July 29, 2015

Sponsored review: ForMyDoll BJD wigs (July)

While I was browsing through the News section on Den of Angels a while ago, I noticed that ForMyDoll was looking for people to partner with them and review their wigs. I figured that I'd contact them, since I'd bought some wigs from them before and liked them, so the chance of working with such a lovely company and spreading the love for their wigs sounded amazing!

As you can see, ForMyDoll did in fact choose me as one of their supporters / "Friends" for two months ♥ I'm really thrilled about this opportunity~ Besides all the photo spams, box openings and other randomness, I also enjoy posting informative content on my blog to share with other doll hobbyists!

I'd like to mention that even though this is a sponsored review, all the opinions are my own :)

These are the two wigs that I ordered: (the promo pictures belong to ForMyDoll)

[FMDS M_20] Cherry Wine in S size (6-7inch)

This one I got for my little Marissa (Soom MD Minette), who's been in need of a new wig for a while >3< Red wigs can be quite hard to find, but FMD has them in many different styles and sizes! To me this "Cherry Wine" color is the perfect shade of red and also matches nicely with Marissa's mom's hair ♥ The style looks adorable and even though Marissa's previous wig was completely different (shoulder-length fur wig), I wanted to try how this bob style would look on her!

This wig style is available in 13 different colors in S size (6-7inch) and 12 in SS size (5.6-5.7inch). There is a separate sales page for every size/color combination.

[FMDL-1093G] Grey Purple in L size (8-9inch)

The second wig I got for Deri (Soom MD Sweet Witch)~ I'm known as a lover of both purple and pink colors, so of course this beautiful gradient-colored wig caught my eye o3o Deri's default wig is deep purple, but I've been looking for a second wig that would be in a more greyish shade of purple, but not completely grey. As a character, Deri is a grey flying squirrel in her animal form, so I wanted a wig to represent that better, with some fantasy elements. I feel like this gradient wig is perfect for that! ♥

This same wig is available in many different sizes: SS(5.6-5.7inch), S(6-7inch), M(7-8inch), L(8-9inch) and LL(9-10inch). There are 3 other gradient colors (Orange Caramel, Baby Pink, Mint Banillia) and the same style is available in many single colors as well! Again, all colors/sizes have their own sales page.


I placed the order on July 11th and received an order confirmation by email. I was getting a bit nervous since my order didn't update from "Before Shipping", so I wasn't sure whether or not the order had been shipped already ^^; But then, I received a shipping notice on July 24th. It's been a while since I last ordered from FMD, but earlier my orders have been shipped within a few days. I don't know what was the reason for delay this time, but it doesn't really bother me.

I chose the registered airmail shipping, since it's cheaper, reliable and in my experience almost as fast as EMS. There is also a tracking number, so you can easily track your package :) It turns out that FMD still shipped my wig by EMS, as I got it delivered to my home :'D I'm not sure why they did that, but it was a pleasant surprise! The package also slipped through the customs.

I received the wigs yesterday on July 28th.

This is what the package looked like

One of the sides of the box had taken some damage during the shipping, but since there were just wigs inside, this didn't really worry me. There's no way the wigs would be damaged, unless the box was cut in half or something XD

FMD had marked the package as a gift and declared the wigs with a value of $10

This is how the wigs were packed inside the box

There were two "plastic pillows" as padding inside the package to ensure even safer delivery :)

The wigs were packed inside plastic bags, with protective cardboard around them. I forgot to take a picture, but there was a ball of paper inside both of the wigs too.

Overall, I think the wigs were packed just perfectly :)

FMD always sends lovely little hairpins as a free gift with purchase! ♥ I'm happy especially with the strawberry hairpin, since Marissa (the doll I got the red wig for) often uses strawberry-themed accessories! The gift pins are random, so this was such a funny (but awesome!) coincidence x3 The pink hairpin is cute as well and I'm sure my girls are gonna end up fighting over it...

Moving on to the wigs themselves! Let's take a look at Marissa's wig first :)

[FMDS M_20] Cherry Wine in S size (6-7inch)

I really, really love this wig! ♥ The style is super adorable and looks great on Marissa, the color is also gorgeous! I think it appears a bit more red in photos, but in person the shade is colder and closer to wine red, like in the sales photos. I'm extremely happy with the wig quality-wise too!

There are only a few little things that I thought I'd point out. These are not something that would bother me, so I'm mentioning them just for the sake of the review :)

The top of the wig looks like this. There is a tiny bold spot where you can see the wig cap, but it actually looks quite natural, like skin, so I'm not bothered by it at all. I rarely photograph my dolls from this angle either :D

There are a few short flyaways on top of the wig, but you can easily just cut them off.

Besides these few "flaws" (which I don't really consider flaws since they're so minor) this wig is just perfect!

Here's what Marissa looks like with her horns and the cute strawberry hairpin we got as a gift from FMD ♥

Marissa seems like a whole different doll now :D I feel like this wig made me love her more than I did before~ I'm really satisfied that I chose to get this wig for her ♥

Then we'll check out Deri's wig!

[FMDL-1093G] Grey Purple in L size (8-9inch)

Just look at that beautiful gradient! ♥

The top of the wig looks great, there are no flyaways and the wig cap doesn't show through either!

The color of this wig is absolutely gorgeous! I really like how soft the gradient is and how there are different color fibers mixed in throughout the wig :3 The quality is awesome, even better than the first wig!

My one and only complaint would be the bangs, though. They don't really look like in the sales photos, but I feel like this is quite common with wigs that have straight bangs. There are also differences in different doll heads, even if they wear the same wig size, and I often feel like the bangs of (especially) SD sized wigs would look better on dolls that have wider and higher foreheads.

I like styling and cutting my dolls' wigs, so it was no problem for me to just cut the bangs a little bit to suit Deri better :)

So this is what the wig looked like before:

And this is what it looks like after cutting the bangs:
I LOVE it now ♥

A simple example styling with pigtails, a pearl hairband and some self-made hair bows >:3

So overall, I'm extremely happy with the wigs I got~ They're just as pretty as I was hoping them to be ^^ All the positive things about them overlap the minor negative things, so in the end I don't really have anything bad to say and my ordering experience was 100% happy ♥ I'm sure I'm going to order more wigs from them in the future as well~

Lastly, I took a photo as a thank you for FMD~ ♥ I really loved making this review and looks like my girls are loving their new wigs as well ^w^

Hope you liked this review and maybe even found it useful! If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer :)

Be sure to check out For My Doll's wigs and other products on their website

July 26, 2015

Summer Wonfes hype!

Summer WonFes was held in Japan today and once again many gorgeous new figures (as well as dolls) were announced ^3^ I thought I'd make a little blog post about the ones that got me all excited~ There is a huuuge list of all the figures that were announced!

Photo © neemosi

I just died at these new versions of Nina and Chisa ;____; They're both super adorable! I can't even tell which one I like more yet, maybe Chisa with that adorable hairstyle... Me and Sarg already have a Nina and a Chisa, but who knows if they'd like new sisters/friends? ;3 Need to think about these, there'll probably be more photos later that help me decide - or just make the decision harder hahah :'D

Photo © neemosi

Kyaaa ♥ This pink-haired Lil Fairy Vel is so adorable ;3; Unfortunately she seems to be quite hard to get... You need to buy a photobook in order to be able to order her and I'm not sure if that's for people living in Japan only. I'm sure some will pop out on Yahoo Japan etc. sooner or later, but the prices might be too high u_u We will see! I already have one pink-haired Lil Fairy and Sarg has two Vel cuties, so this one's not really a must-have.

Photo © neemosi

Azone is making a 50cm doll of Devil Homura *o* The outfit and wings look gorgeous, but I'm not that keen on the face... Which is good, since I'm sure this is going to be quite expensive, popular and possibly some kind of an exclusive >_< I'd love to make a cosplay of this for one of my dolls at some point!

Photo © GSC_GUMA

Nendoroid Co-de figures of the three main charas of iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls ♥ These seem to be sold as a set only, so I'm not sure if I end up getting them... Their outfits are cute, but they're almost identical and all :( I would've loved to get just one of them, either Rin (the one on left) or Uzuki (the one on center), but all three is too much. I don't even like Mio as a character that much ^^; So yeah, I guess I'll just pass on these.

Photo © amiami_figure

Nendoroid Petits of Love Live girls! These will probably be sold as a set, but they're all really pretty and different from each other, so I don't really mind. These outfits and the little fans look soo cute ♥ (I want to see the LL movie already!!)

Photo © Amiblo

I was sure that GSC would make a Nendoroid of Frozen's Anna at some point to accompany Elsa :3 The face in the picture seems to have the same kind of O_O expression as Elsa, but hopefully she'd also come with a faceplate with a less starey gaze. The outfit and other details do look adorable, I also love Olaf with the little summer hat XD His expression looks a lot better than the one that came with Elsa! Looking forward to more pictures :3

Hahah, this is not something that I'd want in my collection, but it's still so epic that I had to post it XD It's Joker Nendoroid!! It's cool that GSC has started making different kind of Nendoroids too, not just the cute girl characters all the time. These Nendos based on movie/game charas seem to be quite popular too!

Ranko is my favorite character from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, I love to see more figures of her! I'll need to see what kind of prize tag this figure has and what it ends up looking like when all painted, but so far it looks promising ;3; I prefer the looks of this to the previous one too.

Photo © Spica

My friend Spica is currently in Japan and went to WonFes, she's been posting pictures of her journey on Instagram! I haven't seen anyone else posting a picture of these Pri Para prize figures by SEGA. I've seen Lala before (and possibly Mireille as well, though I'm not sure), but omg Sophie ♥♥ She's my favorite character from the show and I just love that pose, her face and everything~ Many people speak badly of prize figures due to their cheap prize, but to me they often look as good as the more expensive scales, sometimes even better ^^; I absolutely need to get this Sophie!!

There were also announcements for Kusanagi Motoko by Kotobukiya, Musashi & Sonansu by Megahouse and super cute Rollercoaster Sonico by Banpresto!! The two latter ones were announced before WonFes though :)

I guess that's about it for me! Looks like Nendoroids will be dominating my collection in the future as well X'D


Do you guys have any new figures you're excited about? :)

July 24, 2015

Yukatas, hugging pillows and giant leaps

Me and Sarg went to do a little bit of shopping in Helsinki, but before that we sat down for a while to take some photos of our Neemos with their new yukatas :) You may have already seen the two of mine (pink and black) in the Amiami June loot post and in these pictures you can see them in use, as well as find out which ones Sarg got! These yukatas are really adorable~

We definitely need to work on some hair accessories and jewelry for our girls >:3

The girls from left:
Janna (my Minami-sensei) in black
Miyuki (Sarg's Miu) in blue
Mayuna (Sarg's Maya) in her default outfit
Kirari (my Maya) in pink
Harumi (Sarg's Raili) in white

A group photo of the yukata girls by themselves :3 Which one of these is your favorite?

Mayuna loves hugging pillows! ♥

I have no idea what these two have in mind, seems like it's something mischievous >.<

We were supposed to get just a few simple portraits, but in the end we got a bit carried away and ended up shooting a funny little photo story X'D Sarg took care of posing the dolls, while I took the photos. My dear friend Janina helped me a lot by editing all the speech bubbles and effects to the pictures, thanks a lot to her!! ♥♥

Hope you enjoyed this random story x3 It's so fun to do random photo stories like this with Azones, so I'm sure we're going to make lots of them in the future too! I've been slowly gathering furniture and Re-ments, as well as working on creating some dioramas for these girls :3

+ To end this post, have a few funny extras :D

Mayuna-chan in trouble ; . ;

"Heeeelp, giant hands are attacking!!!"

Ever seen a hugging pillow with shoes? XDD

Wish you all have a great weekend! ♥