March 31, 2016

Amiami February 2016 loot

I got this package home and took all the pictures last week, but wanted to post all the Easter stuff first :) This way it's also not just posts about new stuff, there are a few photo posts in-between, hahah!

Here's my February loot: Umaru Nendoroid, Sophie prize figure, Re-ment school desk + accessories, and some clothes for my Azones :)

Let's start with the Re-ment school desk and accessories since those are the things that I was most excited about in this order! I'd been wanting the school desk for quite a while, but the original release seemed pretty rare and was going for insane prices at the second-hand market... Then the re-release was announced! I'm sure many people who collect Re-ments were happy about the possibility of getting the desk for an affordable price thanks to this re-release ^3^

There are some differences between the two releases (found this comparison photo from Flickr) and I actually like this new version a lot more. The color is more to my liking and I also like how the "shelves"/upper parts come apart and the desk's look can be altered. I did like the lamp on the older version though, it's a shame that this version doesn't have one. Another thing that I liked about the old version is that it has some soft padding on the chair. I think I'll try to make a little pillow for the chair myself :)

Although I took the picture above with a Picconeemo, this desk is also perfect for Pureneemos. I haven't taken more pics yet, but once I do, I can show how the desk looks with them!

I took a few close-ups of all the cute tiny accessories~ ♥

Next, let's take a look at the Umaru Nendoroid! She just has so many great face expressions and accessories - couldn't resist! Me and Sarg have been enjoying the anime and this Nendoroid fits Umaru's character perfectly :) If you haven't watched Himouto Umaru-chan, I do recommend checking it out! It's a great slice-of-life series full of fun moments~

Potato chips and Cola are really important to Umaru!

More of Umaru's necessaries, like pudding and a PSP console XD The PSP can actually be used as a prop for Picconeemos/Pureneemos and other tiny dolls!

Then we have this Sophie prize figure that I snagged from Amiami's preowned section :3 Sophie is my favorite character from Pri Para and as far as I know, this is the only non-chibi figure released of her so far. Why no more love for Sophie? :< I do hope that there'd be at least one pretty scale figure of her in the future!

She only cost around 10€, which surprises me since the quality seems great!

I really love her outfit! ♥ The paintjob looks pretty nice too

Clara also got this pretty dress, which she was wearing in the Easter photo already. Besides the dress, I just got a few basic socks so nothing special to show XD

I was thinking that my March order might get shipped soon, but then noticed that one of the pre-order figures had been delayed to April... There's also one Pureneemo clothing set that isn't in stock yet. Good thing that I don't have an April order, otherwise next month would be quite overwhelming XD

March 29, 2016


We got back home yesterday and I managed to edit all the photos already, so here come's the little photostory starring two of my Picconeemos! The photos were taken on Saturday, but since they were on Sarg's camera, I couldn't post them at the same time as the earlier Easter photos. That's okay though, since the story isn't really Easter related or anything :3

Picconeemos are known to be quite energetic and especially when Miu is involved, there's not a single boring moment :'D Hisui is a bit more peaceful and doesn't always understand the over-enthusiastic Miu and her weird jokes... Let's see what Miu came up with this time ^^;

Hisui: "I'm so bored :c What could we do?"
Miu: "I know! Let's play hide-and-seek!! There are many hiding places here :3"

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! ♥

Hi guys! Just a quick post to share a few photos to wish you all happy Easter ^v^ I'm still at my parents, but have my laptop with me, so I was able to transfer the photos from my camera and edit them. I was planning to take more photos, but my weekend ended up being quite lazy so I have just a few quick shots... I've enjoyed spending the holiday with my family :)

Sarg took a few of my Picconeemos with her to visit her mom, I'll be sharing the photos and a funny little photo story she took later once we're both back at home!

Happy Easter~ ♥

Or if you don't celebrate Easter, hope you've had a great weekend ^^

March 22, 2016

Easter egg hunt with the Neemos!

Those who have been reading my blog for a longer time might remember what happened last Easter :D Basically, Sarg hid some chocolate eggs around the house and placed some of our Azone girls somewhere near them to guide me closer. It was so much fun last year, so we thought that it could become a funny tradition for us and that's why we did the same thing this year as well~ I'm gonna spend the Easter holidays (from Thursday to Sunday) with my parents at our cottage, so we had to do this a bit early. Since me and Sarg are living in our own apartment now, everything looks quite different from last year, thought some of the helper Neemos are the same :3

The hunt started from the bedroom! I was "hiding" in the closet while Sarg was hiding the eggs and positioning the Neemos XD Sarg told me that there are four eggs in total for me to find!

Right after I stepped out of the closet, I saw Totori sitting on the bed and pointing towards the window!

When I realized to slightly move the curtains, I found Alisa :3 She actually matches that fan quite nicely in her yukata and I think it'd make a pretty nice background XD

Yaay, first egg found~ ♥ Guest starring the adorable kiwi birds that I have :'D Sarg has felted the brown and white kiwi, they actually depict me and Sarg ^w^ The other white kiwi (with the helmet) she made out of clay, it's a soldier kiwi Rasmus hahah X'D Sounds weird, but there's actually a deeper meaning behind that one too!

No kiwi was hurt or disturbed during the egg hunt! These two got their little nest back safely~

I left the bedroom and walked into our living room, it took a while before I found the next Neemo...

Looks like Kirari is saying that there's something in the bathroom... Better go there then!

....Okay X'D Hotaru found quite a place... She even matches our shower curtain lol

I opened the shower curtain and found Mimi with the second egg! How do these Neemos get to such high places?! XD

I made my way to the kitchen and Nanami was there, pointing towards...

...Another Neemo :'D

Little Chie was in the fridge X''D At this point I had a pretty good guess on where the egg would be...

Guessed correctly hahah XD

Just one egg left! Next I went to the living room and Sarg was laughing at me since I had missed one Neemo on a very obvious place...

Aimi was sitting on top of our TV and I didn't notice her, even though I put the eggs I had found on the TV table earlier XD

I actually noticed Ritsuka on top of our high figure shelf before I noticed Aimi, even though Ritsu can barely be seen :'D The last egg was behind that photo frame.

Ritsuka: "Please help me before Saber cuts my head off :3"

I found all the eggs and took a quick photo of all the little helpers~

Since our apartment only has two rooms, kitchen and bathroom, this was a lot easier and faster than last year, but still really fun! 

Close-up of the eggs: My Little Pony, Minnie Mouse, Littlest Petshop and Hello Kitty :3

These are the surprises that were inside the eggs. Minnie and Hello Kitty erasers to be put on top of pens, and My Little Pony and Littlest Petshop rubber bracelets. The erasers are handy, but we definitely have no use for those bracelets, I'll probably give them to a 5-year old girl that I know since she loves stuff like that x3 Those Hello Kitty erasers are horoscope themed, it's fun that we got Pisces which is Sarg's horoscope!

A bit earlier when we bought one My Little Pony chocolate egg, we got a doll-sized mini puzzle which we could use as a prop!

That's all for the egg hunt, but I have a few other Easter themed photos for you~

Miu has planted some seeds of ryegrass and is waiting for it to grow~ This is another Easter tradition here in Finland :)

Sarg secretly made this Easter decoration and Eemil (Sarg's Tera Zenith Oscal) showed it to me :D

Cute bunnies! ♥

March 21, 2016

Dollybird vol.23

Just a quick post about the Dollybird vol.23 magazine that I just picked up from the post office ^^ It's actually more like a book, there are 112 pages! This was the first Dollybird for me and overall the first doll related magazine that I've purchased. Figured that I could share some photos of the magazine, I know that some of my friends have been waiting to see more photos of the upcoming Azone girls :3

As I'm writing this, the magazine still seems to be available on Hobby Search and HLJ (low stock), so get yours while you can!

The beautiful cover featuring Otogi no Kuni Aika ♥

Seeing how the outfit pieces can be either used together or separately makes me even more excited for this girl! I love the black outfit so much! ♥ I think she was originally supposed to be released this summer, but now the release date has been moved to early 2017?! o_o

Gorgeous Mermaid Princess Minami ♥ Another Pureneemo that I'm super excited about x) She looks really beautiful~

Sera~ These photos helped me decide that I don't need the red-haired (standard) version, instead I'm going for the black-haired exclusive version >3< I just prefer the cute smiling mouth~

There are also pictures of the older Otogi no Kuni releases, this page features Tsukiha and Sorane :)

The magazine has many sewing patterns and instructions, as well as some tips for customizing

These Kinoko Juice dolls are so cute ;___; I wish the resin Kinoko Juice dolls weren't so hard to get or that Azone would co-operate more with Kinoko Juice and release versions of these dolls too... I'm sure they'd be very popular on the international market.


Apparently they're also a bit smaller than Kiki, how cute is that! ;3;

There were a few Dollfie Dream photos too and some sewing instructions for them~

These are just a few of my picks from the magazine, there's a lot more to see :) Even though the magazine is in Japanese and I hardly understand any of it, I enjoy looking at the photos and I'm sure the patterns will be useful as well!

March 15, 2016

Souldoll Junia box opening

Does it ever happen to you guys that even though you buy/order dolls and other stuff months apart, they all decide to arrive almost on the very same day/week? X'D Well, this pretty much just happened to me - I posted Kasumi's box opening last Friday and now my Souldoll Junia is here as well... Sarg also received her Tera Zenith Oscal today, even though it was ordered 2 months before I ordered Junia XD It feels a bit overwhelming...

I placed my Junia order on January 2nd (paid in full) and received shipping notice last Wednesday, so it took 2 months and a week for Souldoll to make her. Some people who ordered Junia got her much faster than I did, but I still think that 2 months is quite a short waiting time! I was honestly not expecting Souldoll to ship my Junia before my Aehael, which I ordered a month earlier XD She was on layaway though and a month ago I added a few Zenith hand parts to the order, so I guess that caused some delay... I still hope that my other little Souldoll girl gets shipped soon as well! ♥

Thank god there was no trouble with the delivery this time and the usual stalking delivery woman came to our door in the morning! Sarg was already up, so she opened the door and chatted with the woman for a bit since she asked what kind of stuff we usually order X'DD The woman has gotten quite curious apparently since she's the one delivering our many EMS packages most of the time and this is such a small town that it's easy to remember people... I wonder what she thinks our "art dolls" and "figures" are ^^;

But, let's get on with the box opening now, shall we? :'D

Don't mind the random Nendoroids in the background...

The MSD sized doll box is pretty much identical to Souldoll Zenith box, just smaller :3

I ordered my girl with the animal head (which has half-closed eyes and cute fantasy ears), human body and the bow/arrow set. Souldoll also offered an extra head as a free gift, so I chose the elf head - because who could resist gorgeous pointy elf ears?! Oh and I must say that I love the pillows Souldoll uses in their doll boxes, they're so cute >3< ♥

I really like the default eyes she came with! I didn't realize that she would come with the eyes and they didn't catch my eye in the promo pictures, but are really pretty in person ♥ They wouldn't work for my Junia's character, but might be perfect for my upcoming Aehael~

I took the rest of the photos in the evening without any natural light, so the quality isn't so good, unfortunately ^^;

This is my first Souldoll MSD and I don't recall ever seeing one in person either, so it's overall a new experience for me! I was quite surprised by her size, her head and body seem so tiny XD I really love the way the body is sculpted and also the way it moves, so smooth, beautiful and poses great~

The animal head is what I first fell in love with in this doll~ ♥ It reminds me of Soom Sweet Witch, they even have a bit similar eyes XD

Cute ears ♥

The gift head came without eyes, but I had this random pair of 12mm Souldoll eyes that looked quite nice on her ^^ I hadn't really thought about much for this head and wasn't sure if I was even gonna like it in person, but it actually looks quite cute!

I was not expecting the doll to come with two certificates of authenticity! But both of the heads have their own CoA, which I think is great since people often arrange splits and it can be a hassle if there is only one CoA for a doll that has multiple heads.

The bow/arrow set and gripping hands~

I promised Fantasywoods that I'd take some eye comparison photos for her, as she's also waiting for Junia ^^ Since the size was quite a surprise for me, I wanted to show a comparison with a yo-SD to show just how small the head is! (Lulu sends greetings to Ailene!♥)

Here's the animal head with 12mm Makoeyes. Her default eyes from Souldoll are 14mm, but Souldoll's eyes have quite small irises compared to 14mm eyes from Makoeyes and many other companies. I tried 14mm Makoeyes on this head as well, but the irises pretty much covered the whole eyes and it didn't look so good... I didn't even realize to take a photo of it for reference ^^;; For the animal head, I'd definitely recommend going for 12mm (or 14mm with smaller irises).

14mm Makoeyes on the elf head, I think it's a personal preference whether or not these are too big. The bigger eye size makes the expression cuter for sure - if that's something you're after, then these might be a good choice :)

12mm Makoeyes give a more realistic impression and it's also easier to move the eyes to look into other directions than straight ahead (since there's more empty space). The size seems like a perfect fit and there're no gaps in the corners ^^

As an extra photo, here's Junia with Sarg's Oscal who also arrived today :'D This 75cm hunk can hold a MSD without any support...


I have to confess that I still haven't planned much for Junia... I wasn't sure what I'd think of her after seeing her in person and didn't want to end up getting disappointed, so I didn't really do any preparations before her arrival :c In a way I'm glad about this, since now I feel like the two heads could/should be two completely different characters?! I need to talk about it with Sarg and see how they'd fit in our story ^3^

I definitely do like Junia a lot and hope that I figure out what to do with both of the heads~ I'll try to write a separate post with some character plans later this week or next week o/