May 30, 2016

Summery picnic meet-up

We (me, Sarg, TiinyanXayaElina and Dusky) finally managed to have our picnic meet-up yesterday (on Sunday)! This time we chose the perfect date, since the weather was really lovely ^^ We had decided to go to the Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden, which is full of beautiful flowers and trees that are great for photography purposes. There were also surprisingly few people, thanks to some kind of a fair near the garden that people found more interesting than looking at flowers :D

It's great how we always have such a nice variety of different kinds of dolls, both resin and vinyl!

Besides Sarg's panther, Tiinyan's Elian (Crobidoll Yeon-Ho) and my Gwyn were the biggest dolls at the meet-up. Both seemed so shy XD

Tiinyan's cute Mamachapp girl! ♥ 

And little Olavi, he also belongs to Tiinyan. I was not so fond of these Luts cats at first, but after seeing Olavi I'm pretty sure that I need one of these cuties at some point >.<

Tiinyan's Miisu (SQ Lab Chibi Moe)

Elina's grumpy little Hilde (Soom Yrie)

Malva, Elina's mint Pipos Ringo :3

Jaya's Dollzone Big Dipper

Jaya's Jeeli, Pipos Derek

A bunch of Pureneemos~

We had two Seras at the meet-up, Tiinyan's girl and mine ^^

Sarg's and my Neemos in their cute kimonos ^w^

Miu thought that it's really soft and comfy on Mimmi's lap... (Mimmi belongs to Xaya) Miu wore her cosplay of Sword Art Online's Yui :3

Xaya's Emmi

The newest addition in Xaya's Neemo family, Penni

Sarg's Popo was really happy to meet another Kikipop friend, Tiinyan's Varpu :3

Xaya had made such a delicious cake *o*

These cookies ♥♥♥

Snake looking for some cookies as well...

"Who ate all of them?!!"

Sarg and Tiinyan took some photos of their cats, Pandora was probably teaching some basic hunting stuff to lil Olavi XD

Laying around after the hunt training session... Dusky's Darkie wants to be a cat too? D:

I took sooo many photos of Olavi, since he's so cute ;w;

Oh yes, he's cute~

Tail comparison bawww ♥

Small paw vs. big paw

Moving on from cats to birds :'D Chici met Tiinyan's Kaspian, the most handsome little bird boy again, and they went on a little dat--I mean walk! There were many fun places for these two :3

Adventure time! 

Chici: "Let's go there!"
Kaspian: "?? What's that noise?"

Kaspian: "Bad bad kitty, you won't eat us!"
Chici: "Oh, Kaspian you're so brave!! ♥"
Jeeli: "Um, this is a misunderstanding... ^^;;"

In the end, Jeeli was just curious and wanted to see what the little birds were up to. He had no intention of eating or hurting them in any way XD They made up and maybe even became friends?

Little chirps being all fluffy and cute~ ♥ Though I'm not sure if that's the safest place, so close to the panther ^^;; Chici hopes that she was not too heavy...

After the others left, me and Sarg stayed for a while and took a few more photos!

Thank you for the lovely meet-up guys <3 The summer has just begun, so hopefully we'll still have time for many more picnics~ 


  1. Whaaa!! Look at all the happy babies! <333 Looks like good times, and what beautiful flowers! :D

    1. Yup, definitely had great time (and I hope everyone else had too :D) and the scenery was really beautiful~

  2. So many cool dolls but I can see Olavi stole the spotlight in most blogs XD!!! Such a cute cat!! and the contrat with the iplehouse panther is wow, they look great together hahaha.

    Love all the photos!! I was starting to miss Chici already, so glad to see her in good company again :D!

    1. Hahah seems so XD Olavi is just so cute, so it's no wonder! After seeing him in person I really want to order one of the Luts cats >3< Although they're a bit more cartoony compared to the realistic panther, they look really nice together~

      Thanks :3 I actually re-did Chici's faceup right after the meet-up too, so I'm going to take even more photos of her soon!

  3. All the photos are so bright and colorful, it seems you found a great spot for photography~

    Omg, the cake! It looks soooo mouthwateringly good!

    Aww, poor Jeeli :D But such a cute ending of the story after all!

    1. Thank you :) It was a really nice spot for a picnic and taking photos~ Already missing the cake ;___;

      I'm sure that Jeeli understood that little chicks need to be careful :D

  4. Really beautiful photos of everyones lovelies.

    That black panther is something else. Pretty awesome.

    How do those Mamachapp dolls compare to the Pureneemos? I've been a bit curious about them.

    Your girl is looking as stunning as ever.

    1. Thank you :) It's always fun to have many different kinds of dolls in meet-ups.

      I don't know that much about Mamachapp dolls since I don't own any myself yet, but I've been wanting one for ages! They are really cute and about the same size as Pureneemos, they have Obitsu bodies by default. I believe that it's possible to change them into Pureneemo bodies as well :)

  5. It seems like the botanical garden was a jqckpot for photo opportunities... I love all the pics, marveling at the compositions, poses and little stories the pics tell. Especially the photo sets with Olavi and Pandora and Jeeli with the little birdies~ <3 Love!

    I'm also really starting to love Olavi and the Luts cats after seeing Tiinyan's and your photos. He has such an expressive little face! <3 I really like the idea of Pandora teaching Olavi the ways of the wild cats~

    ...and that Suffeli Pätkis wafer package with Miisu in the background, it's like from a commercial or something! "Would you buy wafers from this cat?" Yes I would! :)

    The final photos are also lovely, I like Gwyn's pose.
    Hopefully I can come with you guys to the next picnic meetup, meh seems I'm missing out on so much fun. ^^;;

    1. Oh yes, it's a really nice place for doll photos~ Me and Sarg have been going there for years XD I'm happy that we managed to get those photo sets~

      Same here about the Luts cats, I even have one in the shopping cart at the moment ahem... ^^; I became fond of the cartoony features, even though at first I wasn't sure if one would fit in my crew. After seeing Olavi with Pandora, I realized that one little Luts cat is definitely welcome in this household x3

      Those Suffeli Pätkis wafers were sooo good, we ate the whole package during the meet-up :D I'm sure all store shelves would be empty in a second if Miisu was selling these wafers~

      Thank you :) It's not the easiest thing to balance SDs with high heels, so I didn't even try anything fancier this time, good to hear that the pose still looks good XD And I really hope that you can join us next time! ♥

  6. Ohh yeah and the cat tail pic! <3 I want more Pandora and Olavi adventures! :33

    1. Aren't their tails so cute XD <3 More Pandora and Olavi adventures would be really fun!

  7. So many gorgeous dollies!! And what a yummy cake!!!!
    I loved the photos, Pandora looking stunning as always, and your Neemos adorable <3

    1. Thank you :3 Had a great time at the meet-up and I'm really happy with the photos~

  8. Oli kyllä ihanaa päästä ulkona miittailemaan ja sää tosiaan suosi!

    Jos sinä otit paljon kuvia Olavista, niin itelläni joka toinen kuva tuntui olevan Pandoraa! XD Oli kyllä mahtia, että Sarg toi jättikissansa miittiin!

    Ihania nuo viimeiset kuvat! Etenkin Gwyn on niin kaunis! ;3; ♥ Ei ihme, että Elian oli ihan jäässä kyseisen kaunottaren seurassa XD

    1. Niin oli ja onneksi sää tosiaan oli meidän puolella tällä kertaa! Toivottavasti seuraavana miittinä sama tuuri jatkuu :D

      Hahah XD No mutta se on aina mukava, kun miiteistä löytyy jotain kiinnostavaa mitä ei (vielä) omista nurkista löydy~ Sargilla haba kasvaa kun kantelee tuota jättikisua ympäriinsä >:D Mahtaisi olla Sohvi kummissaan kohtaamisesta tuommoisen kanssa!

      Hih, kiitos x3 Ei Elian ihan uskaltanut katsekontaktia ottaa ja kääntyikin Gwyniin päin vasta katsoakseen Miisun perään XD

  9. Olipa kyllä hauska miitti! :) Ihania kuvia, etenkin Gwyn *__* kaunotar! Ja hauska tarina pienistä linnuista ja isosta ja pienestä kissasta! Näihin kuviin ja tunnelmiin palaa kyllä mieluusti uudelleenkin. ^__^

    1. Hauskaa oli tosiaan :) Ja kiitos! Hyvin ehti siinä höpöttelyn lomassa välillä kuvailemaankin~ Blogien kautta on kiva aina taltioida näitä miittimuistojakin, välillä voi sitten palata katselemaan ja muistelemaan :3

  10. So many lovely captures! you have chosen such a beautiul and suiting place for this picnic. And all the cute dolls! I am also so in lobe with the little Luts cat X///D awwwn <3

    1. Thank you dear x3 It was a really nice place for this picnic meet-up and also for doll photos~ Me and Sarg have been going there for years to take photos of our dolls, especially during summer :3

      I just fell in love with the Luts cats thanks to seeing Tiinyan's Olavi in person! ♥ I already have one of them in my shopping cart, oops...