October 17, 2016

Undine's faceup

An update on Undine! Sarg finished her faceup today and I still can't believe how beautiful my mermaid girl now looks ;3; ♥

I wanted Undine's face to have something that resembles fish scales and at first I showed Sarg some human mermaid makeup tutorial videos where the scales are made using fishnet stockings. However, she had a different kind of a suggestion and roughly sketched it on paper... It looked so awesome that I was like "just do it, I trust you 100% on this!!" XD So now Undine has this gorgeous "scale crown" framing her face ♥ There's no way I could've ever painted her face like this myself, my "scales" would've looked like a 5-year-old made them... I always feel so grateful that I have Sarg by my side in this hobby, she gets me and my characters perfectly, and we can help each other out in the things that we couldn't do ourselves or alone~

Faceup designed & made by Sarg ♥

Next Undine will get some scales on her upper body and hands, also I should continue working on her outfit =3=

October 10, 2016

The falling leaves of red and gold

I finished sewing Susu's autumn/winter coat yesterday and wanted to take some photos of her outside right away, while the weather is still not too cold and there are some pretty autumn leaves around :3 I have a matching pair of cute knitten mittens and hat for Susu as well, but thought that I'd save them for a winter photoshoot. I didn't have any special plans for this autumn photoshoot, I just wanted to get some pictures of Susu wearing her new coat and capture the beautiful autumn scenery~

The fluffy bag is made by Sarg

After the photoshoot, Susu got this adorable chocolate lollipop as reward XD

I was thinking of making a sewing related post with some photos of the clothes that I've made lately, so I didn't take any detailed photos of this coat yet. The coat is pretty simple, but has a few cute details, like heart-shaped buttons that Sarg actually made from polymer clay! ♥