November 27, 2014

Stuff from Tata's Paradise

I got a package from Tata's Paradise in the morning :3 We ordered some clothes, accessories and little props for our dolls~ It was a surprise how fast the ordering process went... Usually it has taken a long time for them to ship out the stuff, but now it only took a week!

I'll be showing my part of the "loot", the stuff that Sarg ordered is still in their packaging as I always wish that she gets to open her things herself XD But she got a coat, one transparent crystal branch, one blueberry branch, swag white sneakers and a bracelet set.

There was this cute little card in the package ♥ Most of the time I throw away "business cards" and stuff like that, but if I get cute ones like this, I save them and put them on my wall x3

I got this (under)skirt in two different colors, the pink one for Ceci and black one for Jade x3 Even though their color themes are different, I'm obsessed with getting at least a couple of matching pieces for matching looks~ They are the best friends in the story after all!

I was slightly disappointed that the upper part of the skirts is a bit see-through, at least more than in the company photos. But I'm hoping that with right kind of shirts that cover the see-throughness, the girls can use these as regular skirts as well, not only as underskirts. They are made of wonderful, soft material and fit the Iplehouse nYID body well, so I'm happy with them in any case :3

Don't laugh at me, but this was the main thing that I wanted to get from Tata... Yeah, a pink swim ring with ducks ^^; I actually wish now that I'd gotten the blue one as well, the size is perfect for many of my dolls... I think I'll need to wait until the next summer before I can use this in any photos >3<

I also got these lovely "crystal branches", two in blue and one in transparent color. They'll make nice additions to photo set-ups, especially for my winter faery Sereni :3


  1. That wimming ring is so cute!!! now I want one too XD! but I doubt I'll get it, I can't order anything around this time because the postal service is having lots of trouble (I had trouble with 2 packages already).
    You got really nice things from them, those skirts look really pretty, specially the pink one :)

    1. It sure is! ♥
      The postal service has been having trouble here too, I think it's because of Christmas getting closer... Hopefully nothing will get lost though >.<

      Yeah the pink skirt is my favorite too XD They're a lot nicer than I was expecting!

  2. Ooh, wonderful stuff! Especially that little swimming ring! >3< Is it Teenie Gem-sized or for even smaller dollies?
    I love it how this BJD hobby makes you realize that you need something that you never even knew existed! (I want a tiny swim ring tooo! )

    1. Hmm I'd say that Teenie Gems could use it as a prop, but they don't fit through it X'D But it's great for Tiny Delf and Azone Picconeemo!

      Hahah yeah... I have collected so much random stuff for my dolls and the swimming ring was a must-have XD