January 29, 2015

Mimori's box opening ♥

Here she is, Azone Antique Sweet Memory Cotton Candy Miu!! Being shipped on last Sunday and arriving today, she got home super fast~ This was my first purchase from Mandarake, but I'm definitely happy with them and will deal with them in the future as well.

I'm so glad that I have a day off from work, so I can stay home all day and play with her yay XD

And now for the photos! (This is going to be a picture-heavy post...)

An adorable Miu card ;___; I so need to put this on my wall sniff

Here she is!! That box background is really pretty, I used it as a background for some photos below since I was too lazy to set up anything proper X'D

Mimi: "Hello~ My name is Mimori, but you can call me Mimi c:"

I tried on her bonnet and cape ; w ; I think I'm going to die from this cuteness...

A super cute bag! I wasn't expecting it to be functioning, but it actually has a snap button and can be opened D: Mimi can put some candy in there hahah XD

Nia fell in love with the bunny scarf so I'll let her have it...

Mimi-chan came with the older version of the Pureneemo body (Advance), one that doesn't have joints at elbows, knees and ankles. The posability is very limited; she is only able to move her arms up or down, not to the sides, can't bend her knees, can only sit with her legs spread, etc. XD Nia luckily has the Full Flection S body, so she can share it with Mimi until I get a second body... I've actually been thinking of buying XS body for Mimi instead of S, but I'm not sure yet. It sure would be nice if she was shorter than Miyuki (who has S body) :3

Preparing to swap bodies with Nia XD

Floating head with the cape as a hat... ^^; I don't even know...

Here's a comparison of the bodies (Flection on left, Advance on right). They look very similar, but there's a big difference in the posability between them. Since I want to be able to take photos of my dolls and pose them, I don't really fancy that Advance body ^^; But if you just want to keep your doll on display, it would work out just fine. I might end up selling it as I don't really have use for it...

Body swap complete! Look who can now bend her arms~ And now Nia is all ??? I can't move? o.o

Happy Mimi is happy!

I also took a few cute shots of Mimi with her little sister Miu ♥ I also need to take proper photos of them later and with the third sister Miyuki as well~

The size difference is just too adorable XD

Miu: "Look I'm wearing big sis's bonnet!! :3"
Me: "Um... I think that's a bit big on you... ^^;"

That was all for now, sorry for the long post and all the Miu spam hahah XD
I hope you all have a great weekend!

January 25, 2015

Oops I did it again...

...bought a doll that is ^^;
I was browsing through Mandarake when I saw a doll that nearly made me jump in my chair XD I showed it to Sarg and we squeed for a while, then I decided that I must bring her home... I tried not to get too excited while waiting for the order confirmation, I've heard that Mandarake doesn't always update their stock so there was a possibility that she was sold already ;__; But then I got the confirmation next day, so she's officially MINEEEE!!

She is Antique Sweet Memory Cotton Candy Miu! ♥

Photo © Azone

Somehow I had never realized that there was a Miu with black, short hair like she has... I thought that all the black-haired ones had long hair :'D So I was really surprised when I saw this one, bob haired cuties really are my weakness ;___; And her outfit was so adorable as well, there was no way I could've resisted! Look at dat cutie pie face ;___; And that bonnet... And that cape awwww...

She looks less mature than Sarg's Miu, Miyuki, who is the Secret Wonderland version, so we decided that she'll be a little sister to Miyuki and a big sister to my Picco Miu. Looks like we're gonna have a family of Mius hahah XD But it's definitely the cutest face...

I have already decided on her name, she'll be Mimori alias Mimi-chan~

Photo © Azone

Photo © Azone

Speaking of Mius, Sarg took a cute photo of hers today! I'm going to make more detailed profiles for my Azones and will also include Sarg's Miyu as a special quest star, so I asked Sarg to take a photo which I could use as Miyu's profile picture.

That's actually one of the skirts that I showed in my AmiAmi loot... I decided to give it to Miyu as blue color is more her thing than my girls', I'm maybe going to order it in another color later. I also borrowed that shirt to try it with the skirt, but damn, Miyu looks so cute in it that now I kinda want to give it to her as well... XDD

Miyu is looking forward to meeting her sister!! She's coming via EMS, so if I'm lucky she might make it home next week already @_@

January 23, 2015

Sewing update!

I've been sewing a lot during this week!
First, I made a bunch of simple shirts for Sarg's EID girls :3 At first I thought that Carmen wouldn't be too happy about modelling these since none of these are really her style, but looks like I could put anything on her and she still looks good :'D She's definitely one of my most photogenic dolls, I don't think I've ever managed to get a bad photo of her...

I kinda fell in love with that first fabric though... I think I need to make something for Carmen from it, maybe a tight sport bra thing or something like that! The second fabric is really nice too ;___;

Little Chici got a new casual outfit as well, hahah look at that attitude~ "We small ones can pose like models too!" XDD The visible stitches on the shirt are all over the place, but at least the sewing machine didn't eat the whole damn thing, it's sooo tiny XD I'd love to make some long-sleeves for Chici as well, but her winged arms make it quite challenging... I guess I just need to make huge sleeves or something XD But next I definitely want to make a her a cute dress! 

January 21, 2015

Amiami package... again

My Kousaka Honoka Nendoroid somehow got separated from the rest of my December order, so I had to get her shipped separately u_u After finding out about this, I figured I'd rather add a bunch of Pure Neemo clothes to this order, since the other one was so huge already ^^; I also happened to find a Nozomi prize figure from Ami's pre-owned section just before the payment deadline and added her to the order as well ;w; (I have Kotori coming with my January package later, after her I'll have the complete collection of Love Live No Brand Girls prize figures ♥

My order was shipped on January 8th via SAL Small Packet and arrived today, so it took a little less than two weeks to arrive :3 Even though they don't offer the registered option for SAL anymore, this method has been quite fast and reliable, so I have used it for smaller packages occasionally.

Now let's move on to the loot!

• Kousaka Honoka Nendoroid

My second Love Live Nendoroid :3 She came with pretty nice extra parts, so she can make cute poses like this ;w; Honoka isn't one of my favorites, but I do like her as a Nendo!

Took a quick photo of Honoka with Nico x3 More girls will be joining them slowly throughout the year X'D I'm so happy that GSC didn't release them all at once, that would've killed my wallet so hard... One per month is good.

• Tojo Nozomi -No Brand Girls- prize figure

Nozomi is my favorite character from Love Live and I absolutely love this figure of her! She's wonderful quality even if she's just a prize figure and her pose is so cute <3 I even love her box, it's all purple and pretty!! (forgot to take a picture of it on its own, but you can see it above on the whole loot picture)

Even though there's no Kotori yet, I wanted to take a quick photo of the almost complete group XD It was quite challenging to get them all fit into the picture (my quick background wasn't wide enough..) and unfortunately Maki, Umi and Nozomi are behind the other girls >.< I'll definitely try to take a better photo once I get Kotori as well!

• Pure Neemo clothes

A bunch of December clothes that I got~ A light pink blousewhite/blue checkered tiered skirt, beige checkered pleat skirt and off-white knit one piece & knit cap set ♥ I admit that I bought the last one just for the adorable knit cap, my Neemos need hats X'D I wish they had more colors of that set (instead of off-white, pure white and grey), would've loved a pastel-colored set as well.

But anyway, I'm really happy with all these clothes! I think I need to snag that tiered skirt in another color as well~ I also noticed that some other clothes that I've been keeping an eye on are still in stock, so I might grab some other pieces too. One of my New Year's goals was to get more clothes for my dolls and that goes for my Neemos too so... ^^; I don't think I'm going to need anything from the January clothes from what I've seen, so I can focus on getting some older pieces :3

January 16, 2015

Tony the Toad arrives

A few days ago I received a letter from the customs about an EMS package from "KOOM, Korea"... It weighed only 0,4 kilos and I hadn't ordered anything neither by EMS nor from Korea, so I realized that it must be my photo contest prize from SOOM, lol XD Sarg received her prize too, she got the most amazing eyes that her grey skin Hyperon is going to use!

When me and Sarg entered the contest, I joked that if either of us by any chance happens to win, let's name the doll as "Tony the Toad"... So, Tony he is XD Tony Spark. He'll get cute little aristocrat clothes and hopefully a nice tophat from Sarg! We already have cute photoshoot ideas for him, though for some of those we need to wait until summer comes >3<

So yeah, here comes a little box opening! He's a Soom Toad in light green resin :)

He came in a very manly box XD

Yaaay I got a blue matryoshka doll pouch!! I'm sure they're mind-readers at Soom, since they seem to know what gender the doll's character is and send the right pouch color, even though the dolls are actually genderless... I've seen a Chici that was sent in a blue pouch and it's a boy, mine is a girl and got the pink pouch XD Creepy hahah

There was a little resin crown in that bubblewrapper, I forgot to take a photo ;___; I didn't know that they'd include the crown with the doll, it was a lovely surprise~ I guess Tony is a frog prince then ;3

Just look how cute he is and so full of personality, even as a blank doll! I was a bit afraid about how I'd feel about the body, since I really don't like it on the other animals Soom has released, they look too chubby for my taste... But I think this body is perfect for a frog, so it doesn't bother me anymore :3 In fact, I'm loving him so much already, even though I never expected to get a doll like him~

I don't have any proper eyes for him yet, these were just an extra pair that I had. According to Soom Toad uses 16mm eyes, but these are 14mm and I think they work well... I'm not even sure if 16mm would fit since even these were a tight fit o_o Anyways, I'll need to figure out what size and color I want for him and then order some :) Meanwhile I can make him some clothes and get him a faceup and some blushing (with help from Sarg ♥).

Hopefully I can share more photos of Tony soon ^^

January 13, 2015

Comparison: Re-ments & different dolls

Fantasywoods asked me if Re-ments would work for yo-SD sized dolls and I promised to take some pictures for her :3 I chose Lulu (Peakswoods Vampire Hucky) as my yo-SD example, since Fantasywoods has a PW girl too so I thought this way the comparison would be the most accurate~ Other dolls in the comparisons are Shiori (Pure Neemo Maya, M body) and Miu (Picco Neemo Miu).

I believe Re-ments are meant to be 1/12 sized, so they should work the best for Picco Neemos as those are in the same scale. Many people do use Re-ments for 1/6 scale Pure Neemos as well and it does work too! Yo-SDs are considered as 1/6 scale among the BJDs, but their proportions are very different compared to Pure Neemos, so they look different with Re-ments as well.

I'm only sharing my personal opinions along these photos, everyone can decide from themselves what they think and what doll size they would use these props for :)

I'd say that that the furniture are too small for yo-SDs in terms of realism, but the food and such work fine! The Rilakkuma table set might work for a kid's room etc. but not necessarily as a more realistic cafe setting ^^; Lulu seemed to fell in love with that tasty-looking cake piece...

I also compared Lulu with the Rilakkuma kotatsu that I have, again this gives off a child's room type of feeling :3 The size is not too bad, but it is a bit on the small side. She was wearing boots and her feet wouldn't fit under the table if the toes were facing upwards, she would've lifted the whole thing from the ground with her feet XD

But still... Yo-SDs have their cutesy factor so it's not like they'd look stupid with anything u_u

Here are two of my Azones with the same kotatsu, I think this looks a lot better :3

And also with the cafe setting~ Shiori (left) has the M body and her legs are maybe a bit too long, so this table set would work better for S body, even though there's not that much of a difference. Little Miu on the other hand might look tiny here, but I imagine my Picco Neemos being younger than their "big sisters" so it doesn't bother me.

I hope someone found these helpful! ^^

January 12, 2015

Azone spring/summer 2015 releases~!

I saw The Majokko Shop make a post about the new Azone releases that were announced today and figured that I could make a post about them too and share my thoughts! I've been browsing through the pics ever since I woke up at 5.30am, I was so full of energy when I left to work... "WAIT FOR ME NEEMOS, JUST GONNA MAKE SOME MONEY" XD And here I was thinking that I wouldn't be getting any dolls this year... *sigh*

Besides new dolls, Azone is also going to release a bunch of new clothes! Swimwear (also for Picconeemo!!), bunny ear hoodies with ruffles, soft fluffy animal hoodies, kimonos, etc. My girls are going to run away with my money and buy everything :(

I'm not going to put bigger photos of everything here, because this would become too picture-heavy so I'll only focus on the dolls that caught my interest :3 If you're interested in seeing all the dolls/photos, check out neemosi at Twitter!

All pictures on this post are © neemosi

First of all, THIS! Little Briar Rose Lien ♥ She's never been one of my favorite faces, but this version is so beautiful! Her hair, the dress, everything! Pure perfection, nothing else to say ♥ Also, she would make such an adorable big sister for my Picco Neemo Lien XD I definitely would love to get this girl, I'm so happy that she won't be a limited.

Then we have Swan Lake Raili~ Raili was actually one of my options for Sarg's Christmas present, but I ended up getting Miu (since I couldn't find the version of Raili I would've wanted for a reasonable price). This is again not a face that I've been a fan of before, but this release completely turned the table XD And I love how she reminds me of Sarg's Umbra ;3; I looove swans and Swan Lake as a theme is so pretty, I can hear the ballet music clearly when I look at this girl... I think she might be a must-have, but I still want to see more photos. She'll apparently be a standard release though, thank god ;3;

Little Red Hood Koron ! She's cute~ I like Koron's face, but somehow none of her releases have swept me off my feet yet and I haven't been able to decide which one to get :/ I like her cape, but otherwise this outfit isn't anything special to me... As much as I do like her face, I think I'll continue waiting for the perfect Koron that I'll love as a fullset too!

Pink!Pink!a la mode Maya, lol that sounds like something that I named XDD Luckily I already have my Heartful Kiss Maya with similar hair, otherwise this would be a must-have as well. Though I admit I'd love to have Maya twins, blond bob hair and blue & brown eyes awww how cute that would be ;___; Well, maybe I can contain myself,,, It's going to be hard though, I have a thing for bob-haired girls X'D

They also showed three new Lil Fairies (though I'm pretty sure I've seen their pictures already before), my favorite of them is this Erunoe ♥ She'd be an adorable friend for my Lipu, but I'm not sure if I should hunt down the maid version instead so that me and Sarg would have all three Lil Fairies with maid outfits >.<

On another note, I wish they haven't completely forgotten about Picco Neemos : < I'd really love to see more of them... I'm still hoping to find Koron and Himeno for reasonable prices someday, and I'd love to see a new version of Chiika ;w; Piccos probably aren't that popular though...

I thiiiink I'm going to see Neemo dreams tonight =w=

Do you have favorites among these new dolls? :3