November 11, 2014

New start?

Hello everyone!

I used to run this BJD blog in 2011-2012 (together with Sarg), but we both kinda lost our interest towards writing and thus the blog died :/ But now after 2 years I've started to feel the urge to write a blog again, so I figured I'd start again~ This time I'm doing the writing on my own, though there'll still be a lot of talk about Sarg and her dolls too :3

For a moment I pondered if I should keep all the old posts as a memory, but in the end I decided to remove everything and start from a fresh slate, since we no longer have some of the dolls that we had made posts about, some images didn't work anymore, etc. Also, I figured it might be less confusing this way.

So from now on, I'll try to update this blog every now and then~ I'll be posting photos, photo stories (if I ever manage to make some..), sewing/craft related stuff, box openings, reviews, and many other things, whatever comes to mind :> Besides BJDs, I also own some Azones and anime figures as well, so those will make appearances in this blog too!

I'm most active on DeviantART and see it as a kind of "headquarters" for my photography, so if you're interested in seeing my doll photos, I recommend following me over there as well ^^

Hope you'll enjoy this blog! ♥


  1. Welcome back! :3
    I'm glad to see that you're starting to blog again! I usually follow all dolly things in Blogger so I seldomly wander to DeviantArt. It'll be easier (for me at least ;) to admire your dolls and photos from now on.

    1. Well thank you! ^^ I will try my best to keep this blog active now~

      I think there are far more doll people active on Flickr than on DeviantArt, but for some reason I prefer dA ^^; I was planning to keep my Flickr account for stalking purposes only, but who knows if I'll upload something there too! It takes so much time to cross-post the same pictures everywhere though XD

      But love to hear if you're going to follow this blog~ I'm sure it won't be only about dolls; I have loads of anime figures so maybe this blog will give me the motivation to take photos of them too, and post monthly loot openings, etc. :)