May 1, 2016

May Day donut party!

Happy May Day guys, I hope you've all had a great weekend (whether or not you celebrate May Day in your country)! It's quite a big holiday in Finland, but me and Sarg haven't done much celebrating - we decided to leave that to the Neemos and take some photos of them!

Donuts are one of the most typical treats for May Day, at least here in Finland, and we wanted to include them in this photoshoot. I've been wanting to take some photos with my kitchen Re-ments and this was a perfect chance to do that. At first we thought about taking just one photo where the Neemos are eating some donuts, but then we got this idea of a full photoshoot where the girls are making the donuts themselves :) Luckily it's been really sunny during this weekend and we've had a lot of natural light, which made it possible to take these photos in the first place :3

Sarg did most of the posing, while I did most of the planning, took the photos and acted as a director hahah XD We had so much fun, Neemos always bring smiles to our faces~

Hope you'll enjoy the photoshoot! ♥


Kaori: "Hello! Today I'll be teaching you how to make donuts c: Are you ready?"

Mayuna & Harumi: "YEEEEEES!! ^____^"

Kaori: "We're starting with the dough. This can be a bit challenging, so watch carefully..."

Mayuna: "Ugh, it's sticky :I"
Harumi: "Should we use more flour? D:"

Mayuna: "I can't... This dough is stuck on my hands ^^;;"
Harumi: "This is not working..."

Harumi & Mayuna: "Please help! :c"
Kaori: "Oh my..."

A few minutes later...

Kaori: "Okay, now you should shape the dough like this. Start by making a ball..."
Harumi: "I got this!"

Mayuna: "Is it okay if mine is not so pretty? ;___;"
Kaori: " Don't worry, at least you're trying your best :)"

Kaori: "Now that we have a baking tray full of donuts, let's get ready for the next step!"

Kaori: "We need to boil some oil in a pot and we're going to put those donuts in it..."
Miu: "Oh, what's this?? Are they making something yummy?? *w*"

Kaori: "Remember to be careful with this step, look closely what I'm doing here..."

Miu: "I wanna try too!!"
Mayuna: "Miu, this is too dangerous for you >.<"

Kaori: "Harumi, you can try this now. I'm gonna call your friends now and tell them that they can come over soon ^^"
Mayuna: "I'll go to the toilet, be right back!"

Miu: "Can I eat them already?! :3"
Harumi: "N-no... You must wait for the others to arrive..."

Mayuna: "Hey, let me try now!"
Harumi: "O-okay, be careful..."

Mayuna: "Wait what?! Where are the donuts?!"
Harumi: "I put them right there, I swear ;___;"
Kaori: "Hmm..."

Kaori: "A-ha! We have a little thief here!"
Mayuna: "I knew it..."
Miu: "Nononononooo, it tickles!!"

Kaori: "Try to behave now, Miu. You can eat the donuts soon, just wait a little bit."
Miu: "Okaaay~ ♪"

After some time...

Harumi: "Who wants some tea? ^.^"
Mayuna: "Hope you like the donuts!! I covered the dark ones with some chocolate!"
Kaori: "I'm glad you could all come over~"
Miu: "Yay, finally donuts!!"

Sayuri: "This looks really pretty :3 I'm sure it tastes good as well~"

Miu: "I ate already, thank you for the fooood!"
Kaori: "Miu, don't leave the table with that mug!!"

Aurora: "It was delicious! Should I take another?"
Fumiko: "I'm such a slow eater, still at my first donut ^^;"

Kaori: "There's no hurry girls! We have the whole evening to eat and chat ^^"

Harumi: "Would somebody like some cookies too?"

And that's how their donut adventure went XD A few mysteries remain unsolved, like who took care of all the dishes and who cleaned the dough and flour from the floor... I also really hope that the girls threw away the donuts that Miu stole, hahah. No one would want to eat donuts that were on the floor XD (except maybe Miu...)

I also have a few funny extras XD

Things don't always go so smoothly... Especially when there are so many dolls in the photos, situations like this are bound to happen ^^; There is some real juice in the drinking glass and it miraculously stays in there even when Kaori pushed it over while falling...

Eemil: "There was a party and I was not invited? :c"


  1. I love all the little details here - the trail of flour, the bubbles in the oil. And doughnuts are always great (although now I'm hungry for a snack! ;)). Plus the final photo with giant Eemil peering over the wall is too funny! :)

    Happy May Day!

    1. Thanks so much ^^ It's always really fun to try to do things in smaller scale and make them look as realistic as possible~ I would've loved some eatable donuts while making this story, but sadly we didn't have any ;__;

  2. Nää sun kuvat on aina niin hienoja! Tykkään sun propseista sun kuvissa, kaikki nuketkin ovat oikein söpöjä. ♥ Näistä oikein näkee että olet nähnyt vaivaa!

    1. Kiitoksia~ Kaikenlaisia proppeja on tullut vuosien varrella hamstrattua ja etenkin tässä koossa tuntuu löytyvän kaikkea kivaa c:

  3. Happy May Day to you and Sarg! We call it Labour Day here, at least that's what it is in my state. However I think some states have a different time for Labour Day. Our country is weird like that!

    You guys are really good at posing these dolls and creating such great scenes with them. Now I feel like doughnuts!

    And that giant crashing the party at the end, neat.

    1. Thank you dear! ♥ This is the first time I've heard of Labour Day, it's great to find out about the way things are in different countries! The reasons for celebrating seem to be quite different around the world as well.

      Love to hear that, we do enjoy making these little photostories with our dolls :) Hahah I was also craving for donuts while taking the photos...

      No worries though, the giant didn't hurt anyone or ruin the party XD

  4. Yay Happy may day for you two!!!! Love the photostory1! At first I thought Miu put the donuts back to the plate after being on the floor XD!!!

    And as for the misteries that remain to be solved, it might be the same cleaning team that does all the work in Raccoon City! When I was younger and played all the old Resident evil games with my brother, We used to talk a lot about how cool the cleaning team of that city was, you could leave 6 bloody zombie corpses in a room and come back to that room the next minute and they were all gone! not even one blood stain on the floor! So now everything like that we attribute it to them XD! Best service in the world!

    Thanks for sharing this photostory, it was cute and funny and bright and happy :D! Love the last photo as well!

    Sarg is a master posing dolls, seriously!

    1. Thank you ^^ Hahah well I thought that it looks like that too, but let's pretend that Miu threw them in the trash and helped the others to make new donuts XD (Though I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did put the donuts back to the plate...)

      Hahah that sounds like excellent cleaning service indeed! XD Who knows if they visited the Neemos as well... Our Lil Fairies would be anxious though, they're also cleaners so they'd be afraid that the other cleaners are going to steal their jobs XDD

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the photostory! ♥

  5. Kauheasti olette taas nähneet vaivaa kaikkiin pieniin söpöihin yksityiskohtiin *3* <3 Ihana shootti ja voi Miu, tuo pieni viipottelija ja höseltäjä <3

    1. Kiitoksia kovasti <3 Miu pikkuinen jaksaa kyllä aina viipottaa ja säheltää ties mitä ^^;;

  6. Great story :) I'm really amazed by Sarg's posing skills. It couldn't have been easy with that many dolls!
    Happy May day to you two ^^

    1. Thank you :) Taking photos and making photostories would be so much harder and slower, if I had to do everything by myself. I'm really happy that she helps me!

  7. Ihana tarina! <3 Hah, voi jättiläisparkaa, ei taida tytöiltä löytyä niin isoa munkkia että siinä olisi enemmän kuin yksi suupala. :P

    1. Kiitos! ♥ Joo taitaisi mennä jättiläispoitsulle melkein koko pellillinen yhdellä suupalalla ^^;

  8. Happy May Day for you too!! :D
    This story was just so cute! I saw the SnK cameo on Sargg's Instagram and laughed a lot. Poor Eemir! Hope the girls invite him next time.
    I love those rements, they are adorable!

    1. Thank you :3 Who knows, maybe Eemil gets an invite next time! The girls would have to prepare a looot of food for him though XD

      I'm addicted to Re-ments, there are so many adorable things to collect and they make wonderful props for photos!

  9. Lol this is sooooo cute!! XD
    I love how they 'interact' and their personalities. You guys did a great work! :D
    Dat last photo :'D

    1. Thank you, love to hear that ^^ Each of the girls do have their own personality and the goal is to make them show somehow~ We're really happy if you think that we succeeded! ♥

  10. Tämähän voisi olla tutoriaali munkkien paistamiseen myös ihmisille! Vain resepti puuttuu. Neemojen kokkikoulu~ :D
    Tosi söpöisiä kuvia ja Miu taas vauhdissa! Onneksi jäi muillekin syötävää jäljelle pikkumunkkivarkaan jäljiltä!

    Titaani-Eemilin hyökkäys! :D

    1. Ehkä Neemojen kokkikoulusta voisi tulla kokonainen sarja? Grillauskausi on pian alkamassa, niin ties mitä kaikkea keksisivät :'D
      Miu on kyllä mahdoton ADHD-tapaus, aina menossa ja säheltämässä... Eipä toinen kuitenkaan pahaa koskaan tarkoita ♥

  11. Voi miten ihana tarina ja kaikki yksityiskohdat! :D Jopa öljy näyttää öljyltä vaikka taidan aavistaa mitä se oli! Mahottoman mahtavat munkkirinkilät! Miulle kanssa! Kaikille on herkku munkkeja, Miu on kokoajan menossa ja tekemässä. XD <3 Ihan mahtavia noi taikinan lääpistelykuvat joissa se vaan venyyyy... xD <3 Ja Eemil, komioinen jota ei kutsuttu munkin syöntiin. :D

    1. Kiitos kovasti~ Ei ollut tosiaan oikeaa öljyä tässä, vaan karpalokivennäisvettä by Pirkka :D Kaikennäköisiä niksejä sitä tulee aina kehiteltyä. Miu on kyllä pysäyttämätön, ei taida virta loppua ikinä!

      Nuo taikinan venyttelyt olivat muuten kaikkein hankalimpia kuvata minusta, sai ottaa muutaman uusinnan kun taikina aina katkesi kesken kaiken XD

  12. Oon samaa mieltä Spican kanssa; tästä tulis hyvä ohje myös meille ihmisille ^^

    Ihanat tahma taikinat oli Mayunalla ja Harumilla XD

    Vitsit kun sais tollasia taikalaseja meille päiväkotiin, jossa pysyy juomat sisällä, niin ei joutuis korjailemaan niin paljon lasten jälkiä :D

    1. Toivottavasti ohjeen teosta vastaisi Kaori, eikä esim. Miu, jonka ohjeeseen varmaan kuuluisi donitsien syöminen kuormasta ^^;

      Hahah taikalasit olisi varmasti oikein kätevät päiväkotiin :DD

  13. Wow, I wondered how you actually got the donuts to boil, then I realized maybe you used a sparkling drink. haha :D It looks amazingly real! I love the story and the sticky dough parts~
    Also poor Eemil! :D

    1. Yup, it was sparkling drink hahah :D It looked pretty nice, though maybe more like boiling water than oil, but close enough~
      Thank you!

  14. What a beautiful set of pictures. I saw those donuts made in a video, but they look much better with dolls. Cute story!

    1. Thanks so much~ ♥ If there were videos of dolls teaching how to cook/bake, maybe I'd a bit better at making food hahah XD

  15. Oh nooooooo how cute is this?! Seriously! It is such precious story and So well made. I enjoy your photostories so much! I can see so much effort in them but also fun, it was all worth it dear! I admire you for another talent ^-^ *hugs*

    1. Thank you so much dear, I'm really happy to hear that~ ^////^ We always have so much fun while doing these, so it's lovely if we can share the happiness through photos~

  16. Just adorable! I love the photostories you do with these girls!!