June 29, 2015

Another convention adventure

On Saturday I visited another anime convention, Hypecon in Hyvinkää :) There was no entry fee and Hyvinkää is quite close to Helsinki (only about 40-50 minutes by train), so we wanted to go check it out with Sarg, Tiinyan, Elina and Jaya! ♥ We went there right after 10am when the convention started, mainly to get the first dibs on the sale tables XD None of the other programs seemed interesting to us though, so after going through the sales a couple of times we spent the rest of the day just hanging out, eating, visiting some shops in the nearby shopping center and of course, taking photos of our dolls!

Photo of the program leaflet :3

This is actually the only photo that I have of Hypecon itself, the rest are just photos of our dolls and other stuff XD

My "loot" from the con is just these two small items :D A Chii pin and the most adorable crochet flower (which is obviously for my flower fairy, Esmerie!) I only took this crappy photo with my phone...

I also bought this Chii pin as a little souvenir for Janina, who couldn't attend since she was sick at the time :( So, I was hoping that this cheers her up a bit! I was trying to find something of her waifu Eli, but there was pretty much nothing Love Live related (or then I was just too blind to notice any) >3<

Tiinyan bought this adorable white Alpaca that's holding a little pouch with a cuuute chick in it XDD Chici wanted to take a photo with this little "relative" hahah

Chici had a "please buy friend~" note on her dress... Tiinyan was thinking of ordering a blue Chici from Soom and of course this little chick was hoping that she would really do it! Mission has been accomplished now ;D (Please excuse the eyes being all derpy... they had moved around during the transport and I apparently didn't pay much attention to putting them back ^^;)

A group photo! At this point Jaya was not in our company yet, so her dolls are missing (no worries though, we took another group photo later >:3)

Elina's cute Bluefairy :3 (I'm not 100% sure what her sculpt is? I'm not so familiar with Bluefairies ^^;)

Maite, also Elina's cutie, with a My Melody plushie ♥

This cheerful girl is Tiinyan's Miisu! Loved seeing her in person :)

Tiinyan's Mamachapp ♥ This was so adorable, bringing along new temptations like this should be illegal X'D Must resist

Aaand my and Tiinyan's Miu twins! They were even wearing matching sailor outfits, even though we had not planned any of it in advance XD

Here's the second group photo we took, after Jaya had joined us. This time only the Pureneemo girls are there!

Jaya's Yumei! Look at that cute Kuromi camera XD ♥

And Jaya's other Pureneemo, Kiseki :) Jaya had made her a beautiful cosplay outfit of Goddess Zelda ♥

Also another photo of Elina's Maite, because cute ♥

I also took more photos of these Miu twins ♥ It's so fun when your friend has a duplicate of a doll you own and you get to take photos of them together sometimes :)

High five!

At some point we ended up going to a pet store (random huh?) where I saw this cutie...

Trust me, it was not an easy task to walk away without taking him (I think it was a boy?) home ;____; Unfortunately right now is not a good time for me to take in a pet, since I'm going to move sometime this autumn and there's no telling if I manage to get an apartment where pets are allowed. But hopefully some day I'll have a cute little hamster like this! (Btw, the color of this hamster is called "sapphire", which is my favorite color of this breed. My online nickname Safir also comes from the Finnish word "safiiri", which means sapphire :3)

Before leaving home, we went to check if we had won anything with the serial numbers in our con tickets. While the rest of us had no luck at all and won nothing...

...Tiinyan actually won a cool Hypecon T-shirt! ♥

So, what are my thoughts on Hypecon? For a free convention, I think it was great! There were many sellers, great artist alley, a lot of programs, hall of cosplay competition, etc. but since the programs didn't seem that interesting to us, we had quite quickly gone through everything there was for us. Also, I think we all felt like the con was more directed at younger people. It's awesome that there are still free conventions like this, where you can just hang around with your friends :)

The next convention will be a 2-day Tracon in September :) Many of us will be going there as well~


In other news, I just received a shipping notice for my Iplehouse Eva *w* Hopefully she'll make it home before the weekend~ Iplehouse has been really fast lately, I ordered my girl in late May, paid her off last Thursday and now she's already on her way! Although I knew that some layaway orders had shipped really fast after being paid off, I was sure that I would be unlucky and have to wait for longer than this.. X'D Just yesterday me and Sarg did some fabric shopping and I thought I won't need any fabrics for Medeia yet lol

June 22, 2015

Here comes the sun!

Heey, I'm back from our summer cottage~ ^3^ Had a great time relaxing, enjoying the peaceful nature and taking photos, of course! It felt like the weather was really on my side as it was raining in many other parts of Finland, but in the Eastern Finland (where our cottage is) the weather was beautiful for the whole weekend! ♥

So yeah, I had a bunch of dolls with me: Chici, Zinnia (Iple Stella), Melanthe (Soom Cuprit) and Lia (Azone Chiika). I also had Ceci and Mila, but didn't have the time to take photos of them lol... >.<

First up is little Chici ♥ I've had this swimming ring for a while and been planning to use it for some Azone photoshoots, but since none of my Neemos have swimsuits yet, I thought that I'd try out if Chici can float with it... And yup, she can! She doesn't have a swimsuit either (lol I'm sure it'd look hilarious), so I quickly made a tiny towel for her by just cutting a piece of this cute striped terry fabric that I recently found from the fabric store :) I actually bought it to make a towel for Ceci (who I didn't take photos of, after all...), but looks like it was useful for Chici too! ♥

"Look at me, I'm floating! ovo"

Hahah a little naked birdie XD A silly extra photo...

Next some photos of Lia, my newest Pureneemo girl~ I took these right before deciding to cut her hair a bit :'D It was unnecessarily long, after cutting it goes up to her wrist. I like it much better now that it's shorter, though I wish I had done the cutting BEFORE taking these photos lol... Nia, my other Chiika will get the same treatment soon too, so that the two will have same length hair :3

The black clothing and plushie collect all dust and dog hair so easily ;__;

Lia found a cute little mushroom :3

A close-up of the mushroom XD I didn't have a proper macro lens with me, took this with the kit lens that I've been using for all doll photos lately as well (since my 50mm lens is more or less broken...)

I finished a new dress for Melanthe ages ago, but lacked the inspiration to take photos of her with it >3< Originally I was planning to only take my big Iple girls with me, but in the last minute thought that this might be a good chance to get photos of Mel's new dress and brought her along too~ I'm really happy that I did, I love the photos that I managed to take, especially the last one with the dress floating in the wind! ♥

I've always loved playing around with my dolls' hair and Mel's is one of my favorites~ I think up-do like this makes her even more beautiful ♥ And in case you haven't noticed, roses are one of my fav hair decorations XD I recently cut this wig a little bit too, so that there are these shorter sections in the front :)

I saved my personal favorite photos for last, though! ♥ Starring Zinnia, my wonder babe *o* She's probably my most photogenic doll, my camera definitely loves her XD Every time I put her in front of my camera, I fall more and more in love with her...

Zinnia was with me on our summer cottage last summer too, though she only had a summer dress back then... This year I wanted to take some photos with a nice bikini x) I think I've had this fabric for over half a year, but of course I didn't manage to sew anything until a few days before the trip X'D

This was the first time I took photos of her with this wig. It's actually the one I got as the blind wig when I ordered her default two-tone wig from Leekeworld >:3 Back then I was sure that the extra wig won't be anything nice and I'd sell it right away, but boy was I wrong... They sent a perfect one :I

As a character, Zinnia is a former professional model (can't you tell ;3), now running a modeling agency of her own :) I guess she still does some modeling herself every now and then~

I really hope I get to visit our summer cottage more later this summer too, I love taking photos there! But I often have work shifts when my family is going, so we'll see >3<

Hope you liked these photos and wish you a great start of the week! ♥

June 19, 2015

Sweet wolves

As promised, the other photoshoot from almost two weeks ago that I've been meaning to post :3

I had Nefique, my Soom Necy, with me while I was visiting Sarg and of course we wanted to take some photos of her with her mother, Mystique (Soom Dia) ♥ This was right after the exhausting convention, so we were quite tired and didn't have much energy... Luckily there was a pretty location near Sarg's house :)

A little bit of background info about the characters: 

Even though their matching names and similar appereances might imply otherwise, Mystique is actually not Nefique's biological mother... Neffie's real mother died when she was just a little puppy, but Mysti took her under her care, as she had always wanted a child of her own. Neffie was just Neffie back then, but Mysti wanted the little girl have a more special official name and changed it to Nefique, though Neffie still remained as the nickname.

Later, Mysti found out that Neffie's biological father is Morgan, an alpha wolf that was forced to leave Neffie's mother years ago, without ever knowing that she was expecting a child. Mysti and Morgan had a long discussion and agreed that it's for the best that Mysti raises little Neffie and Morgan only visits her occasionally. (Mysti and Morgan are just good friends, there's no deeper relationship going on between the two!)

Neffie doesn't really remember her biological mother, so she sees Mysti as her one and only mommy that she really looks up to ♥ Daddy Morgan is very dear to her as well and even though she's sometimes quite confused about the situation (as a child she doesn't understand complicated adult relationships :'D), she's happy to be able to spend time with both~

"Mom, smell this!!! o3o"

"You can smell it too! :3 ♥"

I'm currently at our summer cottage, spending the Midsummer with my family :) We just arrived and will be staying here until Sunday. I took a few dolls with me and hopefully the weather will be good, so I can take some photos!

Have a fun Midsummer, all of you who celebrate it! ♥

June 15, 2015

Nature's wonders

I'm a bit behind on everything again, ugh >.<;; Me and Sarg took some Neemo photos on the Friday before Desucon and now I finally got around going through them and editing some! I was hoping to make this post before last weekend, but that apparently didn't happen X'D Better later than never, huh?

Anyway, first we have two photos of little Miu~ My goal was to take some "Miu on an adventure" photos, but it didn't really work out since it was so windy and she couldn't keep her balance... So, she's just sitting in the tree here X'D Maybe next time I'll have better luck and be able to take photos that show off her character's energetic personality better!

I also took a few photos of Chizuru~ I realized that I had this shirt in storage for her, I had already forgotten and thought that I don't have anything suitable other than her default outfit... *fail* The kitty shoes were supposed to be for another doll (Nia's twin), but it seems that Chizu-chan decided to steal them for herself, at least for now ^^;

Outfit of the day photo XD This is also the outfit she wore to Desucon! We didn't have time to customize her hairband : <

"Yay! c:"

Friendsie with Sarg's Reika ♥ These two have exactly the same hair color! Especially with the matching side pigtails they look like they could be twins :3 (They're just friends though...)

The next photos are what the title of this post mainly comes from... We came across this little wonder of the nature when Miyu and Nia found an adorable tiny snail! ;___; This was the smallest snail that I've ever seen, it was so cute uguu... No harm was done to the little one, we just took a few photos and put it back on the leaf :3

Miyuki: "Nia, look it's a snail!"
Nia: ":o L-let me see..."


I also took a few simple shots of Nia sitting in the tree~ Now that her sister is home as well, I need to take group shots of the two later once Sarg has made a matching unicorn hairband in black ♥ (and once Chizu frees the kitty shoes she's taken hostage...)


On last Saturday we met up in Helsinki with Jaya ♥ I helped her order two Pureneemos from Yahoo Japan and brought those to her :3 My pink-haired Chiika arrived in the same package as well and since I had successfully resisted the urge to open the box beforehand, we were able to have a triple box opening XD Unfortunately I forgot my camera home, thus I'm leaving the more detailed blogging to Jaya ♥

We also visited a cute shop Kilala~ It was my first time there and boy, the shop was full of cute things! We couldn't leave without giant Alpaca plushies, mine is pink and Jaya chose a brown one :3 I hope she's going to post a group photo of them both, I only have a photo of mine with the other pink Alpacas in the house~

Kuva, jonka Senja (@sherimichan) julkaisi

I still have another set of photos to edit and post, hopefully I'll manage to get that done tomorrow! ^w^