June 26, 2016

Birthday Nendoroid

I just got back home from our summer cottage, where I spent the Midsummer holidays and also celebrated my 25th birthday with my family. The plan was to make this post during our stay there, but I was busy with just being lazy hahah... As you can see from the amount of posts that I've made this month, I haven't been in a writing mood lately ^^; I haven't spent that much time on computer either, been focusing on other things (sewing and games).

Anyway, Sarg had bought me a birthday present in advance and since I already left to our summer cottage on Thursday, she gave me the permission to open the present earlier than my actual birthday is >3< The official day was on Saturday. I wanted to take fun box opening pictures with a few Neemos helping me~

Miu and Miyuki are ready to help! ♥ Based on the size and shape of the package, I knew right away that there was a Nendoroid inside XD Which is clearly proof that I'm too obsessed with Nendos lol... However, I had no idea which Nendoroid it could be!

Miyuki takes care of cutting the present paper...

...and Miu dives inside the package to see what's in there X''D


At this point I got so happy - it's a Miku Hatsune Harvest Moon version!

Miu got excited too and tried to open the rest with bare hands, Miyuki recommended using scissors ^^;

Almost there!

The girls lifting the box up, so that it's the right way around :'D

Mission accomplished! ♥

This cutie was an exclusive to Good Smile Company's web store, ordering her was possible for a few weeks in last July. I really loved the design and even though I'm not a Vocaloid fan, thought about ordering this figure... But Sarg said that I should pass and save the money for other figure/doll purchases, which I then did. Some months later when the figure was released and I started seeing owner pictures, I realized that passing on her had been a mistake :( Sarg apparently realized this too~ She told me that she had managed to buy this for a good price, from someone on Myfigurecollection.

I took a few pictures of the box before opening it~

Here you can see all the parts she came with~ So many cute accessories and faces ;3;

Can't see it so well here, but she came with a moon scenery background that can be attached to the base :)

Here's a photo that I took on the weekend, this is definitely my favorite expression for this Nendoroid ♥ She looks so peacefu~ I was hoping to take more photos of her, but the mosquitoes weren't being kind to me :<

I'm so happy that I got her, such a perfect birthday present! ♥♥ 

June 15, 2016

Desucon 2016

My last weekend was spent at Desucon, a 2-day anime convention in Lahti! I visited Desucon also last year, as well as Desucon Frostbite earlier this year :3 Compared to those, this time I took very few photos, not sure why... It might be that there weren't so many cosplays of characters that I recognized or that I just wanted to enjoy the con without stressing about having to take photos of everything. Even though I don't have so many photos to share, I still wanted to write a post about this con as a memory :)

This time Sarg wasn't with me, but I traveled together with Tiinyan, her brother and her brother's friend!

When we got to the convention on Saturday and got our tickets changed to the wristbands, we first went to check the sales venue and artist alley. In the earlier Desucon conventions the artist alley was in a different place, which was really narrow and just a horrible spot... Now they had placed the artist alley in the same big hall with the other sellers and it was much better! I hope the organizers will realize that this was a good change and will arrange things like this in the future Desucons as well :3

In the morning there were not so many people, but after a while the whole place was crowded!

There were so many amazing artists at the art alley, I should've taken more pictures of their tables ;___; I got a Goomy sticker and Eevee card from this artist ♥ (Or actually, Tiinyan bought them for us as a gift, thank you dear ;3; ♥♥) I have more photos from all the things I bought during the con at the end of this post!

After that we attended a BJD meet-up! I tried to get photos of all the dolls, but unfortunately some of the pics turned out too blurry :/

My and Tiinyan's crew!

Tiinyan's Olavi met another cat, this one is from Dear Mine Doll :)

One of the con highlights for Miu was being able to get a photo together with a big Miku Hatsune! (Miku belongs to Petunia)

We went to listen to a lecture "Cosplay - What it was/is/will be?" which was really interesting. It was fun to find out things about the history of cosplay, the lecturer had done awesome job with all the background information. There was also talk about what counts as cosplay and can someone be a part of the cosplay hobby even if they don't cosplay themselves.

The next lecture was "Cyber criminals and terrorists, just like nowadays!" It focused on Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell mangas, their cyber themes and how they differ from today's world. As a big GITS fan, I was very curious about this lecture! I haven't read the manga though, but now I really want to get my hands on it >3<

Tiinyan bought the cutest plushie ever! ♥

There was an evening party as well with some music and dance performances, but me and Tiinyan left quite early... We went back to the hotel at around 11pm, I think. I had woken up at 6am that morning, so I was already feeling super tired XD

On Sunday, we attended "Hidamari Sketch - life in an art college" lecture. Tiinyan and the dudes had seen this anime and thus wanted to go here, I only recognized the series by the name. But now I got yet another new anime to add to my neverending plan-to-watch list XD

Then at 1pm, it was time for the cosplay competitions! There was a Euro Cosplay competition and Hall Cosplay competition.

Pretty Eli cosplayer! ♥

All of the Euro Cosplay contestants

And all Hall Cosplay participants

Hall Cosplay's Top 3! I'm sad that the amazing Katniss Everdeen cosplayer (on left) didn't win :( The FFXII Balthier cosplay was great as well, but I would've given the first place to Katniss...

Euro Cosplay's Top 3, the winner is in the middle. Her outfit looked really pretty and I liked her performance as well!

After the cosplay competitions, there was some time before the ending ceremony. And boy, the ending ceremony was just brilliant! They had put together an Ace Attorney themed performance, where Desu-kun (the mascot of Desucon) was accused of the murder of joy in conventions. They called a number of witnesses, including the guest of honor and even all of us in the audience, and in the end Desu-kun was deemed not guilty since there had been no crime - everyone had had a wonderful, joyful convention!

Kuva, jonka Senja (@sherimichan) julkaisi

Here's a loot photo that I shared on Instagram after getting back home from the con :3 I totally forgot to take one with a proper camera before putting everything on the walls etc...

Numera and Neko Atsume themed Eeveelution stickers~ ♥

A4 sized Pokémon art print

Beautiful Eevee post card

A4 clear file from the flea market

Derpy keychain plushies of Kotori and Eli XD These look like they could be fakes, but they were cheap and cute in their derpyness, so couldn't resist...

Nozomi and Eli stickers~ Eli is for my fellow Love Live enthusiastic friend Janina :3

Aaand I also got this Rei Ayanami from the flea market, she's for Sarg :) This time I didn't find any figures for myself.

Had a great time and can't wait for the next con!! Special thanks to Tiinyan and the boys for the lovely company ^^

June 9, 2016

Nozomi Birthday Figure

Just a quick post before going to sleep!
My Nozomi Birthday figure arrived just in time for today (June 9th), which is Nozomi's birthday~ ♥ I decided to only get my favorite girl and pass on the others since the whole set would be way too expensive ;___; I'm a bit sad since the nine girls would've looked gorgeous when displayed all together! Since these figures are exclusives, the prices second-hand will probably be higher too, so no thank you ^^;

Her box is quite simple for such an expensive figure, I expected something more special to be honest =_= It looks like the cheap prize figure boxes... It's still pretty though and I like the colorfulness.

There were cute pre-order bonus items included in the box!

An adorable card with a message ♥

Translation (by Leo22334455 on Myfigurecollection):
"Thank you so, so much for celebrating my birthday with me!!
I've matured and grown just a bit, here and there!
I hope the my charms of nearing adulthood reach you~
Please continue to look out for me from here on!
Tojo Nozomi"

And this A4 clear file :) Both the message card and clear file are now decorating one of our figure display shelves~

The figure itself was packed very safely... So much plastic everywhere XD

I only have this one photo of the figure for now! I had planned to take more for today, but I've been so into FF:XIV now (since a new patch was released on Tuesday) that I have done barely anything else ^^;; I do like this figure a lot though, her pose and everything :3 I think they've managed to capture Nozomi's personality perfectly~ I probably would've regretted it later if I hadn't pre-ordered her.

I'm already waiting for another Nozomi scale figure from Alter, which scheduled to be released in this month, but I'm pretty sure that she'll get delayed ^^; Still, can't wait to get her home as well!