May 11, 2016

Amiami April loot

Besides Sera, also my Amiami order from April arrived on Monday... :D It was a day full of opening boxes and setting new stuff on display.

I got one scale and two prize figures, the two Nendoroids are Sarg's. I still wanted to include them in the picture, as they arrived in the same package :D The order was so big and heavy that it had to be shipped by either SAL parcel or EMS, we decided to go with the latter since it was only a little bit more expensive and there were two of us sharing the shipping fee. EMS is always so fast and reliable, whereas SAL can take ages to arrive...

Sarg has been quite excited about this Venom Snake Nendo. He came with many fun accessories, like the Fulton balloon, weapons, cigarette and even a cardboard box XD Seems like the perfect Nendo for a MGS fan, though it would've been even more perfect if he came with the chicken hat!

I'm sure Sarg will come up with some fun photos of Mr. Snake later, so make sure to follow her on DeviantArt and/or Instagram :)

I hate this character and Sarg doesn't know much about the whole Fate series (besides Saber being awesome :'D), so it might seem a bit weird to get him... The only reason why Sarg ordered this Nendo is that she's trying to put together a Nendoroid version of herself and thus gathering pieces from a few different Nendoroids. She wanted the body/outfit from this one. There was a visible white spot on the figure's pants, but seems like Amiami is going to send us a replacement part!

Moving on to my figures!

Let's start with the one that I was most excited about - 1/8 scale figure of Mercedes from Odin Sphere! ♥ This figure had been on my wishlist for years and I thought I would never be able to get my hands on her without paying at least double the retail price (as she was no longer for sale at any hobby stores, just popped up every now and then on the second-hand market for horrible prices), but then I saw the news about it getting re-released! It made me so happy and I knew I'd have to pre-order her instantly - which I did, of course :D

I have to say that I've never played Odin Sphere since it's a PS2 game and I've never had a PS2 myself, so I don't know much about the game itself or Mercedes' character. I do love the character design a lot though and I'm also a big sucker for anything fairy related ^^; Luckily the game is getting a HD remake for PS4 in summer and I can't wait to be able to try it out then~ I have high expectations and hopefully won't end up being disappointed!

There she is in the box! ♥

The box is really pretty, so I just had to take photos from all sides~

Out of the box! She came in two separate parts - the figure had to be attached to the base. I'm glad that she was designed like that, in one piece there would've been much bigger risk of her getting broken during the shipping.

Close-up of the cute frog XD I think it's such a cute and funny detail~

Mercedes' face looks really cute and I like how her eyes catch light in certain angles :) The painting job looks great all over.

Another gorgeous detail on the figure is the "water", it looks like an actual little pond!

I'm so, so happy to be able to have this figure in my collection now! ♥ After admiring her from all the photos through the years, I can only say that she looks even more gorgeous in person~ I hope to take some pictures of Mercedes outside in a forest, such scenery would be perfect for her :3

The second figure I got is this Ichiban Kuji prize figure of Madoka Kaname :3 She was a lucky get from Amiami's Preowned section. Apparently this set of Ichiban Kuji figures is usually quite expensive (4000-7000yen+, so around $35-65 or even higher), but I got her for just 2700yen (~$25)...  She's a nice figure, but I still wouldn't have bought her for a higher price. Got very lucky, I guess :D

Madoka's outfit look really cute~

One fun detail on this figure is that random Kyubey's eye on the skirt XD

The heart pattern on the collar continues on the back!

My third and last figure in this order was Ranko Kanzaki from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls ^^ This is another prize figure that I got from Amiami's Preowned and cost me a bit less than 2000yen (~$18) Although I'm not a huge fan of the anime, I do love Ranko and she's definitely my favorite character from the whole Idolm@ster series. There have been gorgeous scale figures of her, so I kinda bought this one as a consolation prize for myself since I didn't want to pre-order the more expensive ones XD

She looks surprisingly nice for her price! I love the outfit and pose. Her arms and hands look a bit too long, though that could be just because of the shorter sleeves? I wish the base was darker, the white color doesn't fit so nicely with the rest of the figure ^^;

Not a big fan of the way her eyebrows are painted, but I can live with that XD

That's it for the April order! I have one scale and two Nendoroid pre-orders scheduled to be released in late May, but they might still be delayed by a month or two, who knows... So the next figure loot post won't probably be until June or later :)


  1. Awesome figures! I love love love the Madoka one. She's really cute.
    I think Ranko looks very pretty, but I don't want to watch anything about The Idolm@ster, because I fear how it could become a new obsession ;w; Haha
    Mercedes look adorable! Too bad I don't really play any games :P

    1. Thanks :D Madoka's outfit is really nice and cute!
      I know what you mean hahah XD The Idolm@ster anime hasn't gotten me as excited and obsessed as Love Live, though the characters are pretty nice and they have a few good songs too. Nothing could beat Love Live in my eyes XD
      I'm dying to get to play Odin Sphere, hopefully I'll like the game as well!

  2. I'm not familiar with Idolm@ster, but Ranko is a gorgeous figure - I love all the dress details!

    1. Oh yes, I love Ranko's character design and she has a fun personality too! :)

  3. Oih, tuo Mercedes! ♥3♥ Oon kanssa ihastellut pitkään kyseistä figua. Upea tuo liikkeen tuntu siinä :3

    1. Se on tooosi ihana kyllä! ♥ Monesti nämä dynaamisen posen omaavat figut näyttää jollain tapaa hassuilta, mutta on tämän kanssa on kyllä onnistuttu täysin :3

  4. Awesome figures but Mercedes takes the cake! She's gorgeous and I love the stand with the lily pad and frog, it's really beautiful.

    1. Mercedes sure does take the cake! XD Definitely one of the most beautiful figures in my collection~

  5. I love Ranko's design, but I've never watched anything related to her. Haha, so I know what you mean about just getting something for design rather than knowing where it came from ~

    All your purchases are so cute and pretty x3

    1. Hahah yeah, I guess sometimes we just fall in love with some things only based on their appearance~ I tried to avoid that with figures though, so that I won't end up too many figures ^^;
      Thank you!

  6. Ihania figuureita! *__* En ole seurannut mitään sarjoja tms mutta tuo keijukainen <3 IHANA!

    1. Kiitos :3 Mercedes-keijukainen on kyllä aivan ihana~

  7. An awesome loot, congrats!!
    I must say that Snake's nendo is too cute xD
    I loved the Mercedes figure too, a lovely design :D

    1. Thank you :D
      Snake Nendo is both cute and fun, though I'm sure he doesn't appreciate being called cute, hahah XD
      I agree with you that the Mercedes figure has an amazing design! ♥

  8. MERCEDESSSS my precioussssss :D
    I love all the characters from Odin Sphere, but Mercedes is my fav next to Gwendolyn. Once you play the story of all the characters is harder to pick favorites though hahaha.

    The base Mercedes has is very well thought, including the frog. Hope you play the game~!

    The pink haired girl is also super cute, love hwe outfit!!

    And congrats on your loot, is very nice indeed! I already saw Sarg having fun with Venom Snake ove ron instagram XD

    1. I like Gwendolyn's character design as well, and then there's also Velvet ;3; So many stunning charas~ Can't wait to play the game and see how I feel about the characters then XD

      Thanks! Yeah we couldn't resist playing around with the poor Snake Nendoroid XD

  9. These figures are all so awesome! I want to get one some day, but I can't decide! ;3;