November 27, 2014

Stuff from Tata's Paradise

I got a package from Tata's Paradise in the morning :3 We ordered some clothes, accessories and little props for our dolls~ It was a surprise how fast the ordering process went... Usually it has taken a long time for them to ship out the stuff, but now it only took a week!

I'll be showing my part of the "loot", the stuff that Sarg ordered is still in their packaging as I always wish that she gets to open her things herself XD But she got a coat, one transparent crystal branch, one blueberry branch, swag white sneakers and a bracelet set.

There was this cute little card in the package ♥ Most of the time I throw away "business cards" and stuff like that, but if I get cute ones like this, I save them and put them on my wall x3

I got this (under)skirt in two different colors, the pink one for Ceci and black one for Jade x3 Even though their color themes are different, I'm obsessed with getting at least a couple of matching pieces for matching looks~ They are the best friends in the story after all!

I was slightly disappointed that the upper part of the skirts is a bit see-through, at least more than in the company photos. But I'm hoping that with right kind of shirts that cover the see-throughness, the girls can use these as regular skirts as well, not only as underskirts. They are made of wonderful, soft material and fit the Iplehouse nYID body well, so I'm happy with them in any case :3

Don't laugh at me, but this was the main thing that I wanted to get from Tata... Yeah, a pink swim ring with ducks ^^; I actually wish now that I'd gotten the blue one as well, the size is perfect for many of my dolls... I think I'll need to wait until the next summer before I can use this in any photos >3<

I also got these lovely "crystal branches", two in blue and one in transparent color. They'll make nice additions to photo set-ups, especially for my winter faery Sereni :3

November 26, 2014

Photo spam from the weekend

Like I mentioned in the end of my previous post, I was at Sarg's for the weekend and we had so much fun :3 Work has kept me busy (and tired) for the past few days, so I haven't really had the energy to write this post until now...

Anyways, I had a couple of dolls with me so we took some pictures~

Here are my Cressida (Soom Mecha Angel Bellatrix) and Sarg's Pandora (Twigling Ingenieuse). In our story Cressida is the Queen and Pandora is her beloved pet/bodyguard/lover/servant/etc. you name it, they're really close ♥ These were their first photos together, but hopefully we'll be able to take more soon~

Cressida does have a husband (what would a queen be without a king, huh), but he's been quite busy with all of his duties that he barely has time for his wife :/ Cressida needs a lot of attention and affection, which she now gets from Pandora... Lorrence doesn't know (at least for now) how deep their relationship actually is >.< Despite everything Cressida does love her husband dearly and would never leave him, even for Pandora...

Pandora also met little Chici XD Their stories are not connected in anyway, so this is totally OOC... But I just couldn't resist taking a random shot of them XD

Another doll that we took photos of is the newest faery in my doll family, Twyla (Soom Faery Legend Asis) ♥ She was a dream doll of mine for a long time and now I finally have her, my lovely little pastel goth ;___; Sarg has taken a liking to her as well, which I'm really happy of x3

Character-wise Twyla is a bit timid and shy, but very clever and mature for her age (she's the youngest among my faeries). She's a "twilight fairy", her wings produce dream dust which helps people, especially children, sleep better at night and see sweet dreams~ You could say that she's something like the Sandman in European folklore XD

Twyla's faceup and dress were made by me, Sarg painted the wings and also put the hairband together, based on my instructions XD (I suck with glue, so I try to leave it to her whenever I can...)

I'm really happy with her and need to take more photos of her soon~ Sarg always has the most awesome props for any doll and the lighting is better at her place too, I need to do some thinking what kind of set-up I could build for Twyla at home XD

On another note, look what I got from Sarg!! It's a cute little bag shaped like a pink candy house ;3; I've admired that bag for all this time me and Sarg have known each other, she has carried some props and stuff in it sometimes. On the weekend we put Lili to "sleep" inside the bag for the nights and she looked so at home in there that Sarg said I could have the bag ;____;

Here's what it looks like from the outside asasasasd!! I love this bag so much XD It'll be the perfect carrier for my smaller dolls~ Thanks so much again, dear ♥♥♥

Besides taking photos we just played around with our dolls, chatted, watched TV and played Thief on PS3 :3 Aaand we also briefly visited the center of Helsinki on Sunday because they lighted up the city's Christmas lights! I'm not much of a Christmas person... All the carols playing everywhere nearly drive me crazy each year, but I do love the prettiness of Christmas lights and decorations ;3; And presents are also nice, of course XD

I also found the most adorable Hello Kitty chocolate advent calendar ;___; It was 50% off at a candy store we went to, I just couldn't leave it there... Besides chocolate it also has some surprise toys inside! I'm such a child at heart, hahah XD

November 20, 2014

Luts Gretel elf box opening~

My Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf FINALLY arrived today!! She was shipped exactly 2 weeks ago, so this was quite a long waiting for an EMS package u.u I was getting so worried that she might've been lost or stolen, since the tracking didn't update at all after the flight dispatched... But apparently it was just some typical pre-Christmas delay or something.

I ordered Lili in real skin brown, which is the lightest tan skin that Luts offers :) I'd never seen Luts' tan skin in person, only in photos, so I wasn't sure if I was making the right choice, but now I do think that this was indeed the best choice~

This box is super adorable ♥♥ I had seen what the Tiny Delf box look like in other Tiny Delf box opening, but somehow I didn't remember it at all and it kinda surprised me XD If that makes any sense lol...

A bunch of cards of Luts dolls :)

 The certificate ♥

Here she is, and isn't she adorable ;____; It was an instant bonding from the moment I first looked at her... This is my first doll ever in this size and I immediately fell in love, she most likely will want a friend in the same size sometime in the future X'D

Here she is with her own wig and eyes~ She look like a little mushroom hahah XD

I also ordered these "Yay" hands for her~ I have an addiction to this hand sign XD If I buy a doll which has these available as an option, I must get them every time...


+ Extra photo:
My lovely assistant keeping me company XD She always wants to be a part of everything I do, including box openings... She just lays there and watches what I do, making funny "Mommy, not another doll..." faces if I look back at her XD

That's it for the box opening, welcome to the family, Lili! ♥

I'll be going to Sarg's place for the weekend, lots of doll photos and stuff ahead~ And I get to play Thief again yaaaaay

Review: Hats by A Little Wing

Like I mentioned a couple of posts back, I'm going to make a review on a shop called A Little Wing :> They're located in Philippines and offer hand-knitted hats for BJDs and humans on a commission basis. There are many lovely colors to choose from (all have cute names ♥) and you can also choose whether or not you want a pompom on top of the hat. For BJD-sized hats, there are currently two size options: one for SD/MSD and one for yoSDs/MSDs with slimmer head :3

I placed my order on October 7th and was then added to the making queue. At the time they only offered BJD hats in one size (SD/MSD) and I ordered two hats for my and Sarg's Withdolls, even though I was unsure if the hats would be too large for them (they have a 6-7inch head). But a week after ordering, I noticed that A Little Wing had just added an option for a smaller (yoSD) sized BJD hat and I was thrilled that it was still possible to change the size of those two hats in the order! <3

Overall the communication was excellent and very friendly, all of my messages were answered quickly and nicely~

Photo © A Little Wing

The hats were shipped on October 27th, so the making of the hats took a little less than 3 weeks. There were many hats in my order and A Little Wing also had other orders to make, so I think the waiting time was very reasonable :) They also state on their ordering info that it can take up to 2-3 weeks to make the hats. They take an adorable photo of the packed hats with a speech bubble "We're going to location X" <3 Cute little details like that can really cheer up one's day~

The shipping took a bit over 2 weeks (arrived on November 14th), which is quite standard for regular airmail from South Korea to Finland. The package arrived safely and was carefully packed.

The order included 6 BJD hats and 2 human hats ^^ Half of them were for me, half for Sarg.

Sarg's doll sized hats~ "Rockstar" and "Frosting" in bigger and "Snow Owl" in smaller size

And mine ^^ "Bubblegum" with black pom and "Frosting" in bigger and "Tumbleweed" in smaller size

Nemora (Withdoll Priscilla) with "Snow Owl"

Ophelia (Soom Heliot female) with "Frosting"

Terra (Iplehouse EID Chris female) with "Rockstar" 83

We both also wanted to order matching hats for us and one of our dolls; Sarg chose a dark blue/black mix "Rockstar" to share with her Terra and I chose a pastel pink "Frosting" to share with Ceci (Iplehouse nYID Emilia).

Sarg goofing around with her and Terra's hats XD

Me and my perfect "Frosting" hat ♥ I love it so much~

I'm really happy with the order, everything went smoothly from the beginning to the very end! I definitely want to get more hats from A Little Wing in the future and totally recommend ordering from them~

November 16, 2014


Sunday 16th is "Support the BJD artist" day!
The idea was to take a picture of authentic BJD(s) with a message to show our support for the artists and companies that struggle having to deal with illegal recasters >.<

This matter is not about opinions, it's about right or wrong. Whatever reasons people have for buying recasts, it's always WRONG. Not only are they illegal, but supporting the recast business also hurts the doll hobby in all possible ways and I simply cannot understand why anyone who claims to be in this hobby would want to do that :(

I will always support the original artists and companies, without them this hobby wouldn't exist and I wouldn't have all the lovely dolls that I have.


Many, many more pictures from other hobbyists can be found from these sources:

November 14, 2014

Lil' Fairy Lipu arrives~!

After work I went to the post office and picked up my AmiAmi package~ I also got a bunch of adorable hats from A Little Wing, but I'm going to make a little review about those later ^^

Now onto the AmiAmi stuff! October was a quiet month for me, I only got a few items. I can't keep up with all of my preorders anymore, but I think that some were delayed from October to November... So the next loot will probably be the biggest during this year ^^;

Anyways, these were included in the October package:

Madoka strap ♥ Now I have all three versions of Madoka (school uniform, Ultimate and this one) as these pinched straps~ Yeah, I'm a huge Madoka fan... I don't plan to use them, I always end up either losing or breaking any charms on my phone, bag, etc. so I definitely want to keep these on display only ^^; I haven't even taken them off their packaging yet, I need to think what would be a good way to display them...

Another series that I'm in love with is Love Live!! I'm on a mission to collect all 9 characters in this SEGA prize figure series (No Brand Girls), this was my 6th :3 I managed to pre-order some of them from HLJ, but for some reason many SEGA figures in their shop were suddenly cancelled due to uncertain stock or something like that >.< Rin is from AmiAmi's preowned section. I just managed to snag a Nico too, she'll arrive in my late November loot.

The last and most awaited thing in this order was Azone Lil' Fairy Lipu ♥ 

I think I preordered her back in March... At first she was supposed to be released in summer, but she got delayed again and again... Until FINALLY, in the end of October she was released. I was almost starting to think that I'd never get her XD She has been released before though, but the preorder price was significantly cheaper than second-hand prices seemed to be >.< BJDs have taught me to have patience with waiting, so it wasn't that bad.

Here she is! I really love her default clothes and accessories~ I wasn't sure how I'd feel about her huge hands (Sarg was the one who encouraged me to purchase her despite my doubts), but after seeing her in person I think she's just perfect this way <3

Hahah she came with this tiny cleaning cloth... And apparently started cleaning right away XD

Attack!!! This might happen if cleaning cloths get too attached to you >:3 (Am I stupid for thinking that the little thing is like the cutest thing ever?? I know, it's just a white piece of fabric but... a doll-sized cleaning cloth awwww XD)

And she also came with this mop ♥ Which is adorable as well~

November 12, 2014

A little bit of sunshine

Just posting a couple of Azone photos that I took today :)
It was surprisingly bright outside when I woke up in the morning, so I decided to took advantage of the good natural light >:3 I've been mainly focusing on sewing and other stuff on darker days, so it was fun to do some photography for chance, even if it was just a few quick shots.

First up is Shiori (Pureneemo SAHRA's á la mode Heartful Kiss Maya), the newest member in my Azone family~ I bought her second-hand from another person in Finland, she arrived last week and I just finished making a simple skirt and shirt for her :3 This was my number one grail doll and I'm so happy to own her now! One of the reasons that I love her so much is that she reminds me of Ceci XD I definitely need to take a photo of them together at some point~

And then my little Picco Neemos, Miu and Yui (Lien) ♥ These were Yui's first photos, I'd been making some clothes for her and didn't want to take photos until I'm finished. Her default outfit didn't really inspire me, neither did Miu's X'D I love how these little ones can brighten up the day surprisingly much...


That's all for now :> Hopefully tomorrow I'll be picking up my AmiAmi order, which includes my long-waited Lil'Fairy Lipu!! Still waiting for the Luts order to arrive to Finland argh... The AmiAmi package was shipped a day after it by Airmail, yet it already arrived to the country yesterday and no signs of the Luts' EMS package :'D