March 29, 2016


We got back home yesterday and I managed to edit all the photos already, so here come's the little photostory starring two of my Picconeemos! The photos were taken on Saturday, but since they were on Sarg's camera, I couldn't post them at the same time as the earlier Easter photos. That's okay though, since the story isn't really Easter related or anything :3

Picconeemos are known to be quite energetic and especially when Miu is involved, there's not a single boring moment :'D Hisui is a bit more peaceful and doesn't always understand the over-enthusiastic Miu and her weird jokes... Let's see what Miu came up with this time ^^;

Hisui: "I'm so bored :c What could we do?"
Miu: "I know! Let's play hide-and-seek!! There are many hiding places here :3"

Miu: "You count, I'll hide!"
Hisui: "Uh, okay... 1, 2..."

Hisui: "...9, 10..."
Miu: "Hmmm, this is too close, too obvious.. >3<"

Miu: "This looks fun... But it's not a good place to hide."

Miu: "Where should I go...? There's not much time left..."

Miu: "Oh, who's that? Maybe he can help!"

Miu: "Hello, Mr. Big!"
Eemil: "...Huh?"

Miu: "Do you know any good place to hide? Quickly!!!"
Eemil: "Um... Well..."

Eemil: "You can hide here?"
Miu: "Yay, perfect! Gimme!"

Miu: "Hihih, Hisui will never find me from here >w<"
Eemil: "Be quiet..."

Meanwhile, Hisui has finished counting and has started to look for Miu...

Hisui: "I was sure she would be here..."

Hisui: "Not here..."

Hisui: "Not here either..."

Hisui: "And not here..."

Hisui: "Where is she? I can't be this bad at searching... Has she disappeared?? *sniff*"

Hisui: "There's a big person! Maybe he saw where Miu went! *o*"

Hisui: "Excuse me... Have you seen a small girl with black hair?"
Eemil: "Well, no... ^^;"

Miu: *giggling*

Hisui: "Hey! I heard something! Raise your arm!"

Eemil: "This is getting awkward..."

Hisui: "Hey, I didn't check here yet..."

Hisui: "Wait a minute..."
Miu: *tries to escape*

Hisui: "Miu, you meanie! Get back here!!!"
Miu: "HEEEELP!!"

Eemil: "Okay, enough! Calm down, you two..."

Eemil: "There, that's better. Peace and love..."
Miu & Hisui: *snuggle* ;3;


Hope you liked the story! Obviously there are no Picconeemos running around in the world Eemil lives in in our stories, but  we're not so strict about it that we couldn't combine different dolls for random funny photostories :D

Some random photos:


  1. This is just too cute!

    I especially enjoyed seeing Miu and Eemil in the same photo - I love seeing such different sizes and styles together. :)

    1. Thank you x3 I do enjoy seeing different doll styles and sizes in same photos too! Picconeemo is a perfect doll for a SD sized doll~

  2. Haha, mahtava stoori! XD Noi kuvat, missä Miu on piilossa Eemilin paidan sisällä ♥ :D Varsin eläväisiä nämä kaksi ^^

    1. Kiitoksia :D Joo aikamoisia energiapaukkuja kyllä nämä Piccot... Paidan sisällä oli mukava ja lämmin Miulla ♥

  3. LOL Miu should be a professional climber. This story was super sweet!! Love you included a big doll, it was funnier that way~

    Eemil is so gorgeous btw *u*........ Love when he's raising the arm, well that's Hisui's doing but it was a very well done photo that could perfectly belong to Gulliver's Travels XD

    1. Hahah XD Well, Miu is still a kid so she has time to decide what she wants to do when she "grows up", but I think she'd be a pretty good professional climber XD Glad to hear you enjoyed the story!

      Eemil says thank you! ♥ I'm pretty sure that Hisui is not strong enough to lift such a big arm, Eemil probably helped her a little bit there ;D

  4. Very cute Safir, it's a lovely photo story, so many great photos. :) It must take you forever to set up and take them all, I would never have the patience.

    1. Thank you Xanadu :) Azone dolls are actually really fun and easy to post, so it doesn't take so long time as with BJDs!

  5. These are just too perfect, funny and cute!! XD

  6. So cute! I loved them running around "mr. Big" LOL somehow it reminded me of the Ghibli movie Arietty ~ I think it would be super cute to make more photo stories like that!

    1. Thanks! ♥ Hahah yeah, they had never seen this strange big guy before, so "Mr. Big" is the obvious nickname XD Oh I haven't seen the Arietty movie yet, I really want to watch it now! ;__;

  7. Ihania pikkuötököitä! Ja Eemil <3

  8. Haha so many great photos! Your tiny girls are just sooooo cute :'3
    I just love seeing your pictures with them. XD
    Eemil was a fun idea. Holy S**T the scale of him and the small one. I laughed so hard XD

    1. Thank you ^^ I've very inspired with my Picconeemos, so they tend to get a lot of camera time... Eemil is quite a big boy, especially compared to these tiny girls XD

  9. Aww, sai hymyn huulille tämä stoori~
    Sieviä kuvasia ^-^

    1. Kiitoksia! ^^ Mukava kuulla, että tarina pisti hymyilemään~

  10. This was fun to read!! Poor Eemil, the tiny Piconeemos were making a mess! Loved the story and the final photos are great :D

    1. Love to hear that, thank you :) Luckily the girls decided to play hide-and-seek, not anything that's more messy...

  11. Oioioioi, Ihanat pikkuiset nuo Hisui & Miu!♥ x3 Haha, tätä oli kiva lukea. Toivotan hyvää (hieman) myöhäistä pääsiäistä! ♥w♥

  12. Mikä on tuo ihana pieni punainen mökki josta Hisui etsii Miuta? Aivan mahdottoman suloinen! <3 <3 En kyllä leikkisi piilosta picconeemojen kanssa, ne on niin pieniä että menisi koko yö käydessä läpi kaikkia mahdollisia piilopaikkoja. :'DD

    1. Hahah, se on Pablon vessa :''D Ostettiin siis semmonen puunvärinen pikkumökki jostain askartelukaupasta muistaakseni ja meinattiin tehdä siitä läpällä ulkohuussi Pukipukille... Parhaat ideat XD Tuli kuitenkin myytyä tuo nukke ennen kuin huussi pääsi käyttöön asti, nyt se on vaan joku random koriste-mökki...

      Mutta joo, ei kannata ryhtyä tosiaan piilosille Piccojen kanssa, ne livahtaa vaikka minne piiloon XD

  13. Haha, this story was really fun and cute! Miu is too good at hiding! XD

    And yay for Moomin! :D

    1. Thanks ^^ Yeah I wouldn't want to play hide-and-seek with Miu, it'd take forever to find her...

      The Moomin puzzle is so cute~ We got it from an Easter egg surprise :3

  14. So adorbs! I love little dolls and big dolls interacting together, seems like Toy Story or something! Which is all good! :) <3

    The picture in which Eemil holds the two Piccos hugging made me think of the meme "--and now kiss!!" Haha! :D

    1. I think so too x) Glad to hear that the story was enjoyable!

      Hahah oh my XD Miu actually decided that Eemil is her new "boyfriend", so I guess she wouldn't go kissing other Piccos hahah...