October 24, 2015

Kikipop posing & size comparison

I already mentioned to a few people that me and Sarg were thinking of doing a post about Kikipop's posability, as well as taking a comparison photo of her with some other dolls we have. Sarg undressed Popo for trying out some clothes on her, so we figured that it'd be a perfect moment to take the posing and comparison photos as well :)

Popo-chan hopes that you enjoy the photos and find them useful!


Starting off with some basic standing :) Here you can see how the body looks and where her joints are located. She's not an actual BJD, as she's not strung with elastic (to name one thing), even though the jointing can look similar to BJDs from photos. The body is very sturdy and the joints are quite tight, allowing a variety of poses that require good balance.

If you want to raise her arms higher than her shoulders, you need to turn the joints of the upper arm around. There was a little warning note with the doll that you shouldn't try to forcefully lift the arms higher if they're not turned the right way.

Popo clearly wants more clothes and cute things... Hard to resist such cute begging ^^;

This is easy to do as well, though she only seems to be able to stand on her right leg D: Her left foot's big toe is pointing up a little bit and it makes her balancing on that leg pretty much impossible... But standing on the right leg = not a problem. 

In this photo you can maybe see that pointing big toe (left foot) better :D

She can't crouch lower than this without loosing her balance

But doing some dance moves seems to come naturally from this girl :'D

In her arrival post, I mentioned that she can't sit, but after we took off her clothes we managed to get her sit in some way. Her thigh joints are veeery tight and it's more difficult to move them if she's wearing pants ^^; Here Popo is sitting on a chair, she leans back quite a bit and the pose looks a little stiff.

Sitting with her legs straight she needs to lean back even more ^^; Since the head is empty inside and the material is lighter than the rest of the doll, she can move her head without loosing her balance all the time. In this pose she doesn't fall on her back even though it looks like that might happen.

Crawling like a baby? Not a problem :'D

Even I find this pose hard to do, but Popo seems to be quite flexible XD

Some stretching~ This pose was a bit challenging to do, but the left big toe that made one pose impossible, helped with this one :D

You can take off her hands, but the other parts seem to be stuck on the doll and can't be changed. We're a bit unsure about the feet and head though, but they're so tight that we don't want to risk the doll breaking ^^; The attaching system on the hands is quite similar to the one that Lil Fairies have :)

She can touch her face with no problem!

Lastly, let me show you a comparison of Kikipop with some other dolls:

From left to right:
Fairyland Littlefee - Kikipop - Pureneemo S - Picconeemo S

As you can see, Kikipop is quite different from any other dolls we have :) Some wider yo-SD shoes can fit Kikipop dolls, we tried on some random shoes from Alice's Collections and at least those seemed to fit. Clothing can be a bit more tricky, as you can see there's some difference in the torsos and Kikipop also has a bit shorter legs, yet the lower legs and ankles are thicker compared to Littlefee. I'll be sure to post some more info and pics if/when we find some clothing that fits Popo :)

If you have any questions regarding the posing, size or anything else you're wondering about Kikipop dolls, don't be afraid to ask~


  1. Kiva että teit tämmösen postauksen niin näkee tarkemmin millainen tuo kroppa on ja miten taipuu. :) Tosi kiva postaus!

    1. Kiva että oli hyödyllinen postaus :) Nämä nuket kun on tosiaan aika uusia niin en ole nähnyt oikein mitään posetuskuvia, ajateltiin siis että tällainen postaus olisi hyvä tehdä!

  2. Hih, ihania asentoja ^^ Mahrottoman söpö yksityiskohta tuo sojottava isovarvas X3

    1. Aikamoinen poseeraava veijari tämä kyllä XD Tuo sojottava isovarvas on tosi söpö, mutta harmi että se tosiaan jonkin verran tuntuu vaikuttavan posettamiseenkin...

  3. Olipas mielenkiintoinen postaus, varsinkin kun olen itsekin huomannut alkavani himoita tuollaista Kikipop tyttöstä. x3 Tosin varmaan stailaisin hänet pojaksi, etenkin kun peruukin saa helposti pois. En ehkä huomannut mutta mainitsitko jossain, minkä kokoinen peruukki tälle kupolille menee? :D

    1. Kiva kun tykkäsit postauksesta :3 Oih, olisi hauska nähdä Kikipop poikana! Peruukin saa tosiaan pois, tuo default oli liimattu päähän kiinni, mutta liima lähti ihan rapsuttelulla pois. Ja näillehän pystyy halutessaan custom-meikinkin tekemään ;) Toivottavasti sinnekin kotiutuisi Kikipop jossain vaiheessa, ovat kovin söpöjä! ♥

      Olen tainnut korkeintaan ohimennen mainita jotain peruukeista, mutta mittasin nyt tuon päänympäryksen ja se on 20cm eli n. 7.8inch. Vähän haastava koko peruukkien suhteen siis, kun perus MSD-peruukit (7-8) saattaisivat olla liian tiukkoja (harmillisesti meillä ei taida olla yhtään tuon kokoista tällä hetkellä, jotta voitaisiin testata) ja 8-9 peruukit voivat olla hieman liian löysiä, vähän firmasta riippuen ^^; Testasin tuossa Iplehousen 8-9 peruukkia Popolle ja se istuu täydellisesti!

  4. This was very interesting! Loved all the poses! I'm amazed that she can do the bridge, I can't XD

    The dancing pose is super cute, it reminded me of Shorty and Kitty-N from Bust a Groove XD She'd do an amazing Shorty cosplay *u*

    Love the comparison and posing pics, they are so clear :)

    1. Thanks :3 She's quite an acrobat, hahah XD

      I had to Google that since I'm not familiar with the characters or Bust a Groove, though after seeing the pictures I realized that I've played the demo version when I was little! But you're right, Shorty cosplay would be quite fun for Popo XD

      Great to hear~

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this posing and size comparison with us.

    I see what you mean now when you were saying about the sitting pose. I do love that dance pose though. Looks so cute and fun. Despite the sitting pose, she still manages to do quite a fair bit which is nice and I do like the aesthetics of her body.

    She is quite a deal bigger than a Pureneemo which still surprises me for some reason even though you'd mentioned that in the last post. I wonder if she would fit Yo-SD clothing designed for less slim Yo-SDs as the Littlefees tend to verge on the slimmer proportion for that size. Maybe clothing for Volks Yo-SD? From what I've seen of them, then do seem to be a bit chunkier .... oh, I wonder if they'd fit in the Iplehouse BID clothing as IP dolls tend to be a lot chunkier than most other companies ....food for thought.

    1. No problem, great that people find it useful ^^

      I agree with you, I do think that posability is pretty good despite the problems with sitting and the body looks nice as well!

      Yeah the clothes are quite difficult subject for Kikipop dolls... While the clothes for less slim yo-SDs might fit some parts of the body, these dolls have much slimmer upper body :/ Loose shirts and such might be okay, but with tighter clothing it would be quite a challenge to find something that fits, unless it's specifically made for this body.

  6. She is so cute and her poses are wonderful! However not being able to sit might bother me :O
    I'm not sure if you mentioned it before, but what is her exact wig size?

    You guys are tempting me so much~~ x3

    1. Thank you! I just measured her head, the circumference is 20cm, which is around 8inch. We tried one 8-9inch Iplehouse wig and it fits perfectly, but some companies might have more loose wigs...

      You know you need one Kikipop in your doll family ;3

  7. Popo is adorable and this is a great comparison!! Thank you for doing this, it gave much insight on these dolls!

    1. Thank you x) Love to hear that you found the photos informative! ♥

  8. She's super cute, and all the cool poses she can do! :D

  9. Sou apaixonada pela kikipop desdo momento que a vi uma pena eu não ter condições de comprar uma pra mim.
    Parabéns eu amo seu trabalho perfeita..
    Seguirei sempre apaixonada por ela ...