May 31, 2016

Totally Minnie

The 4th challenge in Instagram's Next Top BJD was Disney themed - we had to choose a character and put together an outfit inspired by it! You might already guess from the title which character I chose for Carmen ;D Yup, Minnie Mouse! This might seem like a bit surprising choice since Minnie is a pretty cute character and Carmen is more of a badass (or at least she likes to think so...), but Carmen also loves pin-up style and I thought that a red polkadot dress would fit the style perfectly~ At first I was tempted to go for something more dramatic (like Once Upon A Time inspired Evil Queen), but then again, I wanted to stay true to Carmen's character and think of something that she would actually wear and be able to use more than once. She'd ditch the ears though, unless it was a Halloween party or something XD

Unfortunately we were eliminated this round and didn't make it through to the finals. But I'm not sad or anything, just glad that I got even this far (top 30) and it was a really fun experience :) Sarg's Terra is in the Final 10, so let's cheer for her in the last challenge! ♥ Terra was channeling Hades in this challenge and ended up being the winner~ I helped Sarg by sewing the basic dress and she accessorized it :)

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The dress and jewelry are made by me~ I also made the bow and ears, Sarg made sure that I don't ruin the whole thing and helped me by gluing them to the hairband base XD As a funny fact: the hem of that dress actually ate 5 meters of lace...

I submitted this photo to the challenge. It was my favorite pose from these shots - a bit flirty and playful, just like Minnie XD 

Now that the contest is over for me, I'll try to take photos of my other big BJDs for change XD Though I'm also hoping to take a photoshoot of Carmen with her husband ♥ I have many sewing ideas for my dolls too and hopefully I'll have the time to work on them little by little~

May 30, 2016

Summery picnic meet-up

We (me, Sarg, TiinyanXayaElina and Dusky) finally managed to have our picnic meet-up yesterday (on Sunday)! This time we chose the perfect date, since the weather was really lovely ^^ We had decided to go to the Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden, which is full of beautiful flowers and trees that are great for photography purposes. There were also surprisingly few people, thanks to some kind of a fair near the garden that people found more interesting than looking at flowers :D

It's great how we always have such a nice variety of different kinds of dolls, both resin and vinyl!

Besides Sarg's panther, Tiinyan's Elian (Crobidoll Yeon-Ho) and my Gwyn were the biggest dolls at the meet-up. Both seemed so shy XD

Tiinyan's cute Mamachapp girl! ♥ 

And little Olavi, he also belongs to Tiinyan. I was not so fond of these Luts cats at first, but after seeing Olavi I'm pretty sure that I need one of these cuties at some point >.<

Tiinyan's Miisu (SQ Lab Chibi Moe)

Elina's grumpy little Hilde (Soom Yrie)

Malva, Elina's mint Pipos Ringo :3

Jaya's Dollzone Big Dipper

Jaya's Jeeli, Pipos Derek

A bunch of Pureneemos~

We had two Seras at the meet-up, Tiinyan's girl and mine ^^

Sarg's and my Neemos in their cute kimonos ^w^

Miu thought that it's really soft and comfy on Mimmi's lap... (Mimmi belongs to Xaya) Miu wore her cosplay of Sword Art Online's Yui :3

Xaya's Emmi

The newest addition in Xaya's Neemo family, Penni

Sarg's Popo was really happy to meet another Kikipop friend, Tiinyan's Varpu :3

Xaya had made such a delicious cake *o*

These cookies ♥♥♥

Snake looking for some cookies as well...

"Who ate all of them?!!"

Sarg and Tiinyan took some photos of their cats, Pandora was probably teaching some basic hunting stuff to lil Olavi XD

Laying around after the hunt training session... Dusky's Darkie wants to be a cat too? D:

I took sooo many photos of Olavi, since he's so cute ;w;

Oh yes, he's cute~

Tail comparison bawww ♥

Small paw vs. big paw

Moving on from cats to birds :'D Chici met Tiinyan's Kaspian, the most handsome little bird boy again, and they went on a little dat--I mean walk! There were many fun places for these two :3

Adventure time! 

Chici: "Let's go there!"
Kaspian: "?? What's that noise?"

Kaspian: "Bad bad kitty, you won't eat us!"
Chici: "Oh, Kaspian you're so brave!! ♥"
Jeeli: "Um, this is a misunderstanding... ^^;;"

In the end, Jeeli was just curious and wanted to see what the little birds were up to. He had no intention of eating or hurting them in any way XD They made up and maybe even became friends?

Little chirps being all fluffy and cute~ ♥ Though I'm not sure if that's the safest place, so close to the panther ^^;; Chici hopes that she was not too heavy...

After the others left, me and Sarg stayed for a while and took a few more photos!

Thank you for the lovely meet-up guys <3 The summer has just begun, so hopefully we'll still have time for many more picnics~ 

May 27, 2016

Nozomi & Eli Training Version Nendoroids

Just a quick figure related update, since I picked up a box from Big In Japan today :3 To my surprise the package even went through the customs, usually all of my packages get stuck there nowadays :'D But yay for no custom fees this time!

I've probably said a thousand times that Nozomi is my favorite girl from Love Live, so I obviously wanted to get this Nendoroid (even though I already have the previous Nendoroid version of her). Aaand I didn't want her to be the only one from the training outfit set - it felt natural to get her best buddy Eli too XD They both also have really cute training outfits too~

The girls in their boxes~

Backsides of the boxes, showing what different poses the Nendos can do with their extra parts. 

Here's how the girls were assembled in the boxes :3 They are so adorable! ♥

Eli has a cute ponytail that can be moved around

Nozomi's pigtails can also be moved around nicely

Eli came with an extra hair part, so she can also wear her hair down like this~ I totally forgot to change her face to the other expression that she came with ;___;

Nozomi with the surprised extra expression XD She also has a cute camcorder and microphone.

One especially cool thing about these training outfit Nendoroids is that each of them comes with holding hands parts that can be used by the previous Love Live Nendoroids - so they can hold hands with their friends! ♥ Since I ordered two Nendos, I got two of the hand parts.

Rin and Hanayo playing the maracas together >3<

And of course Nozo-tan and Eli-chi~ ♥ I definitely want to take a picture like this somewhere outside and hide the stand!

At last, both versions of Nozomi and Eli in one picture. There are just some slight differences in their hair colors and the way their eyes are painted. They look super cute together like this! ♥

I just love Nendoroids so much, it's really hard to resist getting more of them :'D Especially since GSC keeps on releasing them of characters that I like... I must admit that I've been eyeing on the other Love Live girls with training outfits as well, but I try not to buy more of them since I'd just want them for one face expression or so. I do have 4 other Nendoroids on preorder  for later this year, though ^^;