January 9, 2015

December AmiAmi loot!

I finally managed to fetch my December's AmiAmi package from the post office XD I think I briefly mentioned in one of my earlier posts that December was a busy month on the figure side, since all of my pre-orders seemed to clot for that month... So this was a pretty big box and many figures at once for me, considering that I don't even collect figures as actively as some people do :)

(I apologize for the quality of the photos... Even though I opened the box in the morning, it was really dark and I was too lazy to use my tripod >3<)

The way AmiAmi packages their stuff sometimes makes me mad... They use so much paper, they could've easily fit my order in a much smaller box >.< It's not like any of these figures could be broken easily in transit since they're in small parts to begin with lol, so all that paper is useless ^^;


Anyways, here's everything that was in the box!

Suigintou Nendoroid

I'm not a huge fan of Rozen Maiden as a series, but I really like the character designs, Suigintou being my favorite <3 When I noticed that she was going to be released as a Nendoroid, I immediately decided to pre-order her. She does look pretty as a Nendoroid, I love all the details on her outfit ;3;

Kaname Madoka Yukata ver. Nendoroid

I missed on the Maiko ver. and have been regretting it, but luckily I was able to pre-order this one :3 Now I don't need to hunt for the Maiko ver. either, I'm satisfied with having only this one! I like the colors of this Yukata ver. a lot more, they seem more fitting for Madoka. And that Kyubey pouch she has is soooo adorable ;u; If I had to pick my favorite figure from this loot, it'd definitely be this one!

Sakura Kyoko Cu-Poche

Kyoko is my least favorite character from PMMM, but I'm a sucker for complete sets so I just had to get this Cu-Poche version of her since I have the other girls as well XD (Except Mami, I still need to hunt her down) I do like Cu-Poches a lot, their magnetic base is great so they don't need any stand (though they do come with one you could attach to the base) and it also makes it easier if you want to take some photos :3

Yazawa Nico Nendoroid

Nico was the first girl from Love Live to be released as a Nendoroid and she was another instant pre-order. Why in the world there has to be NINE main characters, of course they're all getting their Nendo release and of course I need to get them ALL u__u Luckily they're not that expensive since they don't come with any speshul parts...

Yazawa Nico -No Brand Girls- prize figure

Another figure towards completing my fullset of the No Brand Girls prize series, 7 out of 9 captured :D I have Nozomi coming with my next order, so after that I'm only missing Kotori! I really like Nico's pose and the figure seems of great quality overall as well. Some people may not like prize figures, I've heard people complain about them a lot, but I have a bunch and to me they look as pretty as some of the more expensive ones O_o

Rilakkuma Funwari Cake Shop Re-ment set

I needed some sweets for completing my Rilakkuma show case and AmiAmi happened to have this set in stock, so added it to my order :3 I'm really happy that I did, since all the parts are super cute~

Here you can see the set in the show case~

That was it ^^; I forgot to take pictures of the figures out of their packages and already put them all in my figure cabinet... It's starting to get really crowded, I really need some more space for my figures soon u_u I'd love to take some pictures of my collection, but at the moment it looks more like a mess than a collection X'D

On another note, I'm planning to do a post about my Love Live prize figures as soon as I get my sets completed~ That might take another month or so, though, but it's going to happen!


  1. Liian ihanaa tavaraa ;u; <3 Nico nico nii! Tuosta isommasta Nicosta varsinkin tykkään, aijai. Törkeetä kun kaikilla tuntuu olevan ihania figuureita, tekisi mieli itsekkin hankkia pari hyllyä koristamaan (varsinkin kun on löytänyt jo pari lempparia. Ehkä sitten kun on varaa tuhlata 60-90 euroa ylimääräiseen :D)

    1. Tunnustaudun kaiken ihanan sälän ystäväksi u_u Pitäisi ehkä vähän rajoittaa tätä hamstrausta, mutta noh...

      Nuo prize-figuurit on muuten siitä kivoja ettei ne maksa tuhottomasti! HLJ:stä preordaamani figut maksoivat vain n. 10e kappale ja Amiamin käytetyistä metsästämäni nekin vain jotain +/- 20e :) Omasta mielestä nuokin on kuitenkin tosi nättejä, vaikkei niin kalliita olekaan. Tekisi kukkarolle aika kipeää jos jokainen Love Live jäsen pitäisi tilata ja maksaa se 50-100e XD

    2. Noissa on selkeesti hinnassa otettu huomioon se, että moni haluaa koko sarjan ;D

  2. That's a lot of stuff in one box! Must be exciting :D!
    I'm not into anime (I used to, when I was in school many many years ago XD) so I don't know who are these characters or series, but they look very pretty!!!

    That rement set is awesome too~ Do that work for yo sd sized dolls or it's more like for pure neemos and stuff? I wanted to get some cute chair and desk or school set for Ailene (my lady alice) but I'm clueless of what exactly search for +_+... tried ebay and found nothing but cheap plastic chairs

    1. Hahah it sure is exciting XD I'm always like a kid on the Christmas Day when I'm expecting something in the mail...

      Let me get back to you on that, I can take some pictures! I'd say that Re-ments are best for Azones or BJDs smaller than yo-SDs, such as Pukifees or Latis. At least the furniture are too small for yo-SDs, but sweets and the like might just work :) But I'll try to take some photos on the weekend~

  3. Lovely loot! :3 My favorite of this lot is probably Madoka, I'd love to get both Maiko ja Yukata versions of her too. x3 She's so wonderful and pink!

    I have one Cu-Poche, that's Madoka. :3 I love the posability and those magnetic feet too, but somehow I'm more enthusiastic about Nendoroids... Maybe if they'll release more Cu-Poche characters I'll start getting more interested in this series as well.

    I've not hopped on the Love-Live-fandom-wagon yet, although I keep seeing Love-Live stuff all around me. And it all seems so very cute! :'D Now I feel if I try out the games and fall for them, I'll have another series that I've missed a huge amount of fan stuff on! x'D Oh noo....

    Re-Ment sets are always good! :3 I think I'll try to get some traditional Japanese-food themed Re-Ment sets when I'm in Japan... if I manage to find any.

    1. Oh yes I do recommend getting this Madoka, she's so cute! ♥

      Yeah there hasn't been many interesting characters in the Cu-Poche series, so I'm more of a Nendoroid fan too. But I do like having both!

      I've played the IOS game of Love Live and also watched the anime, I'm a hopeless fan XD It might not be for everyone, but I absolutely love it. It's so cheerful and makes happy~

      Good luck on the Re-ment hunt, I hope you'd find some of them in Japan! :3 I think there's been some older sets that have had traditional Japanese food stuff, but those might be harder to find, maybe? I've never visited Japan though, so I don't know :/ At least all the older stuff online is either sold out or going for huuuuge prices =.=

  4. Congrats on the order! Hobbysearch are the same with their packaging. It must be the norm for posting out figures like these.

    I almost got the Suigintou Nendoroid myself. But I resisted. She looks pretty cool. I like her design and detail as well.

    1. Thank you! ^^ I've never ordered from Hobbysearch, I tend to order most of my figures from Amiami or HLJ. I think my HLJ packages have never been so full of paper O.o On another hand it's good that they make sure nothing gets broken, but I usually go for Registered Airmail and if the box is too large, they can only ship it by SAL Parcel or EMS, which are both a lot more expensive. And then if I pay for the expensive and notice that my stuff could've easily fit in a smaller box so I wouldn't have had to pay so much ^^;

      I can recommend getting the Suigintou Nendoroid, I'm sure she'll pop up at Amiami's preowned section at least :) She really is pretty~