September 30, 2016

First signs of autumn

Sharing some Lisanna photos from last weekend~ The autumn has begun here in Finland and some leaves have turned to gorgeous shades of red, orange and brown ♥ Autumn is not one of my favorite seasons, since the pretty scenery usually doesn't last long and rest of the season is just rainy and muddy... But I do love taking photos with the leaves, the colors are just so pretty! ♥ I also took photos of a few of my Pureneemo girls, but those will have to wait for a bit later...

Hope you enjoy the photos! :3

I also want to share the faceup photos. Sarg did just amazing job, I couldn't be more satisfied with how my girl turned out! ♥

Now I need to get back to work, it's going to be quite a busy weekend ahead ^^; But hopefully I'll have some free time for doing doll stuff as well, there are so many things that I need to work on! Having a few extra hours in a day wouldn't hurt X'D

September 27, 2016

The Little Mermaid swims home~!

Sorry, it's another arrival/box opening post again XD I swear that the different doll companies are stalking me since they always send the things I've ordered at the same time, even if they've been ordered months apart... While the Souldoll order took over 5 months, Iplehouse was really fast and shipped my order in less than 3 months! I ordered in July 7th and got the shipping notice on September 20th. The package actually arrived on Friday, but I was away for the weekend and then busy with school stuff, so editing the pictures etc. took longer than I had planned ^^;

Anyway, you may be wondering which doll this new girl is? She's Iplehouse nYID Elf Vera, in peach gold and with glamour bust ;3; The elf girls were originally released on SID bodies, so I had to order through Doll Choice to get the body I wanted. SID would've been too tall for my character. There's more info on her below after the box opening photos~

I placed my order during Iplehouse's summer event, so I received some free goodies! I was looking forward to seeing what I get and hoping that it's something that my dolls could use, but in the end, I don't really have any use for this outfit nor wig ^^; Gonna sell both later. The outfit is apparently no longer available on Iplehouse's website, so I need to somehow figure out the price for it...

I ordered these gorgeous shoes for Nesrine (my EID Aurora)~ These were quite expensive (the most expensive pair in my doll shoe collection so far!!), but the color and style were just perfect and I've struggled trying to find this kind of shoes for Nes... Seeing these in person I definitely don't regret buying them, they're great quality and really worth their price!

Awww look at those cute ears!! *w*

Say hi to my lovely little mermaid, Undine! She's actually one of my oldest characters, but it's been difficult to find the perfect sculpt for her. I briefly had OR-doll Eris head at some point, but I didn't bond with her and it would've been difficult to find a matching body anyway. After that I waited for some company to make a great sculpt with a mermaid tail, but so far there hasn't been a single perfect mermaid doll. There's always been something that bothers me either in the face or the tail. Once I had my first nYID girl at home, I sort of decided that I want Undine to have that body, with the glamour bust. At some points there were some rumours about Iplehouse actually working on a mermaid body, but when I asked them quite some time ago, they told me that this was not true. I thought that I'd just get Undine with a normal human body and make a fabric mermaid tail for her.

The wig is actually a plain silvery white wig from Crobidoll that I customized using blue hair chalk~ I'm really liking the result ^3^ I love how her ears are visible even when she's wearing her wig.

Pretty, shimmery Mako eyes ;3; I was afraid that these would be too dark, but I think that they match quite nicely with her hair.

A full-body shot just to show off the wig a bit better :)

Sarg wanted this bow so we added it to the order. It looks really beautiful and detailed. There was no option to get it unpainted, but that was okay this time since the colors fit Sarg's plans.

Pretty details!

I've already finished some parts of Undine's first outfit, since I could work on it while waiting, using my other nYID girls. They have smaller busts though, so I couldn't start sewing the top part before Undine arrived and now I've been trying to finish a few other incomplete pieces...I'll try to get back to Undine soon though! It'll take a long time before she's 100% finished with a mermaid tail and all, but I'll get there eventually :3 I love having lots of projects to work on, though I wish I had more time for them!

The next post will probably be about Lisanna, her finished faceup and some photos from the weekend~

September 21, 2016

Souldoll Vito girl arrival!

Me and Sarg received a big doll package yesterday when our two Souldoll Vito girls arrived :) We ordered these two on April 5th and they were shipped on September 12th, so the waiting took a bit over 5 months ^^; We did order on layaway though and paid it off in August, but Souldoll starts working on the layaway orders earlier than after receiving the last payment. It seems that Souldoll has been pretty slow with orders lately. But to be honest, it didn't feel like 5 months to me, more like 3 months or so XD It feels like time just flies!

When Souldoll released Calia and Riris we both got excited since the Vito size seemed just perfect, the body looked so beautiful and these two sculpts looked like they'd be perfect for our characters, my Lisanna and Sarg's Nemora. At the time we already had them as dolls though, Lisanna was Withdoll Angela and Nemora was Withdoll Priscilla. We decided to sell them and get the Vito girls as new, sort of "updated" shells for them. While I still do like Withdoll Angela as a sculpt, it just didn't feel right for Lisanna's character in the end. Also, I would've preferred a light tan skin tone for Lisanna originally, but Withdoll's tan seemed way too dark and I had to settle for normal skin. Souldoll's sandy brown instead is a perfect color. Re-shelling the girls seemed like a good idea.

Now to the box opening!

When we placed our order Souldoll had this event that you get a free gift dress with a Vito girl - since we ordered two Vito girls, we also got two dresses :D Sarg sold hers, since Nemo wears darker colors and she didn't really have another doll that could use the dress. It's amazing how generous Souldoll is with their events, their gift outfits definitely look cheap!

Mummies XD Souldoll packs their dolls so safely!

Here the girls are, side by side~ Souldoll's sandy brown and grey are both really pretty colors.

Trying out the dress on Lisanna, she's also wearing her own eyes and wig here~ I'm really happy that her old wig fits her perfectly ♥ It has been customized with some added pearls and feathers, so it would've been a shame if I had to get her a new wig.

Pretty flower details on the dress ♥

And more details~

These are the eyes that I had for Lisanna when she was Withdoll Angela. They're 10mm and they seem a little bit too small for this sculpt, as they slightly cap from the corners :/ This means that I'll need to buy new eyes for her. I'm thinking of going for Makoeyes, but unfortunately all their eyes seem to be sold out at the moment so I need to wait until they accept orders again... For now she can borrow another doll's eyes ^^;

Souldoll has such pretty CoAs ♥ I'm proud to support their work~

This box opening was a bit rushed (sorry about that!), but hopefully later I'll make another blog post with some posing photos as well as a few comparisons with other dolls, at least with Souldoll Kid and Zenith girls :) Sarg wants to do Lisanna's faceup and if she has the time to finish it before the weekend, I can take some autumn photos outside when I go to visit my mom.

September 7, 2016

Miu and the Frog Prince arrival

Sorry for my blog's recent inactivity, I haven't really had anything to post about (besides one photoshoot that's still waiting for editing =3=) and the school has kept me busy! But now I'm here with another box opening, as this Miu chose the perfect time to arrive~ I go to school at 11:30am on Wednesdays, so I had just enough time to take these box opening photos :D

I was sure that pre-ordering Miu would be another insane speed contest, just like with Mermaid Princess Minami, but she was actually very easy to get so I worried for nothing! Really happy that I managed to order this cutie, as Miu is one of my favorite Azone girls and this super cute pink styling was just impossible to resist~ ♥

It was still a bit dark outside when I started taking the photos, so there wasn't as much natural light as I had hoped... Thus the quality of some of the photos isn't so good ^^;

I was already squeeling at this point, look at that cuteness! ♥♥ Azone doll boxes are always so adorable ;3;

Cover of the booklet, featuring Miu and her little frog friend~

I really love this outfit! ♥ It has so many pieces that can be layered and used for different combinations~ I'm a big fan of mori girl style, especially when it has some hime/princess-like elements >3< This outfit is a perfect example of what I mean. I'd definitely wear that if it was available in human size as well, hahah XD

The doll came with a cute little pillow and a frog prince XD

Princess Miu says hello! ♥ She's soooo cute ;w;

Chie helping to get the plastic off...

That's better, thank you Chie :3

Once again the bangs looked way too long, so I cut them a little bit...

I think this looks so much better, you can actually see her adorable face now XD

I took off one layer of the outfit and here you can also see her shoes!

I chose to name this girl Emi, which means "blessing" and "beautiful" in Japanese :3 She forms a mini idol unit Tiara☆Rose with her best friend Yume (my Mermaid Princess Minami) and is a part of the same agency as the girls of Usagi M. Being a big fan of idol related anime shows, it was inevitable that I'd add something similar to my own characters as well x3 I can't wait to start designing some kind of performance and training outfits for Emi and the other girls!

Took off the upper skirt, the shirt can be used with this underskirt as well :3

A little side-by-side comparison with Picco Miu ♥ I really love blue eyes on Miu, so far every Miu in the house has blue eyes XD These two are probably cousins?

Hair comparison with Mermaid Princess Minami~ Emi's hair is much lighter and has a bit warmer tone c: Both of the colors look really pretty!

I already have a feeling that Emi is going to be one of my favorite dolls and get a lot of attention, but don't tell that to my other dolls hahah X'D I have a few sewing ideas for mori outfits in my mind, but we'll see when I'll have the time and inspiration for actually making them... So many different ideas, so little time XD

Miu and Mr. Frog thank you for watching! :D