) has the M body and her legs are maybe a bit too long, so this table set would work better for S body, even though there's not that much of a difference. Little Miu on the other hand might look tiny here, but I imagine my Picco Neemos being younger than their "big sisters" so it doesn't bother me.

I hope someone found these helpful! ^^


  1. woot!! Great comparison!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this >u<!!!!!!! It's super helpful :D!

    Rements are so pretty, it might be worth getting azones just to justify getting rements XD (And then you can re use whatever works for yosd as well :p)

    Lulu is looking lovely as always~

    1. Great to hear that you find them useful! :)

      Hahah what a great reason for buying Azones XD And I think some people collect Re-ments even though they don't have any dolls they could use them for.

  2. Thanks for posting the comparison photos! I have a few re-ment pieces too and they work well with the fashion dolls as well. I also found the furniture too small for even the Pukifees (may be because of their bulk?) but the re-ments for that size don't work too badly.

    And between you and Fantasywoods, I am finding hard to resist Peakswood! I was admiring your Hucky and was wondering what sculpt that was.

    1. No problem :) I agree with you, I have one Pukifee sized doll too (Luts Tiny Delf) and the furniture don't work that well for her. It might be their huge head XD But sweets and other little things do work fine.

      Awww XD Yes she's a vampire version of Hucky~ I think Peakswoods is a wonderful company and they make such lovely dolls! I'd love to get more FOFs, but I'm afraid I've reached my limit for tinies already :(