December 30, 2017

Doll year 2017

The year of 2017 is almost at its end, so it's time to take a look at what kind of doll year this was for me. I've usually also made a separate post about annual goals, but this year I'm skipping that... I miserably failed to reach any of the goals that I had set for this year and I also think that I won't try to make any for next year, because there's no telling how lazy or busy I'll be ^^; I'll just do whatever I feel like doing and try not to stress about things :3

Previous years:

• Arrivals

Soom York (ordered in 2016)
Miyadoll Dreaming Tory

My plan for this year was not to get more BJDs, but I still ended up getting one (York doesn't count, since he was ordered last year) :D That's pretty good though, luckily this year I didn't see any new releases that would've tempted me enough to order them. I'm pretty happy with my BJD crew currently, though sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed since I do have quite many... >.< I'm hoping that their numbers won't increase next year!

Dollfie Dream:
DDS Freyja

One of my goals for this year was to get DDS Freyja and I managed to get her home, even though I didn't win in the Volks lottery! I've been really happy with her, though I'm still not quite sure about her character...

Azone Pureneemo:
Meow x Meow Lycee
Meow x Meow Sahra
Snow Queen Mia
Sugar Dream Koron

Azone Picconeemo:
Raili (ordered in 2016)

Azone dolls continue being my weakness, hahah XD Still, I'm quite surprised that I managed not to buy more than 4 Pureneemos and 1 Picconeemo! I do have my eyes on the new Picco Aika and Koron that were released a while ago, though I probably only want to get Aika for her clothes... I love my older Picco Koron and Aika! ♥

• Rehomed

Azone 48cm Mocha
Pureneemo Tsukiha
Heartful Kiss Maya
Punk Girl Koron
Secret Garden Chisa
Twinkle a la Mode Sahra standard ver.
Twinkle a la Mode Sahra DS ver.


Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf
Pipos Ringo
Soom Clozel
Soom Minette (still for sale)
Soom Nelen (still for sale)
Soom Nyer
Soom Sweet Witch
Souldoll Junia

I sold quite many dolls during this year, since I started to feel like there were some that didn't get much attention from me and I wanted to let those dolls go. I do miss some of them because of their characters, but selling them as dolls was still the right decision.

• Other thoughts on 2017

Overall 2017 was quite a shitty year for me, since I've been so tired and stressed because of the school etc... That has naturally affected my hobbies as well and I haven't been inspired to do much with my dolls :c On the other hand, just having them around in the house relieves the stress and reminds me why I am in the hobby ♥ I wish I would've been more active, taken more photos and sewn more - hopefully that will happen in 2018!

• Doll plans for 2018

The only solid doll plan that have I for now is to get a Dollfie Dream in TAN! I'm finally going to Japan in spring 2018 and that gives me the chance to bring home a tan girl, which can only be purchased from the Volks store in Akihabara! ♥ Besides her, I don't really have any plans. Actually, I'd prefer not to buy more dolls and focus on the ones I have, but we'll see... :D

December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!

This year I didn't have the time nor energy to come up with a new Christmas photo shoot, so I'm just posting some older photos that I haven't shared before ^^; (even though these were taken a year ago...)

Hope you all have a great Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones~ ♥

Merry Christmas~!!