January 24, 2017

Bling bling eyes

I thought that I'd make a post about the new pretty eyes that me and Sarg got in the mail last week! We ordered from Oscardoll, a company that makes such beautiful sparkly urethane eyes~ When we ordered, there was also an event where you get a pair of eyes as a gift with an order over $130. You could choose the eye size from 6mm to 28mm, but the style would be random (we chose 12mm).

Sky Blue Space in 12mm for Undine (Iplehouse nYID Vera elf)

Grape Ade in 12mm for Spectra (Soom grey Onyx)

This style in 10mm for Sarg's Mytty (Nympheas Dolls Fanny)

Spring Pink 02 in 8mm for Sarg's Maisa (Cerisedolls Chibi Lana)

This style in 10mm for Sarg's Toffle (SIO2 Bleater)

This is the free pair of eyes that we received, very pretty! ♥ Still, my initial reaction was that we don't have anyone who could use them, so we should just sell them. But then...

...I got the idea to try them on my snail girl Kikia and I was sold *3* She usually wears 14mm eyes, but these 12mm ones don't look too bad on her either. She may even get to keep these! (Oh god, I  really need to re-do her faceup at some point too... Those lower lashes look horrible ;___; I can't stand looking at my older faceups, since I know I could do things so much better now - or get some help from Sarg for the perfect result :D)

I must say that I much prefer these eyes to the previous pair that Undine had! I do love Makoeyes, but the pair that I got for Undi was definitely too dark for her and the color wasn't so nice either. These Oscardoll eyes however are just the right color, match with her hair nicely and the sparkling also adds more fantasy elements to her look.

As for Spectra, I did love her previous Makoeyes and they were pretty much the same color as these, but I just wanted some extra bling bling :D Really loving this change~ ♥

Mytty with her eyes~ Her resin is somewhat transparent, so you can see the white eyeballs through her resin now that she hasn't been painted yet XD

Unfortunately we didn't try the other two pairs that Sarg ordered on dolls yet (Maisa hasn't even arrived and Toffle is waiting for a faceup), but all these five pairs that we ordered are really beautiful ♥ We're already thinking of making another order to get a few more, oh noes... ^^; I love that Oscardoll makes eyes in such tiny sizes as 6-8mm, so I could get some for my Soom fairies too ♥

January 9, 2017

Miyadoll Little Mocha posing & comparisons

We wanted to do a simple size comparison and posing review with Miyadoll's Little Mocha body, since it's quite a new company and their dolls are not yet familiar to many people, although there also seems to be a lot of interest towards them! Sarg did all the hard work here (posed the dolls and took the photos), I just edited the photos and got the permission to post them here on my blog :)

I've said it before, but I'm going to point out again that we do not have any kind of sponsorship with Miyadoll nor have been asked to advertise them. We simply really like the company and the sculptor Jiwon, so we want to share information about her dolls~

Hopefully some people find this useful! :3


First, a few comparisons!

From left to right:
Souldoll Vito girl (51cm)
Souldoll MSD girl (43cm)
Miyadoll Little Mocha (31cm)
Soom Teenie Gem (28cm)
Luts Tiny Delf (16cm)

Some people have thought that Miyadoll's bodies look very similar to Soom's TG body, but when compared side by side, the differences in the shape and joints can be seen clearly. Little Mocha body is double-jointed, so the joints look different and have a better range of motion than Soom's single joints.

Soom Super Gem (58cm) compared to Miyadoll Little Mocha (31cm)

If you'd like to see more photos of a Little Mocha sized girl with any other doll that me or Sarg own, please don't hesitate to ask us :)


Then, let's take a look at how the body poses :3
Again, if you have any questions or are wondering about a specific pose, please ask~

Here the torso and head are tilted forward as much as they can bend

Torso straight and head tilted back

The doll can easily sit on its knees by pulling out the knee double joints. They can easily escape back in when lifting the doll (which many double joints tend to do from my experience), but sueding might prevent this from happening.

The mobility joints at thighs can be turned around, so the legs can face different directions easily

This pose was a bit difficult, since the locking system in the thigh mobility joints is quite "slippery" and tends to move/escape easily. Of course it doesn't look so pretty with the joints pulled out like this, but this kind of pose is rarely even made possible or if it is, the joints are not made to look pretty anyway. But this pose would look great when she's wearing a skirt or something :3 We haven't tested yet how the mobility joints would work with tights or pants. (Honestly, we are not sure if this kind of poses were even meant to be possible with this body, but it can still hold the pose well!)

A variation of the previous pose, with just one leg bent

The body is able to do poses that require good balance!

It only took a few seconds to find the balance for this pose

This required a little bit of concentration, but it was still easy to do on an even base.

In this pose, the knee double joint tries to escape back inside the leg easily, but again, sueding might help a lot. The arms keep the leg firmly on its place and there are no problems with the balance.

Torso can't be moved back a lot, but it doesn't look bad like this either!

The elbows bend well enough for the doll to touch her face :3

Front view of the elbow joints

Kneeling down on one knee is easy and fast

This is as low as we could get her to squat :D

Next we have some close-up photos of the jointing system, just in case someone is interested to see these as well.

The stringing inside thigh

The mechanism of the thigh mobility joint

The double joint at the knee

The double joint at the elbow

The wrist part and S hook to the hand

The ankle part and S hook to the foot


The doll came with a silicone ring in the neck to prevent the head from moving around on its own :D

Aaaand this concludes our posing review! We personally really like the posing ability of Little Mocha body and think that the body is also sculpted beautifully :3


As a little extra, here's a photo to show the faceups that Sarg painted on my and her girls~

My Miina (Vivienne) on the left, Sarg's Haneul (Dreaming Tory) on right :3

January 3, 2017

Goals for 2017

So, here is the post about my goals for the year and how I did last year! I feel like I was quite lazy, so my hopes and expectations for 2017 are high XD Looking back at last year's goals, I didn't do so good with them either...

Posts for previous years:
Goals for 2016
Goals for 2015

Goals achieved in 2016:
Take a group photo of my complete Azone crew
Make a custom DD Saber

Only 2 out of 7... And even these two were just partly achieved XD I took the Azone group photo back in May and there have been many additions since then, so it's already quite outdated, lol. And my custom DD Saber project is still a work in-progress - she only has the head with faceup, eyes and wig.

Also, I actually managed to achieve an older goal from the 2015 list as me and Sarg finally found the perfect sofa for our 60cm+ dolls! XD

Goals not achieved in 2016:
Take a group photo of my complete BJD crew
Take more photos of my figures
Make more cosplays for Ceci
Do not buy more BJDs (besides Undine)
Visit Azone International and Volks stores in Japan

5 out of 7. I'm not surprised that I didn't take a group photo of my BJDs, since that would require so much work and I honestly have no idea where I could even fit everyone neatly X'D I also didn't take that many photos of my figures... I did have a few cosplay plans for Ceci, but didn't actually make any new cosplays for her.

Our Japan trip didn't happen in 2016, so obviously visiting Azone and Volks stores wasn't possible either. Hopefully we get to make our trip in 2018, when I'll (hopefully) graduate from my current school :3


These are my goals for this year:

Take a group photo of my complete BJD crew

New try this year, I guess? :'D The biggest challenge is having the time and energy for posing everybody in one place, as well as figuring out what would be a good place for the photo.

Take an updated group photo of my Azone crew

I'm also hoping to take an updated group photo of my Azone dolls, including the ones that have arrived after May 2016 when I took the previous group photo. Posing smaller dolls is not as time-consuming as posing the big BJDs, so I'm feeling quite confident that I'll be get at least this group photo crossed off my goal list.

Make a mermaid tail for Undine

As a mermaid, Undine definitely needs a pretty mermaid tail that I can use for some photoshoots! I've been looking for suitable materials and hopefully I can get the tail done before summer, since that'd be the only chance for taking outdoor photos this year >.<

Work on the custom DD Saber project

I would need to start working on clothes next and I'm hoping to make at least one of her outfits this year. Still haven't decided for sure, but it'll probably be either the blue or red dress... Though I do love the white Lily version as well ;w; So hard to decide which one to make first, lol. It'll also depend on the availability of the materials.

Sew Medeia's Queen outfit

Medeia's background story has changed quite a bit, from an ordinary shapeshifter to Solamnia's Queen disguised as an ordinary country girl :D I've sketched an outfit that I want to make for Medeia, it is going to be another long project. I already have a few photo ideas that would require this outfit, so I really need to get it done!

Make short BJD photo stories

I used to make some photo stories years ago (back when I mainly had MSD and yo-SD sized dolls) and it's something that I've missed doing. I'm hoping to start making some photo stories again, at least short ones :3

January 2, 2017

Crowned with butterflies

I'm a bit late to the party, but Happy New Year guys! ♥ I hope 2017 will be a good year filled with great experiences for you all~

I actually already have the first photos for this year! I was supposed to take just one good shot for a New Year's greeting, but Kasumi looked so pretty that I got carried away and ended up with more than one photo that I liked ^^;

I borrowed this gorgeous Infinite Love kimono and Kuloft hairband from Sarg ♥ I only have a few yukatas from Infinite Love because the kimonos a bit more expensive and I've been too big of a cheapskate to buy even one... >.< Then every time I see the ones that Sarg has, I'm like "SO PRETTYH DO WANT!!" but the prettiest kimonos get sold out fast and there are not many for sale second-hand ;___; I especially love this black & pink one that Kasumi is wearing, fortunately she can at least borrow it~