July 27, 2016

WonFes summer 2016 news

This year's summer Wonder Festival was held in Japan last Sunday and once again many future figure and doll releases were announced! I was really hyped about WonFes for some time before the event, but then I was so occupied with other stuff that I completely forgot about the whole thing and only remembered it again on the day of the event, when I saw all the WonFes photos on my Twitter feed :D It was quite an overwhelming day, carefully going through everything and adding the most interesting figures on my MyFigureCollection wishlist took some time. I wanted to share my favorites here on my blog too~

I'm really picky about scale figures and most likely won't end up purchasing many of these after seeing photos of the fully painted figure. At this point my wishlist is always huge, but then later a big number gets "eliminated" XD

Here is a list of all new figures that were announced and here is another list for updates to existing prototypes, concept arts and teasers.

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First, let's take a look at the figure releases!

Ayase Eli 1/7 by Alter
The colored version was revealed at WonFes and omg, Eli looks absolutely stunning! ♥ I was hoping that I'd be content with getting just Alter's Nozomi, but then I couldn't resist Maki and now it looks like I might need to pre-order this Eli too >3< Thank god she won't be released until next year, so at least I'll have some time to save up! Love Live hurts my wallet so bad, but these girls are worth it! ♥

This unpainted prototype looks very promising, I like the pose and her face! Hopefully the colored figure will look pretty too :)

There are quite many scale figures of Ranko, but there's always something (either small details or bigger things) that bugs me and I haven't pre-ordered/bought any of the previous ones (I only have the Figma and one prize figure). This might be the first one I do want! Again, things might change after seeing the colors, but we'll see~

Ichinose Shiki 1/8 by Good Smile Company
Shiki is not even one of my favorite characters from iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls, but this figure looks so pretty that I had to add it to my wishlist at this point *o*

I looove Nendoroids and Nendoroid Co-des, so I'm really happy to see more idol girls being made into Nendo Co-des~ Although I don't especially like Haruka, I think she looks adorable as a Nendo ;3;

Takane is my favorite girl from the original iDOLM@STER series, so seeing this announcement was a positive surprise! Unless the final figure ends up looking somehow weird, I definitely want to get her~

Cyan by Amakuni
Yaay, I'm so happy that there's going to be a scale figure of Cyan~ ♥ I've been wanting one since the series started airing! It's really hard to say anything based on just the announcement, but I hope the figure is going to look good and won't disappoint me >3<

Manaka Lala by Aquamarine
It's still unclear which coord it'll be, but I'm excited to see another Pri Para figure nevertheless! Seeing the other characters as scale figures would be cool too, it seems like Lala is the only one getting some love now :/

Kaname Madoka 1/8 by Kotobukiya
This is one of the cutest Madoka figures that I've seen ;3; There was a picture of the artwork this figure is based on and I'm not a big fan of the pillow colors (wouldn't some cute pastel colors fit so much better? ;___;), but we'll see how the final figure looks like!

I always try my best not to get any Vocaloid figures, since that'd be another endless collecting road, just like Love Live and the other idol girl series that I'm hooked on :'D But... It's so hard to resist when some of the figures are so cute ;___; This version might even have cute pastel-color gradient hair!

Jeanne d'Arc 1/7 by Max Factory
I swear that Fate/Grand Order figures are going to kill my wallet at some point... The mobile game is only available in Japan, so I'm not able to play it, but the character designs are awesome, just like in all the other Fate series. This Jeanne d'Arc figure looks really promising and I'm looking forward to the colored version!

I love it when GSC makes bad ass characters into Nendoroids, they look so freaking cute! XD

So adorable that I don't have any words XD 

Saber 1/7 by Good Smile Company
I'm getting a hit or miss vibe from this figure, it's really hard to say which one it'll be before there's at least a prototype of it >.<

There was also a bunch of other concept art revelations for different characters from Fate/Grand Order, but I won't post them all here since this would end up being even more of a huge post than it already is X'D

Gwendolyn 1/8 by Alter
I'm a bit unsure about her face, but otherwise this figure looks gorgeous! I'd love to get a Gwendolyn figure to accompany Mercedes in the shelf, but I wasn't a fan of the earlier Alter figure. If this one ends up looking good colored and is not too expensive, I just might get her.


As if the figure announcements weren't enough, there were also many announcements for new Azone dolls *__*

Photos below were taken by Taitan-no

This 50cm girl already seemed dangerous when I saw a teaser photo with just a little glimpse of her outfit and after seeing the full photos, I completely fell in love with her! ♥ She looks perfect to me as a fullset: I like her eye and hair color combo, as well as every piece of her outfit~ I've been curious to see a new release of either Lilia (this one) or Luluna, since I really like the faces of those two, but none of the earlier releases were quite my taste. This one I'd absolutely love to own and I really, really hope that I'll be able to pre-order her! Apparently her pre-orders will start in September.

The second 50cm Azone girl that I fell in love with was this cutie~ ♥ I love the pink outfit so much ;w; Her hair color is something that I'm a bit unsure of, I wish it was a less yellow-ish shade of blonde or maybe a completely different color (like light brown or pastel pink ♥). The other version (mint-colored outfit) would have a nice hair color, but I'm not loving her face nor the outfit so much :/ I hope that once Azone releases the official photos I'll be able to make up my mind about which one I like more, and whether or not I'm actually going to buy one.

Dat face ;__; ♥

I'd already seen some photos of this Miu before and knew that I want her badly >3< Her pre-orders are going to start on August 9th and I'm definitely going to try to pre-order her! I wish that Azone has seen how popular these pastel colored cuties are and will make more of them in the future :3

There will also be new Mio in the Otogi no Kuni series, with two versions. The one in this picture is the Direct Store version. I like this one more, but I think I'm going to pass on her since I don't feel like I'd 100% need her, I like the other dolls more and can't buy everything XD

Azone also revealed that they're going to make a Picconeemo version of Raili! As you probably know, I loooove Picconeemos so I'm pretty excited about this ;3; Can't wait to see photos of the actual doll, I really hope that she'll look cute~


Feel free to share your thoughts on the WonFes announcements you found interesting or if you were disappointed by something! :3

July 22, 2016

Neemos and summer

Here are some photos from Sarg's summer cottage - there weren't many mosquitoes to disturb the photographing, so she managed to get quite many nice shots! And she also had fun coming up with some things that the Neemos could do :3 Some of these photos are just random shots, while some of them form small photo stories!

The Neemos that Sarg had with her are Miu, Miyuki (Miu), Malla (Minami) and Oboro (Aika). Miu is mine and the rest are Sarg's dolls.

Let's start of with the random photos :3


Malla took Miu for a little walk to show her some of the eatable things growing in the garden! (The teacher Malla will give you a golden star if you can recognize what the plants are ;D)

Miu: "I want to taste this one!"
Malla: "Carefully, Miu..."

Miu also found some berries!

She would've wanted to pick them up and eat them, but Malla advised that they are still too raw and would only make Miu's little stomach ache ^^; Miu was a bit disappointed, but promised not to eat the berries.

After getting back inside, the Neemos were getting a bit bored... Miu suggested that they could play hide-and-seek!

Malla is counting and the other girls are running away to search for places to hide XD

Miyuki was easily found!

And Oboro too!

But where could little Miu be hiding at...

Hmm, a jar without a lid...

Found you, Miu!! XD

A bit later Miu went outside for another adventure... This time she found a pretty flower that she wanted to give to Malla, but it was too high :/

Luckily Oboro was nearby and helped Miu to get the flower :)

Miu hurries to Malla with the flower!

Miu: "Malla, Malla, look what I found!! This is for you!! :3"
Malla: "Oh, thank you, Miu! It's beautiful :)"

Miu: "What flower is it?!"
Malla: "This is a harebell."

Malla: "It would actually be a funny hat for you :D"
Miu: "??"

Miyuki: "You look like a fairy or a forest spirit now!"
Miu: "Yay I'm a fairy, I need to go to show Oboro!!"

Miu: "Look, Oboro, look! I'm a harebell fairy!! :3"
Oboro: "Eh... What? 8D"

That concludes the latest adventures of the Neemos XD Looks like they had fun. I'll be going to my family's summer cottage again next week, so that'll be yet another big adventure for a few of my Neemo girls~ At least if the mosquitoes won't bug me as much as last time ^^; Hopefully the situation is better now, since my dad bought some kind of a machine that should get rid of all the mosquitoes nearby...

I have one BJD photoshoot that I took last week and should work on editing those photos next! I'll try to put the photos up soon, but it might take a while since I've been quite smitten with Pokémon Go lately and spending pretty much all the time I have outside walking/running around, trying to catch Pokémon X'D Love the game so much, it just pushes you to get your lazy ass outside and offers great possibilities for chatting with other people who are playing the game!