November 11, 2014

Impatient waiting

Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf | Photo © Luts

I'm currently waiting for two dolls, Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel Elf, ordered on September 15th) and Jade (Iplehouse DC nYID Mariordered on October 4th). Lili was shipped last week, so she should be here any day now hurray!! I think the most nerve-wracking part of the waiting is always the final wait after the doll has been shipped... I've been checking the tracking constantly, but she hasn't landed to Finland yet. I do hope she'll make it home during this week ;3; *crosses fingers*

Iplehouse Mari | Photo © Iplehouse

Also, today I asked about the status for my Iplehouse order (also including Sarg's Terra, Iplehouse EID F.Chris) and they gave me a shipping estimate of "mid December" ^w^ Hopefully our couple will be arriving just in time for Christmas then~

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