April 2, 2017

Miyadoll Dreaming Tory arrival

Long time no blogging, huh? ^^; I haven't had much to blog about, although I do have some photos that I should edit and post at some point... But I received a new doll on Friday and wanted to post this box opening now, before I either forget or get terribly backlogged XD

As you can see from the title, this girl is Dreaming Tory from Miyadoll. She's the limited Dreamy Cat version that came with cute cat ears :3 I actually wanted to get her on the Baby Mocha body, which is smaller than Tory's default body, Little Mocha. As for skin color, I went with milktea skin ♥

I placed my order on January 2nd and got shipping notice on March 27th. To my big surprise, she actually got through the customs without me having to pay the custom fees O_o I haven't had this happen with my packages for a looong time.

The lovely pink doll box! ♥ I think that Miyadoll has the cutest boxes ever~

I got a pink teddybear pouch as a winter event gift and Miyadoll wanted to send Sarg one as well! ♥

These are sooo cute! ♥ Perfect for travelling with the smaller dolls :3

Cute little mummy! *3*

Hello Ciri ♥ Her name is actually Ciriel, but I like to shorten it to Ciri XD

With her CoA :3

Me and Sarg got some super cute gifts ;___; The bigger ones are human-size bracelets and the small ones are necklaces for dolls! Pink for me and blue for Sarg ♥

The doll came with extra string, eyes, fist hands and cat ears ;3;

There was barely any natural light as it was evening already, so I decided to continue taking photos on the next morning.

Ciri only has her own eyes now, no wig or clothes yet ^^; She's also wearing the necklace that I got from Miyadoll~

A bit of a closeup to show her cute face and sparkly Mako eyes better! 

The head looks really nice on this body, though the silicone ring makes the neck seem a bit too long. I'll make a posing review and take some comparison photos of the two Miyadoll bodies some time later :)

In our story, Ciri is a happy little wolf cub. Her parents are my Gwynithia (Soom Cuprit) and Sarg's Morgan (Soom Hyperon). I actually got a pair of the cat ears with my Miyadoll Vivienne, and now a second pair with Tory, so Gwyn and Ciri can have matching ears ♥♥ Sarg is also going to make a fur tail for Gwyn and maybe another one for Ciri, if the fur is not too thick for small scale.

I hope I can get started on her faceup soon. I have Tuesdays off from school for the rest of the semester, so I should be able to at least start then :3 And once I'm done, I need to take some photos of Ciri and her mom together! ♥ Poor Morgan doesn't have a faceup atm, Sarg's been meaning to re-paint him, so it'll be a while before the three can pose in photos as a family XD